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  1. Ok, I'll make some tests and will update the app if that's the case 👍
  2. Hello. IPS 4.4? 4.5? Latest version?
  3. Thank you. I’ll take a look when I have to upgrade the app. 👍
  4. Hello, Not sure how @opentype lists the topics. If he uses getItemsWithPermission, then yes.
  5. A link from the quiz, yes. It will be embed like a topic link.
  6. It’s possible but honestly not interested. I don’t see much sense in add this to the app itself. People aren’t interested to see who attended in which date. Feel free to send a message if you want this as a paid custom Job.
  7. It uses a moderator permission. Enable it for the members/groups you want.
  8. Edit the category on ACP and you will see, in the submission tab, the max and min questions and answers a quiz must have.
  9. I don’t recognize this as a message from Quizzes. If you have changed the language bits, provide details like where/how it happens, screenshots, etc.
  10. @ChrisVanMeer, I've just submitted a new version ( to fix the install routine when you already have Saved Actions in your database. You better use the previous version until the new one is approved. For the others, if you have not updated yet, wait for the version.
  11. You can still use the the previous version by clicking in the See Changelog link and downloading version 1.0.0 until it’s fixed.
  12. You installed the new version from marketplace and it shows as custom? Probably occurred an error in the install of the othet. Send a PM with your ACP URL and credentials. I’ll take a look within next hour. Not on my PC right now.
  13. What's New in Version 1.0.1 Adjustments to the new marketplace rules IPS 4.5 compatible.
  14. No. IPS Geolocation is an active license perk. It shouldn’t be available at this point as it has a bug, so if it is, don’t buy it now. Follow the file to get notified when it’s updated.
  15. If you’re talking about the “issue” you reported on my board a couple of months ago, that’s how it is.
  16. Refund request canceled. New version to fix this issue will be released during the week.
  17. I just submitted a refund request as you requested! Are you going to wait for a fix or be refunded?
  18. Uninstall the resource. Refund request #69459 submitted to IPS. I’ll reply back when they process it.
  19. Do you want your money back or will you wait for a fix!? Let me know! Have you read the posts before yours? I will ask to disable purchases in this file until it’s foxed.
  20. What's New in Version 2.3.1 Fix error: not saving data when disabling auto reply in forums.
  21. It is a link on 4.5 version. You’re still in 4.4
  22. What's New in Version 2.3.3 Fix error on registration when ignored topics are added to new members
  23. What's New in Version 1.3.1 Enhancement: Added abilitiy to stop tracking specific user groups in addition to ALL MEMBERS. Fix: Fix error on warning system integration
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