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  1. New version submitted to fix this issue. Follow the file to get notified when IPS review and approve it.
  2. There was a notice about two columns in the previous version but it is fixed in the current version.
  3. Thanks. This app adds records in 3 different places. Knowing where it is will help. I’ll check all of them anyway. Stuart mentioned a fix in the Community Map about the CSS issue. I mean, I think he’s talking about it and not about the app. Make sure you have this patch.
  4. Also, I can make any topic here on IPS be the most viewed topic in whole IPS history by simply installing a browser extension that refreshes the page at X seconds, like https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/page-refresh/hmooaemjmediafeacjplpbpenjnpcneg?hl=pt-BR Boom, my topic will be the most important with absolutely no relevant content in it. Just #views increased.
  5. No, as you also can’t have a same topic in other forums, or a event in more than one Calendar, etc. it’s a core thing.
  6. movie_runtime has 0 as default value. Not sure why NULL is passing for it. I’ll check it out and fix for next version. I’ll provide the fix as file edit as I’m not planning a new version for now. Regarding the CSS, that happens everyday with a lot of people and a MySQL error on front end won’t strip all your CSS from the Admin CP. The only solution IPS provides is run the support tool. If it’s not solving, then I suggest you to submit a ticket.
  7. I’ll release a new version today later to fix this.
  8. No, just like all apps, it shows in the item view only. $movies will probably be an array so you will need a foreach to break in each movie. Probably the API didn’t return the type (movie or TV) so the lang bit isn’t showing. You can browse the table and add the proper value in the movie_type column, if I’m not mistaken. You will see values from others so it will be easy to identify.
  9. I will take a look when I have to update this app again. 3 versions in a week or so. Pretty tired of this resource. Thank you.
  10. I'll show you an example in Forums app, as I don't have Movies installed right now. - It will colorize the icons: - Will add the color in category view: - And Activity Streams too: It will also show in the sidebar categories block. It's just a visual effect for "special" categories.
  11. Hello, No, that’s not the goal of IS.
  12. Btw, I didn't applied the fix and I got no commas in the lists: A new version was submitted to the marketplace. Follow the file to get notified when IPS review and approve it. 👍
  13. Hard to do as it can have more than one and it would require an extra API call in the movie page load, which would make it slower for sure.
  14. It’s a 3rd-party provider. I honestly have absolutely no control over any of the providers. The good sense says that a paid provider is expected to be better than a free one. If you read this topic, you will see that there are moments that providers stop working for a few hours or days, then they get back, etc.
  15. What's New in Version 1.3.3 Fix the auto detection of country for existing and new members Restore the mamber country on profile card (when you hover a user links)
  16. Just for others understand, I have right now, 3 “suggestions” of layout for this app. So what should I do? Add the three options and add settings to choose? Nooooooo!!!! That would make the whole thing impracticable. So, people are free to change at their wish in their own install.
  17. Just like a magic trick? 🤣 You know that’s not how it works. You would need to edit a template and add it where you want. ...and that’s where lies the beauty of the template system. I will certainly do some improvements, but we already talked via PM. You can do whatever you want in your install and share with others, just in case they want to use it too.
  18. You can change any word in the app directly in your ACP:
  19. Nope, all the plugins I did was to Comments be the first, not reviews. This is customization and I don’t help with it but I will post it here (later) for you and you edit a file to accomplish that.
  20. Yes, it's duplicated. I'll check it out to figure what has changed and fix it.
  21. Which code fix? I tested this in Beta stage and didn’t notice it.
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