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  1. Hi Daniel, what if the content isn't media? To be honest I think I may be pushing things too far and Invision may not be able to do this natively, i.e. maybe I need to host this outside of Invision and use the iFrame.
  2. Thanks Sonya, thank is helpful as I didn't know that. However the thing I'm uploading isn't just raw HTML. It requires (I think) some files to be stored on my Invision site for the HTML code to access. Is it possible to upload the files to Invision so the HTML can access the file?
  3. Hello, Is there a way to upload a file onto my Invision site so that I can create a custom block that uses it? I want to have an Articulate 360 Storyline on our site. I think the link below says that I could use an iFrame (in a custom block) to do this, but I need to host the Articulate files on Invision. https://articulate.com/support/article/Storyline-360-How-to-Embed-Published-Content-in-a-Web-Page Is it possible to upload files to Invision so that my iFrame could access them? Thanks, Nigel
  4. Hello, We have a Invision 'Page'. It contains no databases or forums etc, it is just text and uploaded images (which we added via the page editor). At the top of the page we have a massive banner, which we want to be the image that Linkedin and Twitter pick up for sharing. However both social media sites are picking up different images... One isn't picking up any image and the other is picking up an image which is included on the page further down. I have used both the Linkedin and Twitter picture validation/cache clearing tools and nothing is changing. It is confusing that Twitter and Linkedin pick up different images, but anyway... Can anyone recommend a way that I can set the social media image for this page, please? Thanks,
  5. Hi @Daniel F thanks for the suggestion. That looks promising but also beyond my abilities. I don't suppose you know anyone who could this (and I pay them)?
  6. Hello, I think Invision already has this functionality but I can't figure it out. Our situation: When someone completes a particular action off Invision (they complete a form on SurveyMonkey) I want to automatically upgrade their group on Invision. I had hoped that the Zapier integration would allow this but there is no action for changing a group. Has anyone else had to think of a way to do this? Could you please share your solution? Thanks, Nigel
  7. Hi Everyone, Sorry for my slow response, I've been off work. I can confirm that the beta Zapier integration is working with our site and everything seems good. There is one thing I was hoping for (an action to change someone's group) but I'll try and think of a work around. Thank you Invision team for getting it up and running. Thanks
  8. Hello Team. 3-4 weeks have passed... Any updates on Zapier? I can't see find an Invision app when I search on Zapier.
  9. Sorry Rhett, the 'lying to my face' was slightly in jest and not meant to be offensive. Although does Invision not agree that from a customer perspective, whether or not it is Invision or Zapier's fault, the 4.5 product release notes are implying a function that 4.5 can't currently do? That's just my interpretation and feeling. There is no need to respond - this probably sounds more accusatory in writing than if I was saying it out loud. On the whole I am 100% supportive and appreciative of everything the Invision team does, and this is a small communication thing. We are going to do the 4.5 update + release a new language + do the Zapier integrations all in one big update, which is why it is useful to know some firmer dates. Thanks for the edit: We'll schedule our update to happen in 3-4 weeks then (maybe 4 to be safe!) 🙂
  10. @Nate Sheets Am I reading that correctly: You have started chasing Zapier themselves to get this moving? If yes, then I love your style. Is there a way I can jump on your wagon and nag them? @Rhett thanks for the response although it would be much more helpful if you could give us an estimate for when the Zapier integration will be approved. Or failing that, if you could say when it will definitely not be available, i.e. "We definitely will not have it before 2021", then we can all plan accordingly. Also I think you should remove Zapier from your 4.5 release notes. It's like every day our site shows that blue banner, lying to my face about Zapier integrations. My heart can't take it!
  11. Thanks @Paul E.. We're on the regular cloud solution on 4.5.2. I've ask @Rhett and the support team about Zapier and they say that they are waiting for the general approval from Zapier. I am happy to be patient, I was just wondering if anyone who is currently using the Beta can tell me what the triggers/actions are.
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the view counts and the publish dates from Article Listing pages? i.e. the highlighted bits below? If you know how (or if you can provide a solution) please let me know...
  13. Hi, Has anyone had access to the Zapier integration? I've been checking daily for weeks now and I can't find it. If you have seen it, do you know if these are possible: Is there a zap action to change an existing user's role? Is there a trigger when someone registers that allows us to use their email address in a follow up action? Is there a trigger for when someone buys something on the store? If these are not possible then I can stop checking Zapier each daily because it won't be able to do what I need... If anyone knows, I'd be grateful if you could tell me. Thanks, Nigel
  14. Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way to make a top level menu NOT link to anything. For example, below "Knowledge" groups some items beneath it. It is currently linked to the Home "page". I would like it to be unclickable, i.e. it doesn't go to anything. Does anyone know how to do that?
  15. Thank you @Paul E. that is helpful. I switched to GD and increased the image size limits and now the gifs are working.
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