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  1. I would like apply permission for differents categories of products, but ... I can't find it....
  2. Hi @ReyDev please consider (I would like use it as soon as possible) add this ability to increase the app usability: Spot as redirect link Use of scene 1, user click to the spot to open another page (with options: opening another browser tab or with the current page) Use of scene 2, user click to the "spot" (let say this "spot" is shown as a button "Next") and go to (similar to slider style) the next "spot" image. This ability let us create hostory images or something similar, a different way to show content or presentation from our website. Spot with zoom effect User click to the "spot" and produce the zoom effect to review content placed under that "spot". Let say I want to put a "spot" and below the "spot" image or icon I put "Click to read", user click to the s"pot" or description "Click to read" will produce the zoom effect and bring to screen the content (before the zoom effect it can not be read because it is so small size). Then inside the zoom area I want to put another spot icon as Return action to exit the zoom effect.
  3. Hi, this plugin filter by forums of clubs too? If not by now it can be requested?
  4. Hi @ReyDev could you add Randomly ability to this plugin? I would like use widget of topic feed to show topics randomly of specific forum, because in a forum will contain so many topics, I want to set 6 topics to show in that widget, but getting 6 topics of that forum randomly. Same for the case of posts.
  5. Hi, I would like suggest add widget slider with ability to display topics randomly. Or there already discussed and implemented similar solution? I have some many posts inside a forum, I would like place a widget that display topics randomly each time user open that forum, so all posts with posibility and potencial to be display and get attention.
  6. I can't see nothing about clubs, or it still doesn't implemented?
  7. Please consider add Tags filter ability for forums, I would like have option to choose which tags will show in the top of topics container, so users click that tags to filter topics. Or by now there any tutorial that let me achieve that manually?
  8. Hello, I recently use subscription to charge a member, but he need pay for 3 subscriptions at once, quantity of subscription is already available? Or this just will be request of that ability?
  9. @Fosters hi, I don't have this app, I don't know if this app can achieve like below explained: After a member is joined into a club, I would like set some kind of form (or topic whatever) where member have to fill it. Some of the fields set as public, that mean after the form is filled, all fields content will apply in the member card of club, so when moderators check the member card, moderators can see all contents of fieds, but if others members want to see that card, they just can see public fields content. The form is designed for multiple times filled by a member, each time the member fill the form, the content will be recorded, at the same time update the member card. Behind that admin or moderators can see the form filled record, so admin can see that member in different timeline respond the form with different data.
  10. kmk

    Radical Tags

    @Makoto just want to ask again, could you add tags filter ability too? I would like have some tags enlist above the topic list container, click the tags to filter the topics.
  11. Make sure to move bot's role to the top. This field is required. @SoftwareFactory which problem it is?
  12. Do you have timeline to release it?
  13. Hi @Adriano Faria I try to renew the app, but it can not installed through Marketplace
  14. Hi all, is possible custom fields for clubs members? What I want to do is the member can join to the open club (or whatever type of clubs), in the Join process member need fill some fields as a type of form, then those fields information can be set as public in clubs members tab, another fields can be set only vissible to staff or owner. Something similar to Profile Completion apply for clubs members.
  15. Hi @Ehren how we can reduce the gap space in club?
  16. How can I add it into template before IPS get it added?
  17. @Ehren Hi all, I send a link of page to news users, after open it show the message and the sign in button, would be exact if there show Sign Up button, so I don't have to explain more about Go To Menú, you will see Sign Up.... It can be added easily with css? If you can...
  18. Hi @TAMAN did you say New Ticket can get topics links directly?
  19. That is what I am doing. But I just want to suggest improve that make life and management more easy. That is same in sometimes say "powerful" because the tasks can be achieve easily and let us more productive. Take 50 forums as example. Due each forum members aren't the same, so I have to create 50 groups, as I can't add members into a group inside the group, that demand me go to each member account to assign related secondary group... So the actions to create groups and assignments of secondary groups are: 50 x (x amount of members) = 😢 VS. Create each forum and just add the group or/and members. I see it so easy-to-use. And in case you want to modify the assignments, just go to forum setting add or delete....
  20. Which is the permissions you mentioned?
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