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After checking in on my Facebook developers api, I see that my api access "was disabled due to a Platform Policy violation".


Platform Terms 4.b: Your privacy policy must comply with applicable law and regulations and must accurately and clearly explain what data you are Processing, how you are Processing it, the purposes for which you are Processing it, and how Users may request deletion of that data. During testing, we found that your privacy policy doesn’t explain how users can request data deletion. Update your privacy policy to include this information before you submit an appeal.

My question, is there a general Privacy Policy that we can simply copy/paste for use in our own community? I can't imagine having to come up with it on my own. What else is everyone using for their Privacy Policy?

Thank you.

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We have personally disabled social media integrations.  It's become more of a hassle than it is worth honestly.  Between changing their rules/policies on the fly without proper notification and the how they are making integration and compliance harder, it's just not worth it anymore.  

There is not a general policy that can be copy/pasted...  it's something you need to explain for your community.  What data are you collecting?  For example, do you require more than just an email account to create an account?  When someone requests their account be deleted, what do you do?  Do you just anonymize posts made or do you fully delete anything ever posted by them?  Are you using the new built in account delete feature?  

This is more to explain how YOU handle your site.  But again...  I would suggest telling Facebook and the rest to take a hike.  

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