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  1. Just purchased and installed the plugin. Enabled it for a special user group of paying members – and for admins of course. Works fine with bookmarking, shows bookmarks in user profile and on dedicated page [domain]/bookmarks But… No entry in the user menu – tried default template and default language Any idea how to fix this? TIA Andreas
  2. Just sent you the tar-file via PM. Hope it works … Andreas
  3. Thanks for the quick response – much appreciated! Already tried that: Removed cl_a_EUR column Started update again Same error I guess that the updater tries twice to insert the column. Andreas
  4. I'm trying to update from version 1.3.1 to 2.2.0 When updating I always receive this error: Any idea how to fix this? IPB (just updated from 4.4.10) I run IPB Nexus with three currencies (USD, GBP, EUR) Update: Looks as if the update tries twice to insert or update this column cl_a_EUR into the adverts table TIA Andreas
  5. Ah, thanks! Does a list exist of similar changes relevant for my members? Like the new „Content View Behavior“ setting? Would be great if I had a guide to my members, otherwise they are annoyed, contact me via support, I come here, get a solution, go back – you get the picture. Andreas
  6. Hi, looks as if anonymous log in isn't available no more … Option is available and activated in group setting but no check box available when logging in. Andreas
  7. NZyan

    Post Number

    Same problem here. Was deactivated during the update. Activated it manually – but still no show... Andreas
  8. Hm. OK. Works. Looks as if I was thinking to complicated... Thanks a lot! Andreas
  9. I have a lot of affiliate links, lot of cameras, different spelling, resulting in about 100 custom links. Instead of entering each entry by hand via the admin panel I generated an SQL statement, pushing all entries from a spreadsheet to the database table. This went well but the replacements weren't active until i visited each entry in the admin panel and saved it. AFAICS the data needs to be pushed to a customlinks_linksCachexxxx.php file in the datastore folder. My question: Is there a direct way to update this in one go without having to visit each entry? TIA – and I really appreciate your work! Andreas
  10. Great app – I'm just about to add a lot of links via SQL statement to the database. Is there a way to update the datastore in one go? Until now I have to visit each entry via admin panel and save it again. TIA Andreas
  11. Not for me. Not until Friday when I noticed incidentally that my systems were abused as spam relays. 1.4 mio spam mails. $800 in fees. And a patch was available since Tuesday.
  12. I don't think so but I have no explanation – so I expect one from IPBoard. I appreciate IPBoard as a great software partner with great support. In my book a good and reliable partnership includes transparency and open talk if a problem exists and damage is done. So that's what I expect now. Andreas
  13. Two of my forums were abused by this security hole. Since Tuesday (March 17th) a spammer has sent out about 1.4 million spam mails (1,400,000) which results in a direct loss of about 800$ and counting (payment to Sendgrid) and a damaged sender reputation for my forum Now I realize that you are aware of this problem for weeks you have a patch ready since Tuesday and you didn't tell your paying customers a word We need to talk. I am not amused. Andreas
  14. I'd interested in this one too. Onboard sequences are a great tool to welcome new users and get them active!
  15. Same here! Please let us know how to include more EXIF information in the info panel. TIA Andreas
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