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  1. The deletion itself is handled by the Core, not by my resource so you would need to see in the Core where it's done and which language bit is used.
  2. Sure. Send a PM with ACP credentials. I'll take a look today later.
  3. What's New in Version 2.0.7 Fix error when trying to submit multiple files in Downloads app Fix error (always giving points) when editing a status update Changes in background to meet new marketplace rules
  4. Oh hell. 😄 Ok, just submitted a fix. I'll contact marketplace moderators to see if it goes live soon as it was just a language bit and controller moving to another module. Thanks.
  5. What's New in Version 1.0.9: Fix the Groups To Include setting where it was displaying all groups and not only the selected ones Fix the total members displayed in the table based in the Groups To Include setting Add some missing language bits Removes the copyright and copyright removal feature
  6. I’ll install it on my server today later to see how it goes there. I’m also adding support to Blogs and all my other apps.
  7. Works fine too: => Firefox: - Grid: - Carousel: => Chrome: => Edge: Make sure your FA Icons are right and are 4.7 version: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icons/ IPS 4 doesn't support newer FA Icons versions.
  8. It seems right to me: - Settings is to list 8 recent posts: - Forum view: I have 5 rew posts in this forum. The 3 others aren't from today but they show because I want 8 posts. -------------- Will try to reproduce the issues in the other post.
  9. It lists the answers in the order you added them, regardless if it’s right or wrong. You can also enable the setting to randomize the answers, which in that case, won’t do much difference because it’s 50/50. If you want TRUE always to appear first, then add TRUE first in all answers and disable random setting.
  10. Not sure. Still hadn't time to put my hands on it. Will take a look asap. Please test it a bit more then post your findings. 👍
  11. What's New in Version 1.5.1: Fix: adjustments when picking winners of restricted (per group) giveaways Fix: adjustments when creating a giveaway using points from Members Shop Changes in background to meet new marketplace rules
  12. Oh no, I misunderstood. This one will allow members to choose among pre selected groups by admin on Admin CP.
  13. Yes it is. I’m supporting most of his files from now on. 👍
  14. The hook in register method is right. If you want to check before 1.0.9 is out, download /applications/membersshop/hooks/RegisterHook.php. The _createMember method should look like this; public static function _createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister = NULL, &$form ) { $parent = parent::_createMember( $values, $profileFields, $postBeforeRegister, $form ); It requires 4 parameters.
  15. I read your post Saturday and tested the registration process in several ways: full and quick form, w/o extra fields, w/o referral, and I was able to create accounts, no error logged. I’ll check the parameters again and will provide a fix (in a couple of hours) for a file edit if necessary.
  16. Is it the Downloads issue? I submitted a new version to fix this and another issue on Saturday. It’s pending approval.
  17. I’ll add a third option in next version. It will be global and will affect all quizzes. 👍
  18. Hello, I’m not entirely sure. Have you checked Quizzes settings-> Views tab? There are a couple of settings there but not show it at all isn’t an option, if I recall. Currently there’s a setting to choose where you want to display it (two different places) and the number of records. I’ll add a third option to not display it all, if it isn’t an option now. Check the settings and let me know.
  19. Probably some bad CSS. I’ll try to provide a quick fix (custom css) this weekend and a definite fix in next version.
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