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  1. You can change any word in the app directly in your ACP:
  2. Nope, all the plugins I did was to Comments be the first, not reviews. This is customization and I don’t help with it but I will post it here (later) for you and you edit a file to accomplish that.
  3. Yes, it's duplicated. I'll check it out to figure what has changed and fix it.
  4. Which code fix? I tested this in Beta stage and didn’t notice it.
  5. Not a issue. It is like any other app out there. When you delete a movie, it goes to ModeratorsCP -> Deleted Content and remains there for 30 days (default value of a core setting). You can either restore it from there or delete it permanently and re add it. Btw, I don’t allow to re add it to avoid duplicates.
  6. Version 1.3.3 submitted with the following fixes: Fix the auto picking of countries for new/existing members Restore the member country on mini profile (when you hover a user link). Follow the file to get notified when it gets approved. 👍
  7. Seriously? Are in 4.5? All you have to do is click in a button on ACP and you're updated. Anyway, I really don't need (or want) to waste all day long trying to proof something to you. I'm talking to OTHERS who may edit a template and showing to them that it isn't a good way to do it. 👍
  8. I don't like to waste even a few seconds and people tend to forget. Anyway, just a friendly notice to anyone else: edit a template isn't the best way to go, in any situation.
  9. Yes you need. Otherwise you won't get any modification IPS can make in this template until you click in the REVERT button in this template. Unless you don't mind to be outdated.
  10. They’re right: ...”we'dlove to accommodate every request vs an on/off setting, I'm unsure why there's a limited perception that we strip things out just to alienate folks. The reality is, everyone has their own "thing" and unfortunately, accommodating them all leads to a bloated management interface, increased development time via implementation, maintenance, etc. -- a "simple" setting doesn't seem like much on an individualized basis, but cumulatively it adds up”...
  11. I'm planning a new version with a lot of adjustments in templates for the next (or couple of) week(s). I'll check it out.
  12. Sure. I’ll improve it in next version. 👍
  13. What’s New on Version 1.0.2: New features: Added new tabs, with settings to control their visibility, in the movie view: Photos and Posters. Added ability to add/edit URLs for the movie. Beyond IMDB link, which is added via API, now you can add: official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Wikipedia. A fonta-awesome icon will be displayed for each under the cover and only people that can edit the movie + the author can add/edit URLs. Append content to movie description: that's a per-category feature and allows admins to enter any information they want to be di
  14. What's New in Version 1.0.4 Enhancement: updates the similar content list when pressing any key in the title field, and no longer when leaves the title field (by pressing TAB key).
  15. Hello, Find the link See changelog and do as it points:
  16. You just need to not browse a couple of tables in your database and if you login as the member, it’s enough to not go to the messenger. As I imagine other admins won’t have access to your database, you can probably restrict them in ACP profiles, so they won’t be able to login as any member. Note: certainly there’s a admin restriction to login as a member but I don’t remember. So I would try that first.
  17. Yes, it was. I just submitted a new verison to fix it. Follow the file to get notified when IPS review and approve it. 👍
  18. Thank you. Just submitted a new version to fix the upgrade. It should be out soon. Follow the file to get notified when IPS review and approve it. 👍
  19. I’ll take a look tomorrow. I’m away today.
  20. I’ll take a look tomorrow. I’m away today.
  21. This does the job automatically but still sending PM, it seems:
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