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  1. Media Uploader (Support Topic)

    Recently buy it, try upload first pdf and problem...
  2. Classifieds System

    Requesting: 1. When renew an advert, give user option choose others packages. In my case, I offering one week free, and possible renew free by week, but I would like not only free package option for renew, user can take others not free packages if they want, because contain others benefits. 2. After renew free package, admin and user don't received any invoice. Need for best bussiness management, free or not free, it should be generate an invoice, for site side and user side.
  3. I did it, but same result...
  4. 4.3: REST API Enhancements

    If user login with wechat and dont provide email, is possible send notification to wechat instead to email?
  5. Hello @TAMAN after change to default theme, something is not good
  6. My new nice Landing Page

    I prefer the first: 1. One site design sense. 2. Maybe dont need .landing-page file,instead use coverfriends.org
  7. Hello @opentype can I ask you for achive above mobile navbar and breadcumb? and navbar is sticky on top?
  8. So with Siprit can done better thing?
  9. 4.3: REST API Enhancements

    If user can sign with other platform, like wechat....what about notifications design for email? because if signed with wechat, does not have email in the account...
  10. My new nice Landing Page

    Why not consider share it or sell it like a plugin? will work on multillanguage scene?
  11. My new nice Landing Page

    make with Spirit of Brian?
  12. Classifieds System

    Can make the submit advert process less steps? Type, condition, packages can be group to 1 step.
  13. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    I was considering buy the babble chat service, but coincidentally that was I worried...the app depends on only one person, and now he not here to help you....if the app has a potential commerce value, why not make a team to provided a continue service permanently?
  14. not possible set Spirit menu for ips suite too? Right now it like 2 websites, after click any menu item redirect us to obviously a different menu style and page, I mean make Sipirit and ips suite with a uniform design aspect.
  15. drop-down menus for Club downloads?

    Plus and bump
  16. Cloud tags widget for forum A and showing all tags of forum A, does not appear in forum B or others forums.
  17. Easy Mode Permission

    Forgot it, I found the problem, I signed with other admin account...
  18. I have the updated theme, but only visible the notification title, is possible make the message title visible too?
  19. Classifieds System

    Yeah, I want others members can see the activities of adverts, a way like marketing...if a member interested an adverd and realize all contact steps with facebook, whatssapps or others, no meet sense.....so, or private message(still using my site), or a comment tab where interested user post, ask, request whatever...others members can see and thinking...¨this site is usefull, people are here, so I would like put my advert there too...¨
  20. Classifieds System

    Hello, how I can disabled contact by email and the custom message field? I would like give only private message option and comment tab, ways that can help user using more site.