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  1. I've added a new version pending marketplace approval that fixes the PM not sending through and adds IPB 4.6.x compatibility.
  2. New update released pending approval.
  3. A new update is pending approval that fixes this and a few other critical bugs.
  4. New update released pending approval.
  5. New update released pending approval.
  6. New update released pending approval.
  7. New update released pending IPS approval.
  8. New update released pending approval.
  9. Version 1.2.0

    1 download

    Display a members secondary groups in select locations throughout the forum. Including topic, hovercard and profile view. Select which secondary groups display and the order in which they display. Features Display a members secondary groups in the post row, hovercard and profile. Select which secondary groups are displayed and the order they are displayed. Enable group formatting for all instances of secondary groups. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.
  10. I've released a new update pending approval, if the avatar issue is still an issue, let me know.
  11. New update released pending approval.
  12. At this point I may need to refund as I can't see any logical reason why this is happening and so far I don't have any widespread reports of problems either. I can give you a few more test patches you try out if you would like but I'm really just not seeing anything causing the issue.
  13. Group permissions in admin cp > members tab > groups and form permissions in admin cp > community tab > forms > edit form > permissions?
  14. I've got a lot of users of my applications wanting to upgrade their application but they are being linked as a Marketplace app for some reason rather then being maintained as Custom apps. Is this a change in IPB 4.6?
  15. This app is next in line, I'm just working on including a few bug fixes at the same time. Should be out within a week.
  16. I've briefly looked and there doesn't appear to be any issues with 4.6. I'll be confirming 100% soon and updating the compatibility field to reflect that.
  17. I'm still waiting on IPS to approve the recent update to fix some issues. Can you confirm what issue you got as chances are it was fixed in v3.5.3. I assume there's a lot of updates in the marketplace right now, hence the delay but I can manually patch any issue in the meantime.
  18. It should be okay, I'll have an update out soon to confirm 100%. Check my signature for the status of IPB 4.6 updates on all my apps and plugins.
  19. Replied to your PM recently requesting further details.
  20. Just checking in to see if you got this fixed? I haven't looked into this but it seems like there isn't a feature to do this and perhaps IPS is doing this through the database instead...
  21. New update pending approval with the following change:
  22. New update pending approval for IP.Board 4.6.x compatibility. No other major changes made.
  23. Do you have post comments enabled in specific forums or all forums?
  24. What browser are you using? Just did a quick test with Firefox and the latest IPB and Videos versions and it seems to be resizing the video when the window is resized.
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