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    Thanks, problem solved.
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    I checked it and it is set to 80M so that is not the cause.
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    Hello Martin, Tried to install the latest version but it fails to install because the file is to large. Please do you have a solution? Most regards, Walter
  4. I have had also a problem like yours. Solved it with a support ticket. See this post: RextonXVT
  5. Problem solved with a support ticket. "The groups seem to be set to give 0 reputation per day, so therefore will not be able to give reputation. You can adjust this within the social tab of any groups" Mark, thanks for your great help. RextonXVT
  6. Hello, I have switched on the reputation system in the ACP but there is nothing happend on my forum. Are there additional settings like permissions necessary? Thank you, RextonXVT
  7. Hello, Recently we upgraded our forum to 4.1.7. After I executed some the recommended security settings in the security centre members are not allowed to open content that is linked in a post. See attached screen shots. Please can some one advise me how to solve this issue? Thank you, Walter
  8. Hello, Thank you. I have tried that but the upgrading of the Gallery is stuck in a loop error. Other suggestions? RextonXVT
  9. Hello, Oeps, I did not noticed that that information was in it. Thank you!!! I managed to get a test landscape running with only the forum upgraded as the Gallery part blocked due error. Tried to upgrade the gallery afterwards. Upgrade of the Gallery failed again. Can not finish the upgrade. Now the forum does not open and comes with the message Maintenance in progress. How do I get this away? Thank you, RextonXVT
  10. Hello, I managed to get every thing restored. Is it possible that the gap between version 3.1.4 and 4.x is to large to do the upgrade in once? I collected a long list of errors. Can on of you give me a advise to set up a test landscape based on my current setup and Mysql database so I can do a 2 stage upgrade? First to 3.4.8 and than to 4.x.. Tank you, <Attached file removed> RextonXVT
  11. Hello, I stopped the upgrade after a long list of errors that ended in a loop error. I am now restoring site and databases from the backups. Will come later back to discus a second attempt. Walter
  12. Hello, The code in the script upgrade is: "\IPS\Db::i()->dropColumn( 'cache_store', 'cs_extra' );" If I look into the table "cache_store" the colum 'cs_extra' is not there so there is nothing to drop. I would say I can ignore this message and continue. Can someone with more experience confirm this? Thank you in advance RextonXVT
  13. Hello, I am in the upgrading of our forum. Now the following error comes up: Is this a blocking issue or can I ignore this and go trough? RextonXVT
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