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  1. Why not add your FAQ to part of forum option, more gadget for us, more love for ips... Scroll down we can see a nicely FAQ section https://invisioncommunity.com/buy
  2. kmk

    add FAQ to ips core

    Any help? I would like can do something with my Pages... A little love more..
  3. kmk

    add FAQ to ips core

    thank you, I can see the block of code, now what is the next step?
  4. kmk

    add FAQ to ips core

    Can you shared it ? we have the pages, but we are not coder and need some little things like that to make our ips site better....
  5. kmk

    FAQ ( Support Topic )

    There is the ips FAQ, so nice.... https://invisioncommunity.com/buy
  6. Please fix the redirect to home bug, it is a bug or I miss related settings? I want to give some page link embed, so member click it can go to specific page or app directly, but after sign in the user is redirected to homepage...
  7. kmk

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello mate, we are waiting for your Orion
  8. kmk

    Club Calendar Issues

    I think this is the same issue with default Forums view.
  9. Please add exclude forums option for Fluid view, I would like set by default Filter by Forums for main forums page, but not for some forums. So if go to some specific forum category there will not show by Fluid view.
  10. Read this, why ips not implementing this reading experience? I found the ips doc read is not good, please give us more ux improvements https://ipsdev.org/index.php?/faq/ Same case with topic, maybe some post not problem, but if the topic is the essential of the forum platform, it should be received more exciting features...
  11. Maybe this blog is so nice, picture, background color, font size etc. But some time an entry is so long, when reading produce terrible sense because don't know where I am now... Maybe not for everyone but yes, will be clearly if the header contain button of sections that are there after the content: 1. First view I can see if there comments or not, 2. Some time I have this entry read, but I need read comments again, or when some post new comments, click the button take me there, is faster than scroll scroll scroll down, 3. One button that show how many comments are, another button show how many members commenting on 4. Comments button will be recorded my last time visit, then appear the New comment icon, like topic list... 5. Members button will show how many members are, click it will show the members list, click member will show all comments of this member in this blog entry.
  12. And if use the mobile back button, you will stay there for eternity... Try it and you will know why... Please more modern and exciting features, or maybe those thing are translated in UX
  13. Check this with mobile, click on any menu item you will see the same page...
  14. Pages is powerful, ips is powerful, but I think is most admins who are not capable configure pages for different scene of use... Please
  15. kmk

    FAQ ( Support Topic )

    Can make the title F. A. Q. Translable like the forum title?? With multilanguage need
  16. Please anyone can tell me how I can disable or removed redirect to hompage after Signin? I use links to access each apps or pages, the problem is after signin not redirect to the link set up.
  17. kmk

    Spacious ACP/Widgets

    Please can add option to replace the acp icon?
  18. kmk

    Pages power

    Why not develop some template or app to achieve jobs or purpose like trello, asana, monday.com etc....if Pages is so powerfull...
  19. Hello, not work your demo site, I'm interested in your timeline plugin 

    1. SeNioR-


      Yep, @ipbhero your site is down

  20. kmk

    School landing

    Any information for set up landingpage for school?
  21. kmk

    School landing

    Any suggestions where I can buy one? Do you have one that I can take a look?
  22. Thanks, I use this plugin for remove forums from index, but need it work for filter by forums too...
  23. When I got 80 years ago???