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  1. Adlago's post in Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) was marked as the answer   
    In your theme, you should create a template. For example

    Open this template core_global_analysis/preload_css, and add this code
    {{foreach array_unique( \IPS\Output::i()->cssFiles, SORT_STRING ) as $file}} <link rel='preload' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\Theme::i()->cssCacheBustKey() )"}' as="style"> {{endforeach}} and Save.
    Open your global template, and add before
    {template="includeMeta" app="core" group="global" location="global" params=""} This
    {template="preload_css" app="core" group="analysis" location="global" params=""}  
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