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  1. Some companies charge per major upgrade. Some charge a monthly subscription fee. Some charge an up-front license fee and then periodic renewals. We've opted to do the latter. This means you're not paying per version; when you renew, you'll have access to the current versions for as long as your license is active. Because we don't sell on a per-version basis and we typically only support the current major release series, we do not maintain a previous version archive this is true whether you have an active or expired license. I can certainly understand why it might be handy to have access to the last version that was available at time of license expiration and we appreciate your feedback, but this isn't likely we will accommodate, unfortunately. As previously mentioned, I will explore ways we can improve upon clarifying expectations in pending expiration emails so folks such as yourself can be sure to download software for archive purposes and make any last minute license changes before the license becomes inactive. I'm sorry you feel you've wasted your money and hope you change your mind in the future. If so, we will be waiting. 🙂 Thanks for your business.
  2. I am sorry for your frustration. As this is the way the system has always worked, we would welcome the opportunity for feedback on how we could make it clearer in terms of what happens upon license expiration, so you have the opportunity to archive your download and/or make any last minute changes. We want you to renew based on the inherent value in continued development of the software, new features, services such as spam mitigation, support, etc.; it is not our intent to force you to renew under duress and it's most disheartening that you feel otherwise. When you purchase an initial license, the software is indeed yours to use under the terms of the EULA and SoS. The terms dictate that you may use the software as-is, at time of expiration, indefinitely. Unfortunately, as you've noted, reinstallation and downloads do require an active license. There are a few reasons we don't provide downloads of previous releases. Beyond the security and liability implications of providing known-vulnerable software for download, it is also logistically difficult to do so. When you click download in the client area, your download is actually dynamically generated real-time from our release repository. We do not actually maintain downloadable archives (in fact, even internally, sometimes a staff member will need to get an old version from another staff member quickly) and because of the endless app configurations, it's not particularly feasible to do so without a major overhaul to our client systems, our development process, how we use git, etc. Your installed version is recorded as 4.3. Even if you had an active license, we no longer maintain 4.3 in our release repository and there's no way to download it. We don't take away what you've paid for; We simply do not maintain a readily-usable archive of old releases and again, that is the case even if you renew and have an active license and for the aforementioned reasons, it's not something we would be particularly interested in changing. As I said, however, if there's an opportunity to make that clearer, we would absolutely welcome the feedback. Once again, I'm very sorry for your frustration and disappointment.
  3. Is there a reason you're opposed to following the recommendation?
  4. Please submit a ticket if you suspect any issues with your community. Thank you.
  5. I'm very confused, unfortunately. Your original suggestion was asking for the ability to force a credit card to be saved and to force recurring billing. You now appear to be asking for the Stripe subscriptions via checkout method. We do not have support for Stripe "subscriptions" because Commerce handles all recurring billing and Stripe checkout would be redundant. We're certainly not barring you from using whatever you wish, the software just doesn't hook directly into Stripe subscriptions. To be clear: just because I personally am not on board with a feature suggestion does not mean it will never happen. All IPS employees have the ability to grab a suggestion and put it up for vetting internally. Developers, support, sales, etc. each weigh in and it either passes or fails from there. No one person, myself included, makes feature decisions. In this case, I wouldn't stand in the way, but from a corporate and legal standpoint, if the feature were to be introduced, I would insist that the customer not be able to proceed to checkout without acknowledging that the admin is forcing them to store payment details and engage in recurring payments and we'd make sure multiple reminders are sent prior to expiration. I can tell you from my own experience, a good number of payment disputes and chargebacks occur from people who actually opted in to recurring billing and simply forgot that they did so, were charged and called the credit card company to reverse the charge -- which then incurs a $15-25 fee on our end. Chargeback fraud amounts to thousands of dollars per year for us and an average of a loss of $2.60 for $1.00 of fraud. According to stats released by Verifi, Inc. 85% of chargebacks are conducted by consumers who never contacted the merchant. Most banks and processors consider subscription/recurring based purchases to be high risk. It's even worse if they, as you suggested, cancel a subscription before the term is up and you unsubscribe them from all services as they will then try to dispute the original transaction. Finally and most respectfully, you are simply not Facebook, Twitch or Youtube -- nor are we. 🙂 As consumers, we know how difficult it can be to get out of recurring billing agreements (if you've ever had SiriusXM, you'll feel the pain) -- for me, forced recurring payments is already a red flag -- it tells me the merchant is likely trying to lock me into something and hoping I'll forget about it and not pay close attention to future statements... combine that with a small site and it's a non-starter; I'll close the browser and move on with my life. PayPal is somewhat of a limited exception because you, as the consumer, can cancel a billing agreement with ease, without contacting the merchant and without performing a dispute. I won't debate business practices with you as how you conduct your business is just that: your business. Nonetheless, on a software level, I don't personally like this idea because I feel an inherent obligation to protect customers from exposing themselves to the pitfalls of what most institutions consider to be the highest risk transactions. If you're really committed to this and don't want to wait to see if the feature will be picked up by someone at IPS, it would be rather trivial for a third party developer to do a custom project for you and force the CC save box to be permanently ticked and change the verbiage to reflect that. I'd really recommend ensuring you have your disclaimers and legalese in place as we've had more than one customer get shut down by Stripe for funny business. Good luck and I'm sorry we don't have a perfect solution for you.
  6. I'm sorry this has been disappointing for you. It may be of help to note that we do have a payment overhaul roadmapped for the product in the future. Specifically, this would aim to alleviate this sort of confusion and also allow more flexibility such as deciding which payment methods can/should be used for which purposes and explicitly allowing or disallowing recurring payments. With that said, I realize that is not quite what you asked for. In terms of the specific suggestion, I'll be honest in saying I don't love the idea of forcing saved payment methods and recurring automatic payments with no opt-out other than cancelling your subscription. One could make an argument that comparing your community to Youtube or Facebook is apples and oranges. Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, et al will be more familiar with all applicable laws, regulations (which can and do vary) and they will have their own direct relationships with merchant processors. You, unfortunately, will not necessarily have that luxury... in the case of Stripe specifically, their service agreement states you must obtain explicit consent and provide appropriate disclosures to save customer payment information and process their recurring transactions. Subscriptions generate the highest amount of chargebacks for credit card issuers, processors and merchants. Chargebacks are very costly... to everyone. This is why PayPal no longer permits you to accept billing agreements using credit card - you must instead use their Braintree payment service, which is like qualifying for a mortgage and one of the questions on the app is specifically "do you sell subscriptions?" As much as we want to offer flexibility and ensure your success, we also need to be mindful of placing you in a position of getting yourself jammed up because of lack of knowledge of applicable laws and merchant regulations and of course it's important to us to stay in the good graces of those we integrate with, such as Stripe. I would rather focus effort on being clear to the customer from the beginning and give them the opportunity to avoid dealing with manual invoices by simply ticking a box to enable recurring billing. 4.4 also improved what happens when a purchase is about to expire, when it expires and if an attempt to auto-pay failed. If we need further improvement to that area, we're happy to do that as well.
  7. If you are saying that you have honor permissions disabled, have only selected certain forums and the widget is showing topics from other forums, not selected, then yes, that is a bug. As mentioned, an issue related to this was fixed last week. I'll take a look at your ticket and ensure it was applied when you updated.
  8. Just to be clear - when we say a third party resource is causing an issue, we do not necessarily mean the application or plugin itself is the root cause. We try to trace it to a specific third party resource for you, but once we identify that the issue is resolved by removing or disabling a third party resource, I'm afraid that's where our involvement ends. The actual underlying issue could be the resource itself, adverse effects from the interaction with other third party resources (this is common for folks that install half of the marketplace), an environment interaction with the resource or a number of things. Unfortunately, it is not within the scope of IPS support to determine which case may apply, so we will simply advise you to reach out to the author or remove the resource.
  9. I'm sorry for further confusion. This is not cloud related (in fact, very few should see any impact from the maintenance) - this is a bug in 4.4.0 that was patched. If you are experiencing this issue in 4.4.0 (and even if you're not) - please make your way to your AdminCP and then click Support -> Something is not working correctly. You will find a patch available (assuming you have not already applied it, of course) -- please click through that to apply. Thanks. (OP - this has already been done for you, as noted in your ticket.)
  10. You should be all set - I'm very sorry you had trouble.
  11. We have been asked by customers to intervene on this resource as it appears the author has gone MIA. This, of course, is always regretful. We have reached out and should we receive a response, we will revisit - however - at this time, purchases have been disabled and we will close this support topic. Existing customers will be able to download for the time being. In terms of refunds, all app stores work on the premise of all transactions being final. This is simply because the money you spend goes back out to the author. As a convenience to our customers, we provide a central resource for pre-screened themes and modifications. This avoids you needing to provide personal information to a third party and also allows us to review each original submission to ensure it complies with basic security standards. With this convenience, however, comes a certain degree of risk on your part. Naturally, in the event an author has withdrawn their funds and disappeared, the recourse is minimal and there is no ability for us to refund your purchase, except at a loss to us - which, per the Marketplace terms, we are unable to do. The first inclination in such a situation is to simply file a payment dispute. Please understand that this does not impact the author if they've collected their funds, we take the loss and have significant chargeback fees imposed upon us. Because this has amounted to thousands of dollars in losses every year, rendering the Marketplace a consistent loss to IPS, we have to take a hardline approach on this method and per our Standards of Service and Marketplace terms, any chargeback will result in account and often license termination. I'm very sorry that this is the unfortunate reality in these rare circumstances. Digital marketplaces and app stores are not a perfect system and all parties assume a certain degree of risk. Most of the time, it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. In those infrequent cases, we do our best to try and minimize future losses for customers as quickly as possible. We take our responsibility to help safeguard you seriously. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out via the client area. Thank you.
  12. Thanks for reaching out. The first issue seems like a bug. I have copied it to the beta bug tracker and you can follow it here: With regards to your second concern, I'm afraid we will not be actioning that. Our official position is that you should not manually manipulate the URLs. The number and structure of components in the URL is required and should ideally not be altered. I understand your underlying use case for doing so (the first issue) - but again, that's a bug and hopefully we can address it.
  13. Sorry for the confusion. The title has been updated to reflect it's 4.4 beta.
  14. There are still no plans to do so.
  15. Much of this is now available via gateways like Sendgrid. On our Community in the Cloud offering, we have built-in bounce management. If an email cannot be delivered or has been flagged by the user, we will never attempt to deliver again.
  16. I'm sorry for your disappointment. Please understand, feedback vetting is not something any one employee can undergo themselves. It's an elaborate process in which every department chimes in, it's then moved to an internal tracker and our roadmap is compiled based on a number of factors including how a particular suggestion fits in with the scope of a release. In short, it's difficult to comment on a particular suggestion unless it's already on the current release roadmap. This is not targeted for 4.4, but is unofficially (not set in stone) targeted for a future major release. In the interim, as noted, a third party resource is available to fill this need for you.
  17. Have you considered leveraging the edit timeout for this purpose (minimizing damaging due to rage-quitting?) We can certainly see what kind of traction this feedback gets over time, but from my experience, it's equally - if not more - confusing and damaging to have a member run through and edit/delete individual posts, which often disrupts the flow and context of the conversation.
  18. I agree. I don't know how it's slipped through for so long, but it will be addressed.
  19. It's tricky when the ecosystem is largely derived from low-cost apps and plugins. Most third party developers start with the best of intentions -- meeting a specific need for what they feel is a reasonable price. Often (certainly not always), many unfortunately underestimate the time commitment involved with having too many resources, too many customers (which sounds like a great problem to have on the surface, until you factor in the app is $5 and it's pretty easy for one customer to consume $100 worth of your time in support) and they subsequently decide they would like to thin out their offerings and focus on more lucrative, sustainable projects. I don't fault them per se - Invision Community is a fast paced product and it's not easy for third party authors to keep up. I'm quite sure it's easy to get burnt out. That's why I always encourage contributors to focus on quality vs quantity. Have fewer resources, but make them rock solid, always up to date and if it's going to be a paid resource, ensure it's something that can financially subsidize the time you're investing - otherwise, you will lose the motivation and eventually, so will the next author for the same reason. Whether it's $10 or $1000 - if a customer pays for something, it is a risk for the customer, but a commitment is made and reasonable expectations should be met. That's more challenging to get across when you can so easily tap out and hand off accountability. Apps were being traded around like Pokemon cards and with no offense intended, the very people that are generally first to say "I'll take it", as ambitious and well intentioned as they may be, often are the exact people who should not take it - they have too many resources already that are lacking proper updates and are prepared to further compound the issue by taking on even more. Often, the authors that would do really well with the app rightfully do not want to assume the responsibility because they recognize it may have been priced far too low, the overhead is high and/or the existing customer base for the resource would overextend them. In the end, the customer and IPS both lose. The original author has already collected the commission, but the new author has no vested interest in the commitment to existing customers. The customer often ends up holding the short end of the stick and IPS is the intermediary with disputes, which is a huge financial and time loss. We had to stop allowing transfers both to reinforce the significance of the commitment being made to paying customers when they put out a resource, reduce customers being bounced back and forth like ping-pong balls and minimize our exposure in terms of financial disputes. We are less finicky about free resource transfers and in some relatively very rare circumstances, we will consider a paid app transfer to a reputable author when it's clear the the original author is leaving the Marketplace altogether, the commitment to existing customers is very clear, understood and acknowledged, and the receiving author does not appear to be already overextended so-to-speak. We've been getting more strict with what goes into the Marketplace; we have a great team overseeing it and the authors have done a great job at helping us begin to turn it around to provide greater stability in resources and increased confidence from a customer perspective. General Marketplace transfers would unfortunately be a giant step backwards at this time.
  20. In many cases, you may temporarily hide a topic while moderating individual posts within the topic. Having the entire page 'pink' -- normal posts and already hidden posts -- is very confusing. Further, the new(er) "deleted content" feature also utilizes topic view so you can view the content in context. If the topic is hidden and an admin/moderator is reviewing why content was deleted, this would again be confusing if the entire page is pink. I've moved this topic to the feedback forum and you are welcome to provide suggestions (short of making the whole page pink) if you don't feel the eye slash icon is sufficient.
  21. Welcome back! You should be able to still download addons (unless the author requires renewals that you've not paid) and most areas of the community should still be accessible to expired customers. As mentioned, please submit a ticket and we'll be happy to take a look at your account. Regarding URL changes - the perception that an active license is tied exclusively to only support is a misconception due to the way licenses were handled many years ago. For quite a long time (approx. a decade), the only thing an expired license allows you to do is continue using the software as it was at time of expiration - meaning, on the same URL, the same existing installed version, etc. An expired license is just that, so unfortunately, that is why you're not able to update the URL, reinstall or download until the license is reactivated -- we don't shut off the software or prevent use when a license expires, but just about everything else requires an active license. Sorry for any confusion and frustration - please get in touch with us and we'll work on getting your account back in order.
  22. Chris - Firstly, thank you for 15 years of business, we appreciate it! There were in fact multiple reminders about the survey, but as noted, this particular one targeted active customers. I completely agree that feedback from those that let their license lapse is important as well, but that wasn't the focus of the experimental survey we pushed out last year. We now have, baked into the software, a renewal reminder that appears in the AdminCP before a license expires. If you choose not to renew, it allows you to easily let us know why and we do review all of those responses. Naturally, you're also welcome to contact us at any time with any specific feedback - you have a standing invitation. ? That was our first ever survey of that scale and it was extremely beneficial, with thousands upon thousands of responses. There were several concerns that were common across most such as search, Commerce and Gallery. We then took the more elaborate responses ("I hate it" or "It sucks" isn't the kind of feedback we look for and will generally not follow up on it, vs "I find it difficult to search for partial model numbers") and conducted mini focus groups with those clients. As a result, search was vastly improved, we made numerous Commerce improvements with more planned for 4.4 and the Gallery interface and upload process was improved in 4.3. It's a system we really like and we will continue to use moving forward. With that said, we will not likely announce them as they would rarely target all customers and former customers of all types, with all apps, all at once. To gather usable feedback, they really need to be a touch more focused. So, it's important to keep @Invisionpower.com whitelisted.
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