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  1. Would either of you be willing to take a peek and see what I might be doing wrong, @Vort3x @Fosters? I've updated the Bookmarks plugin (just today) via the Marketplace section in my AdminCP. When I try to do this: ... I get this error on all of my posts:
  2. When I do this, all of my posts on the forum show this error: Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? @Vort3x @Fosters
  3. Hi there! I'm also wondering if this plugin will be updated for 4.5. My forum users love this feature and miss it already. 🙂
  4. I would love the ability to exclude club content/posts from Topics Feeds and All Activity Feeds. We have clubs set up for local areas, and when people in those clubs post something like, "Anyone want to meet at a park this weekend?" that gets show to all of our forum users, not just people in their club. Please consider adding this feature in an upcoming update! :)
  5. Just sent them to you as a message! Thank you so much I... don't know. ?I think it might be custom?
  6. I purchased this yesterday, but can't seem to get the bookmarks to show up. I installed the application, then went into the ACP-->Community-->Members-->Groups and enabled the bookmarks for all groups. Is there something else I need to do? I was just hoping to give my forum users a way to bookmark forum posts. ?Thanks!
  7. Hey there. I just purchased and downloaded the Bookmarks plugin you've created, but I can't figure out how to install it. The plugin spot in my Admin says I need an xml file, but the plugin is a tar file. Can you help me understand what I need to do?

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    2. Sarah Mackenzie

      Sarah Mackenzie

      That worked! Thank you @Ramsesx.

    3. Sarah Mackenzie

      Sarah Mackenzie

      Sorry, @Ramsesx-- one more question you might be able to answer for me? I found the Group settings where I enable both "Can create bookmarks" and "Can create private boomarks" but I don't see the other setting for "Simple Mode" like shown in the screenshot in this post-- do you know where I find that setting?


    4. Steph40


      In acp in the groups (admin, members, etc) you have to do it for every groups

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