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  1. Confirmed. i would recommend setting a start date well into the past until I can patch this.
  2. Michael.J

    News Support

    How does 2 lines work? And is it just not truncating or doing more then 1 line? PM with demo link sent.
  3. As long as the log message setting is filled in, it will be included in the csv export.
  4. Does it do this with the plugin disabled? I'm just trying to see if this is an IPB 4.5 change or an issue with my plugin.
  5. Not seeing the donate boc widget as well as the donate buttons displayed with each goal? What happens if you directly access the donation url as a member? - yoursite.com/donate/make-donation/
  6. Do you change their user groups after they donate? Possibly you don't have the donate group permissions setup for that group? Because it should still show the donate to already donated members. Was this a fresh install or have you updated recently? If so, from what version? I'll take a look soon.
  7. Just to confirm you've downloaded the latest version of the plugin as well? As there was a few changes for IPB 4.5.
  8. This is a custom change, so will need a little bit of time to put it together. And yes you can just revert any changes easily. Ideally it will be included in a future update anyway.
  9. Can you please PM me your applications/donate/modules/admin/setup/currencies.php file?
  10. Is it possible to get admin and ftp access? Would be easier for me to quickly apply these changes myself. If so, PM me.
  11. Just did a quick test and can't reproduce this? Anyone else having problems? Just to rule out any issues with your message, can you try with just a one word bit of text in the pm subject and message?
  12. Well it kinda is if IPB itself is not converting the url to embed. But I'm just thinking if there's anything I can do to get around it. I will take a look, this should be possible as I believe IPS apps already do this.
  13. What theme are you using and I'll put together some hook point changes? The layout is a bit dated so think I can improve it a bit in a future update. Per post control?
  14. Put up a patch here so you don't have to wait until the next update to fix this. Unfortunately I do rely on the internal embed support of IPB 4, so if it's not processing the embeds properly, it doesn't give the Videos app anything to work with. Have you tried using different urls to the same video? Hmmm, full embed video or thumbnail? I honestly haven't looked into this yet. I'd be a little concern about it loading multiple embeds if a lot of new videos were posted at once.
  15. Can I have some information on the product settings? Feel free to PM if you want. What version of IPB and I'll test more. Also you've filled in the PM Author setting?
  16. What version of the Points app did you upgrade from? I'll check and fix this for future upgrades.
  17. I'd love to say soon but it's more medium term then short term unfortunately. IPB 4.5 really did take a lot of effort at the same time as when I was busy with real life. I won't go into the full details but there was a lot of surprises in there that developers weren't aware of. It's not easy when you've got nearly 100 apps and plugins and you have to make large changes to lots of them.
  18. I already replied to your PM before I saw this. But just to confirm, at the very bottom your not seeing anything like this? Can you please try uninstalling and re-installing the plugin again. Also what version of IPS and I'll check but last update this was working fine. Yes that's correct, filling in a specific custom field will trigger the group change.
  19. Have you added or edited the custom field that you want to change the member group with? That's where the actual group settings will be displayed.
  20. I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that, you just happened to reply when I went through a few dozen personal messages and caught up with a few left remaining.
  21. 1. Yes this will show in club topics just the same as forum topics. 2. Yes you can set permissions for who can add comments and who can view comments separately to what ever you have set for forum permissions. But it's a single global permission and you can have it then allow members permission to comment in topics they can't post to.
  22. I'm replying from oldest to newest and have nearly caught up with everything but obviously replying frequently puts you last. I've bookmarked your PM and will take a look at it today or tomorrow.
  23. No unfortunately IPS don't have a map field. The closest thing would be the "Address" field. Unfortunately because of the way the fields are "children" of the form, the copy feature doesn't support this. For example if you copy a forum, it doesn't then copy the sub forums as well. I might be able to work around this but it would be a more long term feature then something in the near term.
  24. Yes that's correct. Both the products from hidden categories in the index page and sidebar widgets. And also the actual category in the sidebar block as well if you set it as hidden.
  25. Can you post a screenshot of your current settings please?
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