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  1. Hi @newbie LAC When searching for contents at PM for a user, the search result will only display the PM's, not the individual posts of that user in search, is this by design? If yes, can a paid custom feature to this to results only the user posts? Thanks in advance. Regards
  2. Hi @newbie LAC Can similar plugin as "most liked thread" be done? No problem if will be as custom one. Thanks.
  3. Great one indeed! ah, my comment do not count, I am "Newbie" as it seem :)
  4. abobader

    Radical Tags

    Exactly 🙂
  5. abobader

    Radical Tags

    By use saved actions.
    As always, great plugin from Adriano Faria.
    Great plugin from Nathan, well done!
  6. Thanks, I just purchased it.
  7. Hi @Adriano Faria Dose this plugin working with latest IPS build? Thanks.
  8. Working great here, well done Nathan!
  9. abobader

    Radical Tags

    At your ACP - Radical Tags - Customize. Then edit one of the one need to change the font color for.
  10. It look much better now, well done.
  11. Welcome Jordan and well done.
  12. Go to your ACP - Members - Moderators - Forums Then enable: Can set best answer/solved for questions and topics
  13. abobader

    Radical Tags

    Renew done, thanks for @Stuart Silvester
  14. abobader

    Radical Tags

    NP buddy, I will submit a ticket about this, well done.
  15. abobader

    Radical Tags

    Hi buddy, No, only manage - view file - full payment, no renew option.
  16. abobader

    Radical Tags

    Hi @Makoto I just notice the plugin is need to renew for the next 6 month, but I can not, it only give me the option to be the full price. Any suggestion? Regards
  17. abobader

    Topic reputation

    Hi Makoto, I start to think you really banded this plugin. Not even updated it to 4.5 yet, not to consider the other feature was hoping you will apply it. Regards,
  18. Hi Adriano, This one, sorry if I was not clear. Regards
  19. Hi Adriano, We do not use highlight group color option in our forum, for that I ask about this feature option if that possible. Regards
  20. Hi Adriano, Any possible in the future to add highlight color to auto reply post, thanks in advance. Regards
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