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  1. Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will modify Downloads category view and will display files in a grid. It will show 4 files per row. Settings: Number of files per page
  2. Hello, in the post above yours the user said he can still replicate issues I fixed in the latest version. So don't buy it for now. Let me take a look on this in a couple of weeks.
  3. I don't think they will. 👍
  4. Others are there until today. Anyway, life goes on. Get over it!
  5. Ah, you mean REMOVE THE PARTICIPANT! Then goes back to what I said: if it has only one, it can be permanently deleted. Your posts were confusing.
  6. Summarizing: the message will be effectively deleted if it has only one participant, no matter if who sent or receive. If someone left, which corresponds to delete (to himself) the message, then obviously he lost access to it. There’s a free resource in the marketplace to rejoin who left conversation to it again.
  7. Nope. The user leaves the message but it’s still viewable and accessible by the other member. Look at this example: someone sent a message and left. I still can see and read. This message will be effectively deleted if I delete it now.
  8. Again: if the notification is the FOLLOW topic, it will stop. REACT or MENTION, as you already know, don't. If doesn't matter if is the author or anyone else. The notification itself is what matters.
  9. They will. It was never brought to my attention or requested before so it isn't a feature today. It will require a new version and I will wait for 4.6 to be released to release new versions of my stuff.
  10. That is not simple and a custom won't do that properly. It would require a change in the Core.
  11. It removes the notificaitons of the followed topic. I'll take a look to remove these 2 when I have to upgrade to 4.6.
  12. Disable all 3rd party stuff. Probably some incompatibility.
  13. I'll take a look when I have to upgrade to 4.6, probably soon. 👍 Btw, does it happen on default theme?
  14. I would downloads 4.6 Beta and test it there... if still insists, then I'd report as a bug.
  15. I'll take a look when I have to update it to 4.6.
  16. If you have all folders with files, it’s easier and faster to create a new plugin and use what you already have.
  17. I think it still works. It’s just the old school: download and install.
  18. Nope that’s not an option and frankly it won’t be. I would need to create a module so you can enter the names based in percentages, like, from 1 to 10 is horrible; from 11 to 40 is bad. No. You can already do something near to that with the feedback. Instead of a sentence, use a word.
  19. Where? In the results? You have the Feedback for this matter.
  20. I was convinced to release a version for IPS 4.5 because not everyone will update immediately... so that's it. It should be available later this week. 👍
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