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  1. I've talked with ehren and we've found a solution for this 🙂 There's no download feature in the new IPS Marketplace anymore. All the applications and plugins need to be installed via the ACP
  2. This is returning all topics with 0 replies. I’ll add a setting to filter out the hidden and deleted topics and probably also a forum filter.
  3. What do you mean with replacing ? Any steps to reproduce this?
  4. I'm working with @Dean_ on his board to resolve any open issues
  5. I think I've finally found and fixed the issue. New version pending approval.
  6. What's the logged error? ( You can see in in your ACP => System => Support - System Log)
  7. It’s not working with 4.5, a new version is pending approval.
  8. Do you see anything in the ModCP? what actions have you set? What should happen with the data after submission?
  9. Have you ever customized the postbit template manually? Is there any other 3rd party app changing the postbit?
  10. thx fixed and fixed. This were issues caused by guest content.
  11. Is the mod permission set? Should I take a look at your installation?
  12. Hi, it means that IPS 4.4.x isn’t supported anymore. IPS 4.5 is fully supported 🙂
  13. Where do you see awards? It's saying "Trophies and Medals" for me. The image size is working for me on https://fosters.space/index.php?/profile/1-admin/&tab=node_trophies_TrophiesAndMedals and https://fosters.space/index.php?/trophies/ 😞
  14. Is the setting "Allow Moderator to Award Medal?" enabled and does the moderator have permissions to award medals? There's a button on a profile if the setting is enabled and if the moderator has the proper permissions!
  15. I see. please ignore the instructions if you’re not using the pages application. once it’s installed , edit your group permissions to allow them to use bookmarks, that’s all:) I‘ll improve the instructions to make it less confusing.
  16. 1) yes 2) yes, just use the IPS modules permissions to allow only admins to see the page, same with the menu manager where you’re able to control who’ll see the Navbar link 3) it’s just download it from the marketplace and follow the instructions in your ACP on the applications - install page
  17. I guess this was an oversight. I've changed this for the next version :)
  18. I really can't reproduce this local 😞
  19. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Pages is an own application from IPS?!
  20. This weekend:) All the template hooks had to be modified to work with the new 4.5 version 😕
  21. I'm really sorry for this, this was fixed, and is awaiting approval I can't reproduce the editing issue. Creating, editing and deleting them works fine for me. What's the full url where you see the error?
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