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  1. That will help when the background finally shows, so thank you. The background is 1000+ pixels long so it is not showing fully in the green line. I can't find the CSS for where the green line stops to remove the white so we can see the background.
  2. I have purchased three themes and still can't figure out how to repeat an image (vertically) as a background. See the image below. The green bar is what I achieved by adding the follow to my custom.css I would like is to extend the image down the entire page as shown in the red bar. The white horizontal rectangle in the image (Work at Home...) should remain the same color. I am very new at CSS, but hope to contribute to the forum with pages and database knowledge. 🙂
  3. DawPi worked with me on his referral system for over a week on what eventually turned out to be my issue.

    I didn't realize the link sent via email would be different and my email wasn't set up yet, so I was testing the wrong link.  Poor Daw had no clue what was going wrong!

    Happy Season 9 GIF by The Office

    Key point is, he was polite, responsive and very patient with me.  I am a customer for life!

  4. Try clearing the cookies on your browser, and then using the referral link. Worked for me when I was having your problem.
  5. DawPi, I install version 1.1.0 and when I try to run it I get the following error: When I look at my MSSQL tables, 'ipb_dp3_rs_referrals' doesn't even exist. Is your app compatible with Microsoft SQL?
  6. DawPi, Just purchased this a couple days ago and I can't get it to work. I'm running IPB 3.1.4 (because the 3.2 MSSQL driver is not out yet) and your application version is 1.1.1 . If I attempt to access your app from "My Apps", or try to register a new user, I get the following error: Thanks!
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