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  1. You mean the blocks (for sidebar, top or bottom)? I just checked and this app doesn't has widgets. Which ones do you missi? I should work on this app soon and I'll take a look when it's time.
  2. Karina, I really think you're not ready to make it; you can mess things there. You better wait for IPS to reply in your ticket.
  3. Não foi essa query que passei acima. Reveja lá. Após rodar a query, você será admin de novo. Rode essa query: update core_members set member_group_id = 4 where member_id = 1;
  4. Passe o mouse sobre o link do seu usuário e você verá o ID lá:
  5. The only way is to access your database and change your group. You can edit the core_members.member_group_id via PHPMyAdmin in your host and run the query: update core_members set member_group_id = 4 where member_id = XX; Where XX is your member ID.
  6. Hello Joey, There's a pending version for this app since Saturday. I tested a few issues reported in this topic, including the one you said, and I couldn't reproduce. The fix provided here is the right one for IPS 4.5. You can do it yourself if you have FTP access and if you want to test it out before IPS review new version. Regarding values, they're the same; I didn't change it and the renewal remains $15:
  7. Can you reproduce this on default theme? I can't: - Member view: - Admin view: In both views the thumbnail are squared and equals. I can, however, reproduce the issue with the bold dot, which should be in same line of the quiz title and it's there to indicate that you (or who's browsing) hasn't read that quiz yet. I'll fix this in next version.
  8. What's New in Version 1.0.7 Hide the "Add Profile Song" from profile of members who can't use the resource; before the user had to click and then get a no permission error message. Script optimization
  9. You are probably using an outdated app or plugin. Disable them all and try to identify which one is and make sure there’s a 4.5 version for it on marketplace.
  10. Waiting. It’s been 8 days: I hope it happens before:
  11. Yes, as I told you: Send your ACP credentials. I'll take a look on Monday.
  12. No error in the ACP. Although I can reproduce the Global Note on frontend not redirecting properly after clicking the button to send, it is actually sending as you can see below: Check what I did in the video and try to make the same in your board. As it isn't preventing your board from working, I'll take a look in the next version. I'm still working in other resources from the old developer. 👍
  13. The one who created the quiz must set it as ready then others will be able to play.
  14. No, you would have to edit a template to make it bold or wait for next version.
  15. Have you tried with default theme? Can you reproduce on it?
  16. Click in the red button. The reason will show up in a popup.
  17. What's New in Version 1.1.3: Remove copyright in board footer and in settings form Add missing laguange bits Convert hardcoded strings into language bits Script optmization
  18. Yes, it’s not there because it’s 4.4 yet. I will take a look on this one soon. Still working in another resource.
  19. What's New in Version Fix the "white page" when viewing topics.
  20. Do you have FTP? I'll provide a quick fix. If it works, I'll update the file. Disable the app. Not sure what's going on and I can't work on this today anymore. Will take a look tomorrow in the morning. Bah! Stupid me.... just submitted a fix and requested it to be urgent. Hope they review it today yet. If you're reading this and DID NOT update yet, just don't do it and wait for version
  21. It simply changes from input text to password.
  22. I developed a quick plugin last year for this matter:
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