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  1. You can’t. As you already know, Downloads doesn’t use Ratings system. It uses the Reviews instead.
  2. It has 49 purchases. I have a lot of other resources with purchases and these will be reviewed first. I can take a look in a couple of days to see if it runs without errors on 4.6 and update the compatibility field to make it available, even if it has bugs. Those will be fixed later, in a proper time, after review the most purchased first.
  3. According to the description: ”this plugin will control the number of open (unlocked) topics that each user group can have in each forum in a specific period (hour, day, week and month)”. So if the user has more open topics that you set for that forum, he won’t be able to start a nee topic. This, by certain group, term and forum. How you’re creating the topic? Via topic posting screen? Or via API or another resource? If it’s via topic posting screen, it should disallow if the user has more OPEN topics than what you set for the user group for this specific forum. It worked fine last week in 4.6 when I tested to update the marketplace. If you’re sure you set it all right, send a PM with an ACP account and I will take a look tomorrow. 👍
  4. You received the fix via message.
  5. You should report as a bug via ticket or post in the appropriate forum: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/499-feature-suggestions/ This forum here won’t have many attention.
  6. New version pending approval. This app now has its own support topic: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/462298-members-shop-codes-n-vouchers/
  7. Widgets are cached and updated from time to time. There’s a setting on ACP to control the number of minutes. Or isn’t updating at all?
  8. Yes. New version is IPS 4.6 only, as stated:
  9. The app isn’t compatible yet with 4.6. New version fix this. It’s pending approval for a few days. You have to wait for IPS to review and approve it.
  10. The issue seems to be related to the Donations resource. Did you try to get support with its developer?
  11. It will. Eventually. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be happy if I stopped an upgrade of a resource with 400 or 300 or 200 purchases you purchased to make an upgrade of a resource with 24 purchases like this. So I ‘m pretty sure you understand it.
  12. You mean this? ----------------------- EDIT: Actually, when you click with the other mouse button and choose to open on a new page, you'll have the error message: This specific action (PINT TOPIC) shouldn't have the BUY & USE in the app index and also shouldn't have the REDEEM in the MY ITEMS page because you need to go to a topic and click in the PIN button: That's the right flow to "redeem" this item. I'll try to change it in this version but I'm not sure as I can't waste too much time in a specific resource now. I have a lot of other resources to work.
  13. Topics Feed is a widget and it is cached. It doesn’t query the DB at every page load as mine does. Recent Topics isn’t a widget and it loads the latest 5 topics (with replies) you have permission to view. I know a board with more than 1,000,000 posts that runs it just fine. Can you share your URL? Message if you don’t want to share it publicity.
  14. I added it but as I said before, 75% of the info is already displayed. It was missing the USER SCORE, GUEST STARS and CREW: https://developers.themoviedb.org/3/tv-episodes/get-tv-episode-details
  15. I will test it probably today later and update the compatibility field then you will have to wait for IPS to review and make it public.
  16. @Stuart Silvester or @Ryan Ashbrook, is that right? IPS 4.6 uses it and we can't build resources: I'm switching to 7.4.9, building the app and then going back to 8.0.7 to test the resource. PHP site: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.libxml-disable-entity-loader.php
  17. If you want to fix this before the new version is out, find the language bit ms_bank_all_points and you will notice a %S. Change to %s.
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