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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will sticky the topic title at top of the screen, so that it is even visible while scrolling. This is handy for people which open many tabs at the same time to keep in mind in what topic they are:)


  2. Yes, I would remove the background task! A members trophies will be then only awarded when somebody visits this members profile or when the member logs in, which saves a lot resources.
  3. I’ll try to find the issue this weekend. There must be a reason for this ...
  4. Above the topics, under the subforum list.
  5. Sorry, there's no demo. It's shown In the forum above the topics this isn't global, this is set up for each forum on it's own because the questions are unique for each forum.
  6. I guess it's depending on the server. I was using this with max. 10 categories.
  7. I can't reproduce this local:( What happens when you enable the app again, does it happen then again?
  8. Sorry for the delay, I'll look into this today.
  9. A new version was released Changehistory
  10. Thanks everybody. I've indeed located a bug in the ModCP code. An update is on it's way:)
  11. Sure, please just create a new member with ACP access , send me a PM with the credentials and URL and I’ll look at this ASAP. (that’s faster then I PM you, you me back asking to register at site x, getting Login credentials, running in circles 😂) thx
  12. No, I've just registered on his board to investigate this further.
  13. This is going to appear only on the phone because the link won’t work on desktops . That’s sadly a whatsapp limit
  14. Strange. I have no idea why it would take that long to install. Let me know if you’re experiencing any issues.
  15. Pro tip: if you’re not familiar with local test tools , use https://mailtrap.io/ or any other similar service ! Much better then IPS defaults file system log
  16. @Girays issue was our trophies tab, which called \IPS\Module::get('trophies','modulename') which works for everybody.. BUT, your plugin is calling the tab extensions (which are meant to be called only from the frontend), from the ACP, so the module can't be found. I have adjusted now my code and passed the 3rd parameter for the "area" to search for a frontend module. /** * Get a module * * @param string $app * @param string $key * @param string|NULL $area * @return \IPS\Application\Module * @throws \OutOfRangeException */ public static function get( $app, $key, $area=NULL ) I guess this could be useful for other coders too..
  17. If anybody is missing the positions on the list or in the ModCP , please review the settings and ensure that these settings are enabled: I can't reproduce this. When I remove the permission to apply, I'm getting the proper error returned: Could I get ACP access to take a look?
  18. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll look at the issues today
  19. Could you explain this further please?
  20. Are your permissions set correct? 1. Check the Mod permissions 2. Check the application form permissions. Please also make sure that the form has "List on the application forms ModCP page" enabled!
  21. No, the bookmark link should be replaced with a "remove_bookmark" link
  22. Any chance to send me a PM with the url to your board to take a look? I really can’t reproduce it on my dev board 😞
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