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  1. McAtze


    This is my site. Actually I am on vacation, but if you have any styling question with the movie app I can give you advice after 15th September.
  2. just FYI, i made a upgrade without problems.
  3. That would be the best solution. That makes sense. So i have to set the smallest screen at the bottom and will see. Thanks for the hints..
  4. No, i am working with the app related movie.css I think this could be a problem with firefox, in Chrome it looks better..
  5. https://hobbykeller.club/movies/movie/58-deadpool/
  6. @aXen | 1s2ki woould try to make the Movie App bay Adriano more responsive. So my first choice was so set a fix width for the container for Cast/Crew.. Then i tried to change the grid on view. So full view 4 items, tablet 2 or 3 items and phone 1 item.. But everytime i reloade the page the css isn't working. This is my responsive css: @media (max-width: 480px) { [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsList_inline .ipsGrid_span3.profilePath { height: 325px; max-height: 325px; } .profilePath img.profileImg, .profilePath img.defaultImg { width: 200px; height: auto; } } @media (max-width: 768px) { .cMoviesIndexCarouselItemSidebar { min-height: 135px; width: 101px; overflow: hidden; } .cMoviesIndexCarouselItemSidebar .cMoviesCarouselItem_info { width: 101px; } .cMoviesIndexCarouselItemSidebar .cMoviesCarouselItem_info a span.cMoviesCarouselTitle { padding: 5px; max-width: 101px; } .cMoviesIndexCarouselItemSidebar .bgmovieCover { height: 135px; } .shelvesList_desc, .shelvesList_books, .shelvesList_avatar { width: 100%!important; display: block!important; float: none!important; } .ipsDataItem_modCheck { margin-top: -10px; } .cMoviesTable .ipsDataItem_generic .ipsThumb.ipsThumb_medium { width: 100%; max-width: 100%; } [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsApp .ipsGrid > .ipsGrid_span3 { width: 48.93617021276595%; } } @media (max-width: 979px) { [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsDataList.ipsDataList_reducedSpacing .ipsDataItem { padding: 10px 10px 20px 10px; } [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main, [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsDataItem_icon:not( .ipsResponsive_hidePhone ):not( .ipsResponsive_hideTablet ) + .ipsDataItem_main + .ipsDataItem_stats { margin-left: 85px !important; } [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsApp .ipsGrid > .ipsGrid_span3 { width: 48.93617021276595%; } [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsList_inline .ipsGrid_span3.profilePath { height: 220px; } [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsList_inline .ipsGrid_span3.similar { height: auto; } }
  7. That was my first choice. It also doesn't work. Everytime when i have screen smaller then 375px i got the css properties for max-width 979px Maybe i should try to use @media (min-with: 767px and max-width: 979px)
  8. Hi everybody, i try to set up some responsive css parts, but it doesn't work as it should or i want. I would give some boxes a different height/width on medium and small screens. So i take this: @media (max-width: 375px) { [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsList_inline .ipsGrid_span3.profilePath { height: 325px; max-height: 325px; } } @media (max-width: 979px) { [data-pageModule="movies"] .ipsList_inline .ipsGrid_span3.profilePath { height: 220px; } } But it doesn't work on small screens with max-width: 375px, it always take the large screen. Is there something wrong? I thought for screens with max-width 375px take the first one and for bigger screen take the last one.
  9. Maybe more a suggestion as a question, but is it possible to generate the description text as first post? So i hadn't write anything else when i create a topic with ThreadStarter?
  10. This must be new in 4.5 or? 👍
  11. Hi @batarjal thanks for your great apps. I have a few questions for all of your apps. 1. Is it possible to change the position for the acp settings, so it isn't shown at first? 2. Maybe more a suggestion as a question, but is it possible to generate the description text as first post? So i hadn't write anything else when i create a topic with ThreadStarter?
  12. McAtze


    You're right. I think the actually version is the best way for everyone.
  13. McAtze


    @Adriano Faria the problem with this APi is, that media items like images, posters or videos are served in different languages, mostly english or without any language. Maybe the best way, if possible, is to request the media items without any language given.
  14. McAtze


    Of course, the https://www.theaudiodb.com/ 😉 -------------------------------------------------- Hey @Adriano Faria, is it possible to force HTTPS when serving the books from Google? In the Tabs the shown book covers all served per HTTP and that will break my site in the browser.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This is the German Language Pack for Movies by Adriano Faria. It contains full translation of AdminCP and Frontend. Support for the language pack is on German support website
    Another great application from @Adriano Faria It runs like hell and during minutes you have your own movie archive on Board. Great support so far and open for suggestions. Thanks for your work.. 🤓 👍
  16. Well, there're a little bit more icons than just a bell, but its okay. For my opinion, i would like to use FA icons instead of many little images, but these're just my two cents.. 😉
  17. This is not correct. With FA6 on free plan they "double the amount of icons, give access to the new SVG-framework, JS compoments and more.." (Video - 00:47+) 😉
  18. McAtze


    Did you plan an application similar to this just with https://www.themoviedb.org/ I like the structure without integration in topics, like the existing application.
  19. I will keep an eye on it. This was the first time ever. I have checked every permission i found. Guest have just read permissions. But i also had the "POST BEFORE REGISTERING" feature enabled. I will take a look if the Phenomenon came back. Thanks for your help. 🤓
  20. But i saw every reply as admin and deleted it. The poster was a guest and has no member account.
  21. Yes, this was the problem. So the replies was hidden for all and waiting for approving?
  22. Hi, today i had a spammer as a guest who reply to more then 40 topics. After checking the guest permission i see that guests doesn't have any permissions to post or reply in all forums. How could he reply to so many topics? I am a little bit confused.
  23. I've tested it with iOS and on Desktop. Both is working for me.
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