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  1. I select the categories I want: then save it. If I go back to the Configure Service page, All is selected:
  2. Yes, I have all these 5 events. Actually, I'm using all of them.
  3. Hello, Not sure what's wrong there. Stripe in Commerce -> Payment Settings: Stripe Dashboard -> API Keys: Webhook: As you can see, I have enabled all 195 events. Is that right? Do I need all of them? But I got this on the "Overview" page: Step 3/4 to accept payments, with an error: The keys are right. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/
  5. Again, use the support topic in my board!
  6. Done. You can renew and download there from now on. Also use the support topic there. Thanks.
  7. Create an account on my board. You will be able to renew and download it from there: https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ EDIT: you already seem to have an account there. Log in so I can make sure it’s you then I’ll proceed.
  8. A bit more testing: I can delete one per time but the last one isn't deleted at all.
  9. Yes, it's enabled: Do you mean the License Key? Sure. I don't see any option to enter the license key in Integrations for the Geo. @Matt, got it. Registration was disabled as it is a test site. Working now. Thanks.
  10. My bad. I see the Action to take for disposable emails. I also see the Require guests to verify their email? in Contact Us settings. I can't find the Geolocation Settings tab on the Spam Prevention page.
  11. Is this part of 4.7.13 Beta 1? The new tab don't appear to me: Actually, I can't find any of the new features. Thanks.
  12. My board is the test install and it is offline... not sure it is related but a friendly error would be welcome.
  13. When I click in ACP -> System -> Site Features -> Integrations, the Community (FA icon) link gets "selected" instead of the System (FA icon) and Integrations link.
  14. There are tons of browser extensions to "reload" the page a thousand times in one day and this is actually used very often. I can make any content you own the most viewed of all time. Does that mean that your content is valuable somehow? Not at all. It means it will be the most viewed and that's all. Most viewed is different the most valuable.
  15. Check the compatibility here: https://invisioncommunity.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=plugins&do=diff
  16. Your theme seems not to be compatible with the IPS version you’re using.
  17. Hello, If I remember well, you should be able to edit questions and answers but not delete them, as people already played. Isn't the EDIT link showing up? ---------------------- EDIT: Just tested and it doesn't show. I'll update the file with a fix.
  18. Hide Content Snippet in Recommended Posts 1.0.0.xml
  19. Adriano Faria

    IC5: Menus

    Hello, I don't think my question is related to Menus or if there will be a new blog entry to cover it. I'll ask anyways. Will we be able to add buttons to the items view, like in the topic view (red area)? Thank you.
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