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  1. The app is ready but I'll wait 4.6 is out to release it. IPS 4.6 Beta should be out in a week or two.
  2. That's not up to my plugin. It only shows the photo. If the core Members widget doesn't has this option, then don't.
  3. Attachment or IP.Downloads file?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will give the ability to moderators who can edit content to mass add/remove prefix/tags in topics.
  5. Beyond online lists, this plugin also does this in the Members widget:
  6. The 4th screenshot indicates other apps rather than Forums but no sure Blogs is there. Ask the dev.
  7. Developing a resource for this now: Should be out in a couple of days, depending on the approval queue time.
  8. There's no setting to remove the profile tab. If you want to remove in your install, download via FTP and open /applications/invite/extensions/core/Profile/Invitees.php and find the showTab() method. Change it to: public function showTab() { return FALSE; } Save and upload to the same folder.
  9. This app doesn’t add any profile field. Show a screenshot of what you’re saying.
  10. What's New in Version 1.1.2: Fix error when merging members Fix error when trying to edit Notifications on ACP
  11. What's New in Version 1.0.1 Fix error reported.
  12. What's New in Version 1.0.10 Restores the advanced search
  13. I’ll try to take a look this week on this one.
  14. Replied via message you sent.
  15. Not sure how. My dev copy here shows TRUE, which will make it enable attachments regardless group settings. NULL will make it use the group settings. Double check it. You should have downloaded Link.php rather than Links.php. Link.php will be removed in next version.
  16. What's New in Version 1.0.2 Script optimization
  17. I guess the rule is about RE-INTRODUCE removed features by IPS, like the Members Title. The CHAT type resource wasn't created by IPS initially and it isn't exclusive. None of the chat apps available reintroduce what IP.Chat was, AFAIK. That would make absolutely no sense. And you can still hire somone to make a resource to you, not to the marketplace.
  18. Yes, just checked and my mistake. If you have access to FTP in your server and want to fix by yourself, open applications/links/extensions/core/EditorLocations/Links.php and find: public function canAttach( $member, $field ) { return TRUE; } Change to: public function canAttach( $member, $field ) { return NULL; } I'll fix in next version.
  19. Mate, you chose to leave. You left. You were refunded. You were moved from the Jobs group to Members, then obviously you won’t have access to it anymore. I have absolutely nothing else to talk to you. The content is there, not deleted, which I could have done. Ask someone else to copy it to you. That’s all.
  20. That will stop everyone from posting external links, including admins, if they can’t bypass link moderation. If you want more control in the links management pointed by @Davyc, then you should take a look at this resource:
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