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  1. Would love to see a feature added to detect bounced emails and stop sending emails to those users. After moving to Invision, a number of old users ended up generating thousands of bounce notifications when they (somehow) got subscribed to emails they didn't get on our old platform
  2. Any special considerations for Nginx? Friendly URL's are enabled, and I can't see anything that should be modifying them in Nginx.
  3. The converter app is enabled. When was it supposed to give me a .htaccess file? I ran the converter 2-3 times as a test prior to actual conversion and don't recall it ever offering me one.
  4. This past weekend, our community switched from XenForo back to Invision Community (which we were on up until a few years ago.) I looked around and everything seemed to indicate that old XenForo URLs would automatically be redirected to their Invision counterpart, however that is not currently the case. Old URLs simply dump users back to the site homepage. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of guidance on how to make sure URL redirects after conversions are working, and what to do if they're not. Did I miss something? Is there a setting I'm not seeing that I need to flip on?
  5. Hey all, We are in the process of moving our community back to Invision (moving off of it a few years ago when 4.0 was in development hell), but I have run into a problem where imported posts just seem to be a mess of unformatted BBCode. Line breaks also have been removed, so every post with multiple paragraphs is now one giant paragraph of text. Did I miss a conversion step somewhere?
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