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  1. kmk

    Kitchen Sink

    Hello @All Astronauts Can I request feature of this post? : The block I mentioned there is the Wysiwyg Editor of Page.
  2. Anyone can do this for ips? ips is responsive but would be nice if user when connect first time and receive Add to home screen message.
  3. kmk

    Clubs Enhancements

    - Embed club in page(not site header and footer)
  4. kmk

    Clubs Enhancements

    If an App so can achive feature like @Josiah Wallingford requested? I would like suggest: - stronger membership like Group Collaboration, - Ability create a topic and limit who can join it, a topic with more privacy. - With multilingual ability to show Clubs name and Tab name. - Can created more than one Home Tab.
  5. kmk

    Clubs Enhancements

    Hello @InvisionHQ How I can add more than one Home tab?
  6. Hello @TAMAN Is possible add setting that let's widget appearing in specific club(or page or forum)? Right now I am using the widget that contained chess tutorial for the chess club, but the widget appearing in all clubs.......
  7. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Is possible add some extra field to system that demand instead call item inform(like product name ...), call file or item owner too? so in the invoice will be appear who is the seller .....
  8. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    I know the commerce will generate an invoice, but from the site, not from the seller....in this case not the site selling the item, the site only is the platform that serve for the transaction....
  9. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    How about the invoice for buyer? If a member A selling an item to other member B, lets say 10.00, and using my payment gateway option to complete the transacction, is possible after complete the payment process generate an invoice that say Member A selling item to Member B by 10.00 ?
  10. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Oh, is there not selected for offer....thank you.
  11. Actually I try use below embed in my site, any way to make it responsive? <iframe src="https://play.chessbase.com" style="width:760px;height:480px"></iframe>
  12. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Hello, I have a category created, but dont lets me add offers
  13. kmk

    Pages SuperDocs support topic

    Hello, can you provided code to disable or hide the use of header?
  14. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Sometime I think want to do something like your homepage, is possible share the solution?๐Ÿ˜…
  15. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    Hello, I try play the css code but failed, can you tell me the css code to show the breadcumb in mobile view?
  16. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    Thanks, I try do it.... Is below code for show breadcumb in mobile view? can you help me with the css code to show it in mobile view?
  17. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    I bought it, maybe have not to change or add something for me, just give me a guide that lets me do these change in my site๐Ÿ˜….
  18. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    Can change background color and give a diferent color to "back" roll?
  19. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    No this is the last child and are always blue colored to show where you are in the board. I mean activate this breadcumb for mobile view.... I would like deactivate this button.... Then use this space for more links icons...(store, news, clubs, marketplace .......etc)
  20. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    This theme can be applied for all ips modules and 3party apps?
  21. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    Is possible active this for mobile view too? but withou "Unread content" and "Mark site read"
  22. kmk

    UltiMaze Dark theme (support)

    Maybe can make the arrangement better...mobile view Can you add a palette color?
  23. I found this should be fixed, mobile view.