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  1. I didn't convert, no. It was a clean installation.
  2. Anyone that has issues with roles, just make sure the bot is placed at the very top of the role list. Worked fine for me. 😛
  3. Can confirm. I work on a site with both the musicbox and videobox app and they both work wonderfully.
    This is the app we've been waiting for. It's a MUCH more improved version of what's already available. Customization galore! I think everyone will love this. It can even migrate your information from the other integration app that's available. It's fantastic.
  4. Yes, in terms of the Pages app. Sorry for not being clear. Thank you!
  5. will the plugin be able to grab from database feeds and post to channels?
  6. Sorry. You actually answered at the exact same time i posed it. Good to know though. 🙂
  7. So I am using belugaCDN (awesome company) as my CDN provider. Is there a reason why NONE of the downloads files are not being served over CDN? I have set it up properly within the storage method but with no success. I also tried Amazon cloudfront and still, the files just refuse to cooperate. Anyone have any insight on this? ANY help is greatly appreciated. Been struggling with it for past few weeks.
  8. Before i purchase, i have a question. Will this work with Downloads? ?
  9. I see. Bummer. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.
  10. So i have a quick question before i purchase this... Can users login with different account WITHOUT creating another email and signing up? I help manage a forum that deals in RP and this would be a GREAT addition if they did not have to create multiple accounts for each persona they may have.
    This app is great! It does what it says. As was mentioned by the author, this will NOT embed any kind of chat feature on the forum. It's merely used as a means to have users sign up with their discord accounts and have a type of notification for your topics that will announce on discord.
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