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Trouble after Upgrading to 4.6.12

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Last night, I upgraded my community (https://www.cptdb.ca) to 4.6.12 and this is the first time encountering a problem. I believe it actually did two version upgrades.

It seems that now, anything that is interactive within the browser does not work. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox.

For example, the instant reply field does not do anything when clicked:


I cannot even enter in an announcement to let people know (because the editor doesn't load)


Within the Admin CP, there are weird artifacts on the Themes page:



Even within the AdminCP, typing anything in the "Search for settings, members, etc" search bar at the top does not automatically return results.

I thought it might have been the custom theme incompatibility, but even when I use the IPS Default theme which is not modified, I am still having this issue.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you!

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3 minutes ago, Adlago said:

Use the ACP tool and clear the cache.
Your JS is currently being loaded with outdated cache and is therefore not working.


Thanks so much for your quick help @Adlago - this worked great! Really appreciate it as I had not encountered it before. Stay safe and take care!

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