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  1. I just updated The files in marketplace, Please redownload and update, it should be fixed Thank you for letting me know 🙂
  2. does it appear same on default IPS theme? if no, have you changed theme colors? if still no, then what is settings area and where is it so i can check it out?
  3. Hi, Add in custom.css .cGalleryDialog.cGalleryDialog_uploadStep .cGallerySubmit_imageDetails { padding-bottom: 75px; } Please report this to IPS so they can fix it. :)
  4. No idea without a link and checking the slide 😕 Is the image uploaded? do you see it in the setting? and is the slide permissions correct?
  5. Hello, title This is <span style="text-shadow: 0 0 40px #4a4a4a, 2px 2px 3px rgba(3, 3, 72, 0.93);">mdPanel</span> theme slider button <a class="ta_sliderButton" href="#">Buy now<i class="fa fa-arrow-right" aria-hidden="true"></i></a> thats all i guess
  6. can not do that with a theme. but there is News ticker plugin available which you can add/edit tickers without going to ACP 🙂 This does not happen here What browser do you use and what is your screen resolution? Also, do you have a link so i can check it out? Sorry, the menu style designed to be on top only. 🙂
  7. You can do that with js and css customizations. But i cant help you with that. sorry, I only provide small css customization's here 🙂
  8. Sorry, no idea what you want to change a screenshot can always help faster ^^
  9. You're welcome. and there shouldn't be anything wrong, just read the documentation file because its not just a plugin to install 🙂
  10. Sorry for the late reply You should now be able to purchase this if you want it 🙂
  11. Got it, Doesn't look like that on my side Can you check if you have the same thing on default IPS theme?
  12. @AlexWright so where is that widget "Recent activity in my clubs" so i can check it out?
  13. Weird I never touched anything else lol I will check it out later 🙂
  14. Oh I thought i fixed it You can re download the theme and update now 🙂 Thank you
  15. pfff I have no idea what you talking about no problems on my side If the color setting locations are changed then there is really nothing i can do about that as it has something to do with ips theme upgrading
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