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  1. What block? if it happens with one of the default advanced footer blocks then please explain in details what kind of block so i can check if i could reproduce it. otherwise if you have custom blocks then disable or remove them to check 🙂
  2. Change what exactly? If you mean the field titles, then simply edit the fields and change the titles. i dont think i have any other words added anywhere.
  3. You're quite welcome! 🙂 cheers!
  4. Glad to hear that! Thank you. 🙂 Enjoy!
  5. I dont think its an issue with your theme, try to disable all apps/plugins to check. If still no hope then try to test on default theme if it happens there, If it happens same on default IPS theme you need to contact IPS. Otherwise if it is only in my theme, then i recommend you to do a fresh install and without any modifications.
  6. Hello, Unfortunately not. it is not possible to remove the gap. because where and how would you show all these profile fields? the only option would be removing some of your profile fields from showing under the user names 🙂
  7. You're quite welcome! 🙂 Thank you.
  8. Glad to hear that. Yes, you can edit the field titles and replace the English words which i believe they are the only custom titles i use 🙂 everything is customizable anyways.
  9. Is the IPS on latest version? And when does the error occur exactly! during the installing of the clan wars database? Feel free to send me a message with a login info and access permissions to Pages/Plugins area, i will check if there is something wrong otherwise installing it for you 😉
  10. Yep, thanks for reporting I just fixed it and update the theme files in marketplace, you can redownload and update 🙂
  11. @pilotguy You can now download the theme and update 🙂 sorry for the delay and thank you again.
  12. Hi,

    There was an option in the previous version of SWIPER SLIDER to choose the specific page where I can show the slider but in the updated one no option to choose the page. If I select pages it is visible to all pages. you should provide the option to choose page.

  13. Yep, thanks for pointing it out, it is only css issue, i will fix it tomorrow and update the files in marketplace 🙂 Thanks again.
  14. Hello, Sorry, I cant see your name on purchasers list, have you bought it somewhere else?