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  1. I cant see any issues on registration page in my side A screenshot maybe?
  2. Check the user group setting If still doesn't work then send me a link so i can check
  3. The plugin made on ips 4.2 there are no issues and works fine
  4. Hello, The only area i have capitalized the words by default is the navigation menus and it has an option to disable in theme Header settings
  5. mmmm I will have to download the copy in marketplace and test its totally fine in demo page tho
  6. I will take a look Edit. @zelgadis It looks totally fine on my side no issue and i double checked there could be a setting somewhere that your user group can not use reactions on replies maybe? im not quite sure
  7. I can see the reactions fine on my side
  8. Any link to check? also, are you using the latest version?
  9. No and i dont think that this plugin has anything to do with that Maybe try to do a re-install? Just delete the plugin completely and then install it fresh
  10. mmmm it doesnt happen on my side nor anyone else i believe you are the only one there could be something you doing god know what just let me know if you figure it out so i can check
  11. Not possible without editing the templates and its not recommended, sorry
  12. No just set one of the blocks a little bit smaller so there will be enough room for all for example the "about us" block and the last one on the right side set the width a little bit smaller and everything will be fine --- Nice colors and style i like it
  13. Yep you need to delete and then readd Thats not possible