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  1. @Marc Stridgen Now the site is temporaily available. Could you try and login? Note that adminCP works but not the other login. Thanks!
  2. The test URL is registered in my client area, but I'm thinking that you probably need an account too, right? Could you point me to where I can edit these access details? Sorry, I'm a rookie 😬
  3. The reason why I'm thinking about a support ticket is because I'm not too keen on giving out the URL publicly just yet. I guess I could just DM you the URL too. And sorry Siraphong for completely hijacking your thread.
  4. I'll try and see if ops wants to open up so you can reach it. If so - should I just create a ticket somewhere?
  5. Sorry, forgot to answer your tips too. There is nothing in the browser console or in the backend logs. The request flow works and I end up on the 301 that redirects me to the page with the proper $_GET['_fromLogin'] in place. It's when the page redirects something happens with the Session. It happens both on localhost and our dev environment.
  6. Ok. I've gotten so far that if I dd (as in die and dump) the \IPS\Session::i()->member before the redirect in the login controller if actually gives me the proper user back. If I dd the same thing after the redirect, the member is gone and it's just a random "browser user". Not giving support on testinstalls isn't something I feel we should get into in public forums. We can continue that thread via the support system if you'd like 🙂
  7. My solution is behind a corporate VPN and it's my test-install. Unfortunately you won't be able to reach it. I've asked two collegaues to sign in, but they can't either.
  8. That's such a bummer. In my view companies should care about their clients, regardless of type. But I hear what you say. Thanks for answering, Opentype.
  9. I get the same problem in Safari and Chrome where I have no plugins at all.
  10. Hello dear Invision team. Ever thought about releasing an official docker solution that could work out of the box? That would definitely be a nice modern addition for everyone on the self-hosting license.
  11. Hello Marc. Quite a few 🙈 They're all disabled now, and none of them are enabled in private browser window, but I'm still not getting logged in.
  12. I'm having the same issue on my environment. I created an account, can log in to admin (I added the account to the admin group), but I can't log in to the Front. I've debugged the login and I can see that my user is being fetched, but it seems like it's not setting the session at all (if that's what being used). I don't get any errors, and I see that I get a 301 to _fromLogin=1 via \IPS\Output::i()->redirect( $ref->setQueryString( '_fromLogin', 1 ) ); Since it's processing the entire $success flow, I guess it should actually log me in and when I debug the $success variable I can find my user in there. Might the problem be related to a faulty session?
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