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  1. As the blog belongs to someone, it wouldn’t make sense to allow anonymous entries. You can allow people to comment anonymously.
  2. See System Logs on this page: Post the latest entry.
  3. You need to see the content of the system log in your ACP.
  4. Yes, but I want to move away from it. I'll try it again in a few days.
  5. Not so perfect. It shouldn’t display, in your image, the Week and Month since you didn’t restrict them. Will fix it and send to you. 👍
  6. I will provide the CSV to the current dev. 👍 Nope, it doesn't appear on my list.
  7. https://www.sosinvision.com.br/
  8. I can probably make a new module. No. It's expected people can send notifications when you install. If you have 10,000 members then you'll have to enable it one by one. This crazy. I can tell you how to do it on your board if you wish, but something like this won't be there. For both cases, you better create an account and redeem your purchase in my board. I'm not updating files here anymore.
  9. Yes, that's how it works. If you delete ANY content item (open position, topic, downloads file, gallery image, etc.), it will show like that for moderators who can view deleted content. Regular members won't see it. You can view the deleted content on Moderator CP -> Deleted Content. Once you delete it from there, it will completely disappear. 30 days is the number of days (setting on ACP) to get completely deleted. In your image, see the message when you hovered the trash icon.
  10. Just made a test and seems ok: Try to uninstall it and install it again.
  11. The giveaway is one ticket per member. Raffles are unlimited, as long the member pays for the ticket.
  12. @Nathan Explosion developed a resource for this matter: https://www.ynwa.tv/files/file/34-ne-application-update-checker/ Highly recommended. 👍
  13. No. Same for both apps: Ignore Forums and Topics., basically because this is not a Forums resource. It’s a suite wide resource.
  14. I’ll take a look when I’m able to. You also don’t need to send a message if you’ve posted here.
  15. Yep, it will require changes to accomplish that. Thank you.
  16. No. You can either remove a specific member or all members from a category/item. You cannot remove per group.
  17. This seems to be outdated: Trying to add it but the Sign In with LinkedIn isn’t available. A quick search on the internet shows it is deprecated: https://github.com/nextauthjs/next-auth/issues/8316 https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/linkedin/consumer/integrations/self-serve/sign-in-with-linkedin-v2 Thank you.
  18. This is not possible out of the box. You can probably use a regex on the member name ACP setting but that would affect new members only (ans those who eventually change their display names) and wouldn’t allow to save the whole family name; only the first letter. You will need a custom modification to achieve that.
  19. I see. Not sure how I missed that. It works for me as my only “product” are files but it can be messy if you have a lot of stuff; it doesn’t have a filter to select the type, as far as I can tell. Thanks.
  20. Not sure it was temporary or if you're already aware of this. Reporting anyways. I see a move() in the error. I actually moved all my files from category X to Y; not sure it's related.
  21. Hello, How/where can I get a list of files purchased by q member? I can see invoices in their costumer’s ACP profile tab and invoice doesn’t mean a purchase. It also doesn’t show where it is from (Downloads, Commerce, any other 3rd-party resource, etc), unless you click to view it. The ideal would be something like this but also displaying to admins, without the puchase management stuff: https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/ Thank you.
  22. They are, as I said above. sk_live_* for the secret key and pk_live_* for the publishable key. Copied and pasted from the Stripe site. Stripe isn’t on test mode.
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