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    @Pete T do you have a link to download?
  2. yes it happens when you try to view an article. I sent you a PM with the info
  3. @Adriano Faria I upgraded my forum to 4.5.2 and upgraded Tutorials and everything looked good but a member just informed me that there is an error that only shows to members (Not Admin) I signed in as a member and verified and grabbed a screen shot. Any ideas on whats wrong and how to fix? I did run the support tool and there were no issues found. My themes are all default with color changes.
  4. I am having a similar issue with logo sizes but mine is mainly on the mobile view. They changed something in 4.5 for sure!
  5. Looks like a patch has been released...run the support tool in your ACP to get it.
  6. Same issue here... /admin/upgrade worked for me too
  7. Ok...fair enough bu what are we to do if we want to run a larger logo and taller header? The menu icon is now in the header instead of the nav bar in the mobile view so If I make my logo and header any bigger, it messes with the menu icon! Why couldn't it stay the way it was in 4.4.11?
  8. I don't mind paying for a good quality app but I am not a big fan of renewal fees because of the sheer volume of updates from IPB! But regardless...the Map is a great product and I will be purchasing the new version!
  9. Is it possible to not use custom CSS in mobile view? I have some custom CSS that seems to be affecting my mobile header/logo layout...seem logical to be able to block it in the mobile view?? Does anyone know how??
  10. This is unfortunate! The nav menu icon was perfect on the nav bar in 4.4...wonder why they moved it?? Now it really affects the size of logo you can use! I like to have a little more up top for branding so I am not a fan of the new 4.5 mobile nav icon! I also like to run default theme with as little modification as possible to make updates easier!
  11. I did not...what is the easiest way to do so without loss of threads/data? Nevermind...I found the button! I have now disabled and it did not fix the other threads. It doesn't seem to be tutorial's fault.
  12. Ok, I have a ticket started...there must be something wrong. The tutorials is working fine now but I can't open any regular threads from any forum! It's like I need to run a rebuild for the entire forum like there used to be... I ran the IPS4 tool and it was all green - good to go!
  13. Is there a rebuild for all forum threads also? I just noticed that I have the same error on all other forums!
  14. Ah ok... Thanks for the support! Really appreciate it!!
  15. Great! Thanks! Also, where does the "GET SUPPORT" button lead to? When you click it on my forum, it goes back to the tutorials home page? Is that correct?
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