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  1. I'll update it soon, there are a few changes that IPS require for the marketplace now that will need to be changed unfortunately.
  2. I'll need a bit more time for PHP8 compatibility.
  3. I'll need a bit more time for PHP8 compatibility.
  4. Are you modifying primary or secondary groups? Any excluded groups selected? You are trying with new purchases?
  5. Unfortunately yes will need to check with IPS as I can't troubleshoot IPS marketplace errors.
  6. Sorry! Shouldn't be much longer.
  7. Are you using the very latest version, this was a bug but should be fixed now.
  8. Paypal is returning the primary email when the Donations app checks to confirm it's the right account. i might consider it but the main problem would be that some people don't use the Commerce app and only use the Donations app.
  9. Okay I've saved this and will try to add next update as lock support should be straight forward. It's still a confirmed bug, will be patched next update.
  10. I've just replied to your email, need further clarification on what you are trying to do.
  11. Michael.J


    That's an IPS widget and it looks like they removed the read markers from it.
  12. Could you please PM me that full logs file?
  13. Are you wanting to lock new comments on a video? Haven't released a new update yet but can provide a patch as it's a simple fix. It's not showing videos to guests, it's just showing the widget without any videos.
  14. Do you have restored content enabled? See moderator cp > deleted content.
  15. Could I please get a copy of conflicting app or theme or access to your site so I can take a look?
  16. Confirmed bug, I've added a bug report and manual patch here until the next version is released.
  17. Thank you, will have a reply up shortly.
  18. No changes were needed, this should already be compatible with 4.6. Are you having any issues?
  19. Looks like it's been approved. v1.3.2 includes these fixes.
  20. New update coming soon. I have to resubmit due to a problem with the submission, will include this fix as well now.
  21. Can you try uninstalling and installing again, the setup files should be adding a new table.
  22. Noted, will be fixed next update.
  23. Can you PM me the Youtube video your testing with please?
  24. Yes fully independent and run separately with betting tokens separate. No need for other apps. I've sent you a PM with a test board, let me know if you have any more questions.
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