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  1. It would be great if we could choose which bits of data display in the Our picks block. Can we get ON/OFF for: forumUser posted a topic in forumName datePosted Picked by forumUser pickedTime
  2. I'm the only moderator. If the topics had been deleted, the topic link and title would be gone too, not just the topic's posts. Support is investigating.
  3. On my forum, after receiving a bunch of 404 Search Console notices from Google, I just noticed that the last posts in several subforums are missing.
  4. I'm new to the Pages app. For the life of me I can find any instruction on how to make Topics or Posts appear in the "Our Picks" block. I tried Moderator Options / Feature on a topic and that didn't work. Help, please.
  5. Please add the option to hide advertisements on individual CMS / Pages. Just a simple checkbox on the Editing Page X form will do the trick 🙂 Thanks!
    This looks awesome. Exactly what I need. Thank you! The "PHP Blocks" setup says "This could be dangerous if allowed." Can you explain how this might be dangerous?
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