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On 11/7/2020 at 9:17 AM, Maxxius said:

pick an already existing topic for its discussions.

You can use the build in fields for that. On our site we use clubs for featured games, so I simply put the link to the club in a field, looks like this https://prnt.sc/vfh4xi

Of course you can use topics too and place the field in the sidebar or below the main content of the game.

@Adriano Faria your Books application seems to have a cool feature called Bookshelf. How about some kind of button a user can click and add a game to his collection? Must not be such powerfull like the Bookshelfs, maybe just a profile tab with the games they own?

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11 minutes ago, CyanideBurial said:

Any update on adding a game to their collection? 

No and I didn’t said I would do it right away, if I do. Read two posts above yours.

11 minutes ago, CyanideBurial said:

Also is there anyway to add a new tab that would have like specifications?

Is this information available in the IGDB API? Which specifications?

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7 minutes ago, CyanideBurial said:

Well considering the last post on this thread was over a year ago I figured I would ask to see if there were any updates regarding the feature. 

5 purchases from that day to today. That’s definitely not a sales record and not enough to add this feature, which is huge and requires a lot of development time.

11 minutes ago, CyanideBurial said:

Specifications for the game requirements,I found you could do it with the extra fields but was just curious if there was an option to be able to add another tab

Extra fields can be displayed below game description or in the left sidebar but I can add them on a new tab. Not a big thing. I’ll do it during the week.

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6 minutes ago, CyanideBurial said:

Yeah thanks!,I noticed though when you select text area for the extra fields you cant use an editor or add html. Anyway to change that?

Textarea and editor are different things. My image above uses an Editor as extra field.


If you want to add formatted texts, images, attachments, etc., use the Editor, not a textarea, which is for plain text.

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