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How do you check forum for broken links?

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Hi, everyone. This morning I thought that over the years the forum had a ton of posts which include various links to other websites.

Fact is that many of those links now lead to nowhere, to defunct sites, etc.

I suppose google isn't taking kindly to such links. Is there a bulk way to scan forum for such broken links and list them?

An option would be to automatically modify the link in bulk to remove the <a> tag from such links.

What do you think?

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There is nothing built into the software to check for bad/old content that is posted by members.

There are broken link checkers that exist on the web that you can search for and use if you like, but it’s outside of the support available here. 

In terms of Google… you’re not penalized for third party links. In fact, by default Google is automatically instructed to not even attempt to follow links to remote sites. 

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