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  1. Has this been added yet? It's the new type of quiz I'm working:
  2. ❤️ thank you so much
  3. is it possible to add the ability to instead just be multiple choice allow us to make questions with more than one correct asnwser and you have to choose all that are correct
  4. love this app but i have been advised to disable it by IPB Support as it breaks alot of IPB Features one being status updates
  5. how many servers are we allowed to connect to this ? community i manage has multiple discord servers
  6. was wondering when this will be available to purchase again
  7. trying to run a action every time a subscription is bought is this possible?
  8. took re enagement email rule tried to modify it to check if the member made at least 15 posts in last 3 months but not sure how to do this any advise?
  9. the video slider with vertical links do you still have code for this? tried making but no luck
  10. sure its been asked before and i apologize can this be used for discord?
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