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  1. Sorry, which one? Couldn't find it. I always like to follow theses topics and make sure it isn't something I did... if it is, I always release a new version soon.
  2. I’ll make some tests.
  3. I started to develop one to @Joey_M. Maybe you can talk to him to know details.
  4. Hello, No, this one retrieves data from Spotify. You don’t create the records manually.
  5. Yes, you followed the forum, that means you will receive a notification every time a new topic is created. A user has to follow topics to get notified of replies.
  6. It was released in Jan, 14. It doesn’t even has 1 month! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Also, make sure your template isn't edited. If it is, it won't show up until you revert it.
  8. The upgrade will update records on a background task, so that's the reason why you probably don't see it yet.
  9. I have this but it counts only content items (not comments/reviews).
  10. Nope, feedback is for all quizzes, not PER QUIZ. That won't happen! It is already too boring to create a quiz, add questions, add answers, etc. Feedback won't be in public side.
  11. You mean a feedback for one right answer and another to multiple right answers?
  12. You can already do that by locking the record (link). It will show the padlock icon.
  13. What's New in Version 1.1.4 Fix pagination error on "Remove Attendees" popup.
  14. What's New in Version 1.0.4 Added new setting to admin choose which way to display the language from the Movie/TV Show (in English or original language) Added User Score (from TMDB) in the Movie/TV Show view
  15. I’ll consider it when I have to upgrade it again.
  16. And what else? Just add a label? No more comments? Reviews? No. There is another resource for this matter: Company Directory. No, as this one is a links directory.
  17. That’s what you should do: 2 answers per quiz. TRUR or FALSE.
  18. I may be wrong, of course so I'll wait for someone from IPS to reply. If there isn't a way to display them, I'll develop a quick (free) plugin to display these files:
  19. It doesn't show anywhere; only in file view. It should show up on https://invisioncommunity.com/followed/ EDIT: It uses a different table, etc. That's why it doesn't show there.
  20. ACP -> Members -> Member Settings -> Profiles -> Profile Settings -> Display Names.
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