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  1. Could you please take a look at the position settings and ensure that it’s set to be shown on the overview page.
  2. A new version was released Changehistory:
  3. HM, I thought Spanner is going to release this, so I didn't release my own version.
  4. This was implemented for the next release 🙂 Clicking on the posts counter will return all the posts the member made in this topic.
  5. A new version was released Changehistory:
  6. Sorry, English isn’t my first language. Could you explain what you were expecting from this app? We’ll of course accept a refund request and get in touch with IPS to refund you , if it isn’t what you were expecting.
  7. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Once you've added the users into the author permissions field, only these members will be able to create new content in this category. The point of this application is to have specific user sets with write permissions in specific categories without having to create a group for each scenario, ie for Journals, personal support forums, etc..
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This application allows you do add a custom description above the create topic form. This is great for additional submission rules or just general information... You can define a custom message for each forum and this application uses the IPS Language System, so if you have more then one language, you'll get a separate editor for each language.


  9. That means less income from MP for me🤣 But I admit that having a full IP.Pages support for clubs would be amazing.
  10. Glad that this works for you:) Then I'll save my time and not work on club applications and improve the club pages further. There's so much more to do there.
  11. Not sure if you reviewed the code of the recent release, but yea, that's something that I've started implementing for an upcoming release😇
  12. Do you mean a new page with an editor input field and all the posted content + a feature to reply to this new content, literally the same as on profiles?
  13. Unfortunately, this app wasn't designed to be used in the front end, but I could create a separate application for club applications
  14. And what would happen when the member changes his name?
  15. Unfortunately there's no way to do this
  16. This app doesn't control this, it just posts it to a forum, but couldn't you use the " Users can see topics posted by other users?" forum setting for this? 2,3,4No, that's not possible at the moment, but great ideas which I've logged to my suggestions tracker.
  17. A new version was released Changehistory:
  18. Is this really a thing? Shouldn't be hard to code it as 3rd party plugin😉 but google analytics or matomo are much better for such statistic.
  19. Would it be helpful if the content of the pages could be found by the IPS search?
  20. Would a group check work? "Exclude following groups from spam check" ...
  21. A new version was released. Changehistory
  22. Version 1.0.1


    This application allows you to define redirections to either dynamic IPS links like a members profile, or to hide links and to allow only specific members to visit them based on the group permissions. For example, some of you noticed probably notes like // see https://fosters.tech/links/project-permbug in our source code which allowed our support and developers to get to the JIRA bugreport without revealing the real URL to others;) This is also a great way to create "lifetime" links, so you'll be able to change the redirect target frequently, but the URL to access this page (for example docs ) will remain the same ( IPS is doing this with their docs )


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