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Invision 4.7 seems to lack automatic image compression functionality when images are attached to a post. This results in us using more storage than absolutely necessary. I vaguely recall that Invision had an automatic image compression feature in an previous version but I can't seem to find any way to do this in 4.7.

Our userbase consists of members with varying level of technical ability, so while we ask them to optimise their images it would be unreasonable for us to expect them to do this, not to mention it's an inconvenience. Is there a solution to this?


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On 2/11/2024 at 1:50 PM, opentype said:

ACP → System → Files → Image Settings

That’s where you set the compression level(s). In addition, you can set the maximum pixel size for attachment uploads. Both of these options combined get you pretty far. 

Thank you. It appeared we already had compression set in the Image Settings although I was not aware. It only appears to do this for jpg file format though, most of the files in question are png. - Is there a way to compress these too?

If we set the "maximum pixel size" for attachments, - will it automatically reduce this as to ensure the image is within limit or will it simply prevent the users from uploading it in the first place? It is the latter scenario which generates complaints from our members, particularly from those who may not be quite so tech savvy.  

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2 hours ago, Canal World said:

Looking further, it seems there's two options, GD compression or ImageMagick - The latter only seems to compress jpgs. 

Have updated it now to use GD. Screenshot attached for reference.


Could contain: Page, Text, Computer, Electronics, Pc, Computer Hardware, Hardware, Monitor, Screen

Curious if anyone has any data behind these settings, or comparison of images compressed at different settings. Would be interesting to see both file size and quality. Mostly setting the values at 60/6. compared to max setting. My current settings are set to 70/100 and 6/9. 


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The more you compress the images, the greater the quality is sacrificed and the more CPU that it takes to generate the file itself.  The default values provided by IPB give a good amount of compression while balancing resources used to generate it vs savings.

With that said, feel free to change the sliders up/down as it makes sense for your community.  If you're super focused on the ultimate smallest file and have tons of CPU power and don't care if the image quality drops a bit...  jack that value up to the max.  If your site is heavily dependent on ultra high quality images and you don't want IPS dropping the quality of anything uploaded, keep that value down very low or off entirely.  

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