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  1. It's unfortunatly not compatible with 4.6. It requires a small file change to make it 4.6 compatible, but requires a lot of work to follow the new MP guidelines and I'm really lacking time for this.
  2. It was rejected because I missed few areas in my code which weren't compatible with the new MP guidelines. This will be addressed within the next couple of days.
  3. I haven't noticed any cosmetic issues with the default 4.6 theme, do you mind to share some screenshots to see what's broken?:)
  4. Extra Service Announcement! Hey guys and girls, if you're hosted with IPS, using their Zapier implementation and if you're using this App, and if you want to try my Fosters Forms - Zapier implementation, shoot me a PM with your email address! This is a service which will be sold separate to this marketplace app which will literally allow you to connect the form submissions and actions like submission approval/rejection with any other available Zapier integration. Want to export them to your Google Table? No problemo, create a Zap! Want to get a Slack, Discord and/or Email Notification when a new submission is submitted? No problemo, just create the Zap! Want to approve or reject a submission? No problemo;) You want to create a MEME via your community? No problemo, connect your form and memegen.link via https://zapier.com/apps/memegenlink/integrations
  5. The application is abandoned because IPS 4.5.0 implemented such a feature. Why would you need an update?
  6. I have uploaded the new version to the MP. Took way longer than expected, but almost every line of the code was changed to improve the quality and to follow the new MP guidelines.
  7. That's already a core feature in 4.5 ?!
  8. Nobody said that this would be implemented in this app? What exactly is being deleted? Could I get ACP access to take a look at this?
  9. It's of course also compatible with 4.6 but it wasn't updated in the MP yet.
  10. Sorry for the delay, I'm on it.
  11. The IPS group promotion is only called when the member object is saved. Were the members online in the meanwhile? Could I get ACP credentials to take a look at this please? Thanks, I have fixed this for the upcoming version which is going to be submitted this week to the MP.
  12. The new version was approved earlier today
  13. Yes, I have a new version for 4.6 in the pipeline. It just needs some further testing because the design got a total overhaul
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