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  1. Same here! Please let us know how to include more EXIF information in the info panel. TIA Andreas
  2. I have an issue with the advert count per category: For my category #1 („Fuji X Kameras“) the category box says 18 adverts https://www.fuji-x-forum.de/classifieds/ right column The header of the category list says 7 adverts https://www.fuji-x-forum.de/classifieds/category/1-fuji-x-kameras/ And if I count them manually it's only 6 adverts Visible here: https://www.fuji-x-forum.de/classifieds/ Setting is not to display Expired or Completed adverts. Any idea? I checked the code (function contentCount in Advert.php) but wasn't able to find the reason... Andreas
  3. OK, works now with Spakrpost API! Not sure what it was - sender is now the forum itself but not the inviting member. Is that correct? Andreas
  4. Didn't work for me but didn't have time to dig deeper. Will install the new version and check again. Andreas Goog to know. Do you use the Sparkpost API or Sparkpost via SMTP? Andreas
  5. OK, I'm getting closer... The problem is the From-line. Here the Invite System uses the email address of the inviting member, not the sending address of the board. And this is where Sparkpost stops the mail with „Unconfigured Sending Domain“ Hmmm....
  6. Really strange. Mails from IPBoard and invite system are almost 100% identical but invite mails are rejected. Not clear if by IPBoard or Sparkpost. Will check
  7. Wow, you are really quick I'm still about to figure out at which level this message is triggered. Invalid domain refers to the sender domain? I tried it with different recipient domains. Forum domain and sender domain match. The strange thing: All mails including the IPBoard test mail go out without problems, it's only the invitations. Will try to find out more...
  8. I have to bring up this issue again. I'm using Sparkpost to send out mails. Invitation mails are not sent out with a „invalid domain“ error message - with all kind of different domains. As soon as I switch to PHP it works again... Any idea? Andreas
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