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  1. Sure, inside the actions tab you can select to either create a topic, post( etc.. there are many more actions available with some further applications from us, this system uses the IPS extensions system,🙂 )
  2. Yes, as admin you can create as many applications/forms and define as many questions as you want. The form is then being shown in the frontend to members with the proper permission I like that a lot. TBH I wanted to overhaul the ModCP design for the next major release, it just got too confusing with all the data, settings and now comments too.
  3. Did you enable the “show in ModCP setting for the application?
  4. Sorry I don’t understand what you mean Could I get ACP access to take a look?
  5. Could I get ACP login credentials to take a look at this?
  6. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin allows you to automatically lock all records created in a specific database. You can define the database inside the plugin settings.


  7. This would require changes to the theme hook in the trophies app What method are you using to award trophies? If you're using the background tasks, it can take some time until he gets it. No, that's not possible. Why would you want to do this?
  8. A new version was released. ATTENTION this is a RC version! Changehistory
  9. I can't reproduce this issue local. Could you please send me a PM with access details to your board to take a look at this?
  10. Yes, it should indeed show and filter only the links from this category. I'll take a look later today.
  11. FA 5 isn't supported by IPS https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442411-font-awesome-50/
  12. Do you mean a % in the title? I can't reproduce this
  13. The tab is shown always. And you don't see icon chooser? Do you see any errors in the browser console? Also you'll need to use the FA V4 icons and not 5. https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icons/ What would be the most important change?
  14. Well, that’s like asking IPS if it’s better to use IPS instead of vBulletin( which is definitely a YES;) ) Averages of our app: no need of the here banned rules app, trophies work as stand alone app 🙂 we‘ve got also a lot of feedback regarding the lovely FA icons feature and there are also some other advantages which I just can’t mention right now. 😇
  15. Do you mean to enable and disable the applications or specific fields in applications? Couldn't you just change the permissions?
  16. Works fine for me... Ade only Posts broken? Are there any other apps or plugins which override the posts?
  17. Sorry, I missed the question. The app key is the directory name and the value can be seen in the ACP while editing the specific email template. I’ll get back to this kn Monday if you need further assistance . Sorry again for missing your question.
  18. I'll fix it for the next release, in the meanwhile it's save to ignore the message.
  19. Thanks, nice catch. I've fixed this for the next release. It's not that critical, so it's not really worth to create a new build just because of this bug.
  20. Fosters Summer Sale. This product has a special price until the end of august.
  21. Fosters Summer Sale. This product has a special price until the end of august.
  22. Wouldn't save and reload load the edit form for the SAME issue? So when you then submit the form, it would replace the existing item instead of creating a new one. What about a copy issue feature? Added to my suggestions list I'm not a fan of this, wouldn't this allow one to change it accidentally without even noticing it? Sorry, I don't understand this. Could you please explain it? I have changed this already to follow the new IPS "random images" as cover photos workflow for the upcoming release.
  23. (That's already implemented for the next release🤐)
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