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  1. Have you edited the news ticker html? anyway, try to reinstall the plugin because it is totally fine here
  2. try to disable and re-enable the plugin if still same try to clear caches by going to ACP > System > Support
  3. Happy 16th Birthday To Us!

  4. Have you enabled the designer mode by any chance? If not then simply try to reupload the theme again, same thing happened to me too once that the language strings didn't import during installation
  5. If you update the application you would be able to leave the slider title empty i've sent you a message there was an update today you might not be aware of due to no version changes so re-download and update
  6. Hello, Sorry, do you mean you don't want to use the slider title? Go to settings > Effects & Colors tab and leave this empty Thank you.
  7. mmmm to be honest, still have no clue of what you talking about there is no relationship between this application and my themes nor anything else has anything to do with theme updates and this application updates
  8. No this slider doesnt integrate with anything of my themes
  9. Sorry, I have no idea what you mean this is an application, this and my theme templates has nothing to do with each other. No php codes can not be used in the slider content.
  10. All you have to do is disabling the theme slider, so the css doesn't conflict with this application slider css you dont need to touch anything else Go to to theme editing page -> swiper slider, and then disable it
  11. Maybe in a feature updates I will include the application a widget feature
  12. Just do whatever and however you have been adding this articles in there again this has nothing to do with themes and can you explain what articles are you talking about? do you mean the "A different article styles"?
  13. Try to re-add the blocks or database to the page the theme update has nothing to to with pages anyways, im sure something else is going on