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  1. I want to leave the Clubs as homepage, users enter to my site then choose which club want to surface, but the current Clubs directory page is a little ugly... 1. I would like to show the club name completely, I focus on the mobile version. 2. The club icon should be moved to before of the statictis datas. Avoiding compete the use of space in the Photo area.
  2. Could anyone make same result for "Clubs directory" page? @Ehren
  3. thanks @Ehren finally ... it is so better without these elements links that cause accidental click for new users.
  4. I remember already asked for show the title in 2 rows, but I don't remember when and which topic... Anyone can share the solution to achieve showing the title in 2 rows? Thanks in advance
  5. I try with 2 options and can not see the change, actually I would like see the remove change in a Topic Feed widget, maybe your code is only for fluid view mode? in my case just use card mode, and above of the forum with a widget placed.
  6. We can find These elements in all topics. But for exactly example, I try to use topic feed widget.
  7. @Nathan Explosion is possible hide these elements with css? @Ehren
  8. Yes, 100% as you explained, sorry for expressing incorrectly my statement.
  9. I found the string, but after remove the translated string it call use the English language by default. What I want to do is remove the use of By %s and In %s elements. Below of the topic title Without showing By %s... And In %s.
  10. Hi, I would like hide 2 elements that alway show together with topic, By and In. Please anyone can share the solution?
  11. Hola @ReyDev I would like suggest 4 optional ability more, 2 already mentioned before. 1. Green: Is possible optionally convert the header area as slider? I would like to show more than one logo (very personalized showing some philosophy words vs all website use the same format), it will good as show images as ads of others companies too. If this is possible then we need the header area can be fixed too(sticky together with the navbar). As the Hamburger icon is changed, please add option to made the header image centered. 2. Red: Add ability to add and remove links items on the mobilenavbar area. 3. Please could you add Search and Activity icons to work with the same mechanism of Language and Theme? I would like place them to Userbar. 4. Purple arrow: let us use image as background for mobilenavbar and header. Personalized background, header slider, header fixed together with mobilenavbar, and links items personalized, I am imagining a exciting header design.
  12. So I just to fill the page Customization / Icons & Logos requirements that is all? I understand about the Web push...
  13. It seems only change author. 1. The original author still own the topic? 2. Can be added more than one author? 😅Maybe you will say to me, ask to app author for modifications and support. Obviously hope that can be added as core features.
  14. Why not made PWA as out of the box?
  15. And keep the history of changes saved, something like Article, the collaboration of content. Example, user A create a topic to follow a project, in the post user A need leave a budget amount to start, but user B is who approve and take decision of the amount, so user B just change the amount of budget what he want, then through the history saved we can know the amount is suggested by x amount, then is changed and decided to x amount by user B. So no more asking and waiting user A for correction of the project information.
  16. @Jordan Invision https://www.publicalbum.org/blog/embedding-google-photos-albums Integrate Google photos into Gallery, instead upload again images and videos, we just embed images, videos or albums into gallery from our google photos account
  17. Casually I want to open a suggest about giving specific member to edit first post of topic without administrator permission. My case is using forums to handle the teamwork discussion, sometime the moderator just need to create topic title and the first post content incompleted, because need other member editing the first post to complete the content, then changing it while the discussion go forward.
  18. @opentype could you take a look how can I hide the widget title? And convert the video title linking to specific topic.
  19. Can I choose Preview of last post? Is more interesting and make sense to communicate news of a topic showing the last post preview than preview of the first post. First, preview of first post will be some statict because always it will be the same content. Second, the topic title already working as the guide of a topic, it is alway the same to be identified. So if I enter to a topic page, is more engagement and functional see there with different preview content than the same content all times.
  20. I would like to use Forum to create a Budget, Payment Request and Approval workflow. 1. Team member A request a Payment posting a topic, there should be contain an amount field where member A put the $ amount. 2. The forum already set member C and member D as members who with permission to Mark the amount field as "Go Ahead" or "Agreed by Member X". 3. Member B can see the topic, after knowing the Payment is approved by one of 2 members (in case the other member without opposed to the Payment), member B assign the payment check and Mark a field as Payment Done. So there should be with 2 additional fields, Amount Field and Payment status field. Both fields should be available to changed to Denied, then each action will be recorded. A widget that let show Payments Requested, payment approved, payment denied, member X how many times Mark approved, denied and reverse to Denied or approved. SHOW TOO THE SUM OF ALL AMOUNT REQUESTED, AMOUNT APPROVED AND AMOUNT DENIED.
  21. I post here because Suggestion section don't let me post. I would like have an admin or moderators assigned with Password Level tool, it can be available in Moderation tools, that feature will be let me do below example: 1. Set password A (1xx1) ; password B (2xx2); password C (3xx3). THERE SHOULD BE AVAILABLE IN EACH PASSWORD FORM TO SELECT MEMBERS WHO WILL RECEIVE BY PM OR MAIL THE RELATED PASSWORD AFTER CONFIRM THE PASSWORD SET UP. 2. A post is posted by someone with sensitive information, I decide it shouldn't be read by regular users and users with password A and B, so I apply Password Level of Moderation Tools and select Password C, then this post will show Password Icon, user introduce their password, if match show content, if not show message "This content isn't for you". 3. The passwords can be selected multiple, so if I select Password B and C, then users with that password can read the content. 4. The Password Level should be available for all type of content. Topic, post, entry, comment, Review, Article and widget. 5. THIS WILL HELP MUCH IN FUTURE CONTENT PRIVACY MANAGEMENT, IF ANY USER IS CONSIDERED AS USER DON'T NEED THAT PASSWORD, WE JUST REMOVE THE USER IN THE PASSWORD SETTING FORM, THEN THE RELATED USER WILL CAN NOT ABLE TO SEE RELATED CONTENT.
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