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  1. Where did you read it? It is supported and the latest version is 4.5:
  2. What's New in Version 2.0.8: Enhancements: New setting: added ability to choose which apps and their content (main item, comment and reviews) to give/remove points when you react/unreact to the content. Rework in some templates Fix: Fix error (entry generated in System Logs) when posting replies to topics (although the post was saved) Fix: points given/removed only when reaction to posts. Converted several hard coded strings into language bits
  3. It isn’t finding the data store file for the Raffles groups. Have you browsed any public page of the app then tried again on ACP? What’s the exactly steps to reproduce?
  4. Just a closure on this. He left all conversations we had and apparently sold the account to someone else, not honoring 4 out of 5 items of our deal. The only one that worked was the files transfer to my account because it didn’t depend on him; it was done by IPS. He even sold some files twice (to me and to another developer), who only got the money back via PayPal dispute! So that’s it, if you purchased the resource on his site and you can’t prove it somehow (credit card or PayPal transaction), you will have to purchase it again on IPS, just in case you want to get updates. I will request to lock this topic.
  5. No. This is for STAFF applications, not JOBS.
  6. I replied you message but will say here too. Your UPCOMING EVENTS widget is showing past events, which doesn't make sense. It shouldn't be there. Even disabling my app the event is there. The error happens because it is a past event. You should submit a ticket to IPS to see what's going on there. The event started and finished in March. It shouldn't be there.
  7. Not there. I have absolutely no idea. Will take a look when I have to upgrade it again.
  8. Still not working? Send a message.
  9. The templates aren’t there! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Disable the app and send a message with an ACP account. I’ll tKe a look today later, if I manage to, or only Sunday morning. I won’t be available tomorrow.
  10. See the content of the system error in the Support area of the ACP. Do you use any kind of cache? Are you cloudflare or something like that? If it’s still missing template, it may be a cache issue.
  11. What's New in Version 1.1.2: Fix FA icons display on Account Settings Add user FA icon to the profile page Add user FA icon to the profile card
  12. Uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  13. IPS is reviewing every new version. It can take one day, one week, etc. I have absolutely no control over it.
  14. He already tried. We talked via message before post here.
  15. I tried a couple of times, indeed. 😄 Infinite loop! 😆
  16. I don’t. Read this topic from the beginning and you’ll see that suggestions were accepted and added to the resource. I decide what’s best for it. Anyway, thank you for suggestion.
  17. 👆 Sorry, I said before you purchase that this resource didn’t fit your needs. You insisted and purchased. That’s how it is.
  18. @Karina Harumi, o idioma oficial aqui é inglês. Dificilmente alguém irá traduzir e postar. Use o Google Translator e edite seu post. Suas chances aumentarão.
  19. I decided to separate reactions from the apps settings: Before it was supporting reactions only in Forums, Downloads and Gallery. From now on, you will be able to choose the apps and their content (main item, comment and reviews) to give/remove points when you react/unreact to the content. All apps will be supported from now on, automatically.
  20. 1: you can already sort replies in front end: It is sorted alphabetically in the reply form. That wouldn’t make sense to sort it another way.
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