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  1. (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

    Is possible use it like a record voice? Set a botton in the editor or below of click to choose file, click it to start record voice and post it. So user can use 2 methods to use forum(maybe all ips suite), write or post voice.
  2. Hello, someone can share some screenshots showing how amazing thing is signature? 🤗
  3. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Samsung tablet 8" chrome What tool you use to record gif😮 animation?
  4. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    So nice homepage and each article, after read an article I click "go to post", in this page maybe need some change....my 2 cents..
  5. Pop up menu

    Will be cool and efective if someone make a plugin to build a pop up menu(navbar) with option put to top or buttom on the screen..
  6. Hello, some way to make the *where is with red circle* like a menu alway on top, or when scroll up appear middle second? I would like see add this feature in Menu of ACP, or some dev make a plugin for that...
  7. Hello, can convert the topic name to language string and make it translable?
  8. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Why not someone sell a group of landing page template and give it update and improve sometime accord the tecnology apply? I would like to purchase one and make some change to adapt my scene.... like some zero code solution I am looking for... https://www.motocms.com/ https://www.ucraft.com/
  9. Need more guide like this, withou some like this I dont know how I can admin and play IPS better shuld be is...... @-FP do you know some solution to implement multilingual for club feature...
  10. Tablet view

    Hello, I think something should to be fixed..
  11. Job Board App ?

    me too, thanks
  12. Can give some details about what features are? I am waiting solution for club multilanguage ability, landing page, more focus conneting with commerce feature(for now classifieds and store).
  13. I would like to know about that...
  14. Marketplace

    I think, and I would like to see IPS team can merge some apps, giving IPS admins capability to build marketplace community... Member(personal profile)》》》Club(company profile and landing page)》》》Commerce(Marketplace when list, show, group and search etc all clubs, companys and products) but, club rigth now do not design for multilanguage feature, that is not perfect.... My idea....
  15. Group Collaboration

    @mrbowers do you have css details about change the font color?
  16. Group Collaboration

    Hello Kevin, I suggest add ability to change title font color.
  17. Media Uploader (Support Topic)

    Media Uploader vs Media of codinjungle, do same things?
  18. Pages SuperHelp support topic

    Alway I have to delete all templates for install new version?
  19. Clubs - a different use

    Clubs is a hot topic, I want to take here to request for the multilanguage posibility of clubs features.
  20. Hello, I want to ask for the liva theme, the option to change color by user apply for mobile version too?

    1. kmk
    2. OsmanK


      It's currently turned off for mobile devices.


      AdminCP > Appearance  Liva 4.2.x - IPSMake > CSS Tab > styleswitcher.css 


      @media( max-width:992px) {
          .style-customizer {
              display: none !important;


      @media( max-width:992px) {
          .style-customizer {
              display: block !important;

      and save...



      Please request support from our website for such issues.

      Support Ticket

  21. Now I have a string created, and next step?