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  1. One of the things I missed in SMF (Which I converted from), was the ability to see the "top 10" most online users, based on their total time spent on the forums. Possible feature request? :whistle:
  2. I'm running this skin on 3.1.3 and I haven't spotted any problems. Btw, does anyone else have an issue where YouTube videos (or other videos) posted appear very dark?
  3. I have an observation after converting from SMF to IPB. As you might know, SMF doesn't have a "Personal Photo" feature; however IPB uses this feature quite prominently. Upon converting, I have noticed that I have 50,000 profiles with the following: Obviously without a personal photo to convert, the converter can't do anything about it, but it might be nice to have the option to disable the personal photo feature, and utilize the avatar feature instead. Thoughts on this? Or any suggestions on combating this default photo problem? :)
  4. Hi. I don't suppose I could get a copy of the images this skin uses as a .zip archive (Or other compressed format)? Basically, the server I'm on at the moment doesn't allow me to use the import method for uploading the images, so I need to manually upload the images to get the skin to work. If you did have the time to do this for me, I'd really appreciate it. If not, it's no problem. Thanks for any assistance. :) Jonathan
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