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  1. Haha, should have just checked your plugins as you have a solution for everything.. Thanks a lot boss!
  2. Hello, can someone tell me how I can enable "Recent Profile Visitors" by default? Whenever someone registers, the "Recent Profile Visitors" block is disabled by default. I searched through every setting, but wasn't able to fix this. I'd appreciate if anyone can help me. Thanks!
  3. This widget is really great, but requires some modification as you said. It's still pretty new as far as I know and will probably receive some updates in near future where you can change what is being displayed. Just have to be patient and wait! 😀
  4. Wow, I honestly love you for bringing such an idea. I wanted to get a plugin done which does exactly what you described above. There is a plugin that requires a reply/like to see the content and what we plan to add in addition: for each like/reply the user receives, we give him a commission. I'd love to see something like that added by the Invision team.
  5. What drop down? Inside the ckeditor? It loads instant for me. No delay, no animation. And yes you can disable the emojis here:
  6. Oh, I misread the date. Thanks for letting me know. 😊
  7. Hey, if you plan to update this, and other plugins from the user, I am interested in purchasing them from you as well. Thanks!
  8. bEARS


    Hi, would be great to see an update or solution for this soon. Otherwise I won't be able to make use of this plugin and I'm pretty sure same applies for other people. @Kevin Carwile (creator of the automatic rules plugin) last visit was couple of months ago. So I doubt he will update it anytime soon. Also are you available for custom work/modification of this plugin? Paid job of course.
    Love this plugin. Exactly what I was looking for. I run into one issue and messaged Thomas, he fixed my issue right away.
    Great plugin, very satisfied with the new update. There is now a banner on peoples profile which shows the ban reason and duration. This is very useful for other members so they can see the reason as well.
  9. @newbie LAC hey are you available for custom work?
  10. oh what a great feature, good job!
  11. Very helpful article for me, appreciate the effort you put into it
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