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  1. The app excludes guests because they do not exists in core_members table. I’ll test merging some members to see how it goes.
  2. What’s the problem exactly?
  3. Does the same happens on default theme?
  4. The application itself is restricted to moderators with proper permission.
  5. Here goes one: You create the position, choose the fields you want the applicants to fill and then all you need to do is manage the applications by approving or rejecting it.
  6. It will always send a notification if warned on public side. Via ACP profile, don't.
  7. That won't work. You can do it via ACP profile but still will show in all post screens: No notification will be sent but he will be aware.
  8. No, this plugin does nothing in registration screen. Drop a message if you want me to make a custom resource to accomplish that.
  9. Oh yes, I will. Testing the plugins first. Also, there are a lot of resources awaiting to be approved, that’s why I decided to slow down a bit. 👍
  10. It’s I’ve already heard. Dozens of private messages too. My general reply is: try yourself. If you didn’t find any issue, then it doesn’t need an update.
  11. You should try to remove it with a custom CSS or plugin. Template edit will make this template to be outdated from on. You won’t get any change IPS makes on it until you revert it.
  12. I already replied your question in another topic. Same for this. Same for all other resources I have.
  13. Test and reply in this topic if you find any issue.
  14. In 4.6, it is removing the left sidebar from the profile if you go to a profile tab URL: In 4.5: It happens with any profile tab.
  15. It was removed a while ago, in some version of 4.5. Widgets are cached so the topic read state you’re seeing didn’t change when you viewed a topic, only after the cache updates.
  16. Nope. A custom resource can do it. Send a message if you want me to make a custom app to add a profile tab.
  17. Marketplace only shows resources compatible with the version you’re browsing. If you are using a 4.6, you won’t see 4.5 resources anymore. I think it should display and not allow to install. But definitely should display.
  18. I think you're wrong. File model doesn't extends \IPS\Content\Ratings as Topic model does. "Stars ratings" in Downloads is tied to the rating system. The only app, AFAIK, that allows use both system is Pages in database records. Still, Ratings won't work if you allow Reviews in the DB.
  19. Third-party resources aren’t upgraded in the IPS upgrade. After finish the upgrade from 4.4 to 4.6, update your resources. You will be prompted to tie your resources with marketplace.
  20. All translatable in the rules, ranks and badges.
  21. That's how it was designed and that's what described: ---- I'll take a look in a future version, no ETA at all due to IPS 4.6 updates.
  22. Just checked and the plugin works as intended: it checks the primary group. You restricted a secondary group from the member. It won't work as it check the primary group only.
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