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  1. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Consider to add more color palette, la combinación de colores necesita más modernos y instuitivo para guía del uso de ips software. Estoy ansioso....
  2. Hello, there is option that lets set tags only use for specific forum? When click these tags only show topics inside of that same forum.
  3. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Maybe here, you open a topic for that....so others can contribute too...
  4. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    I like it, do you want open a support topic? I would like contribute my opinion, hope it can be continue to perfects, I want buy it.
  5. kmk

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    I would like apply some thing like that, only use Pages?
  6. kmk

    Classifieds System

    Hello, pleade can you provide css code to hide the Tittle in the classifieds page?
  7. kmk

    Mind Theme

    Yeah, count with me too, right now I use ehren team, hope your theme can help ips go to next level, UX UI and Mobile focus are the keys. Developers use more desktop, but users use more smart phone. And after all, developers work for users, so is more certainly from users perspective saying if ips is good for mobile or not.
  8. Hello, sometime depend on differents categorys maybe is second to think which category should be placed the topic? Is possible or some plugin there, or should be part of core feature, when or after created the topic author can assign it in more than one category, so when viewing the topic user can see that topic is under other category too.
  9. Thank you very much @Adriano Faria Sorry for my ignorance, Now can you explain the detail how it work like a topic category?
  10. Yeah now I have a annoucement created, but I don't know how related it with the topic category? Or how to do like you say?
  11. I try search by announcement in acp but nothing, can you give me a screenshot please?
  12. I don't know what you mean.
  13. Can I take a look your site?
  14. kmk

    (NB41) My Football

    1. Can you adjust the logo display size? 2. Why logos show in black and white?
  15. kmk

    Mobile version app

    UX and UI, but ips some time prefer developer X and developer I.
  16. Anyone can build an app that specially customized ips mobile version?
  17. kmk

    Chat closes - how many of you have found a solution?

    Here is any help of Rocket chat?
  18. kmk

    (NB41) My Football

  19. kmk

    (NB41) My Football

    I mean... If click Players, should be appear players under category created of 2 teams, team 1 and 2 in my case, correct? But only appear players under category of team 1 Missing Team 2
  20. kmk

    (NB41) My Football

    Request mobile little thing, showing left to right... Right now is up and down, and take so much screen space
  21. kmk

    Categories for clubs

    Do you mean who interested in that solution?
  22. kmk

    (NB41) My Football

    Below is the Myfootball acp menu: ..... League Team /*Here appear 2 teams(Team 1 and Team 2) with their Category of players */ Fixtures Players /* Here I suppose should be appear all Players under theirs category, but there only appear players under category of team 1, missing team 2. But when click where say All Players bottom appearing all players, of team 1 and team 2. */ .....