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  1. Good Day, I have two sites hosted by Invision (in-the-cloud) and, up to now, I have loved my sites and the service. However, I have to admit my recent experiences have made me a shade cranky. There needs to be a clear and easy to find guide for terminating a site. I put in support tickets which have gone unanswered. I tried doing a support ticket via the Manage your site option and keep getting a Something Went Wrong page. I have searched the current guides and done all that I can do think of to cancel one of my two sites. I finally had to removed my credit card information and cancel automatic payments. This has been far harder than it needs to be. So - my suggestions... Make a clear and easy to find guide that details the steps to follow in order to cancel service other than simply not paying an invoice which is what I had to finally do. Thank you and Best Regards!
    I am not sure I can find enough good words to express how awesome this application is. I left forum roleplay because of having to use account linking mods to run multiple characters. That meant having to have multiple accounts, multiple PMs, etc. I ran my RPGs on Nova for several years which rocked because it was set up so that we had one account and multiple characters. It had drawbacks, but it was still superior to having to use multiple accounts in order to write our characters' posts. Then Nova kind of stalled out a bit and my users were not thrilled with having to know HTML to do simple text formatting. I made the decision...reluctantly...to move back to forums. I settled on IPS and back to account linking. Then - this mod and WOW! The Character Manager app does everything and more most people could want if they run RPGs where people can have multiple characters. @Mandalala covered it pretty thoroughly in their review so I'll throw a few words in from the non-tech type person. Installation and primary set-up was a breeze. Prior to this application, I was using pages to manage our character profiles so it took a little maneuvering to get our already created characters moved to the new app. However, that was just a matter of time not technical expertise. I did have to ask for some help to style our character profiles and mini-profiles. However, the help was speedy and detailed. When I came time to install the app on my second IPS site, it was mega-easy. So, yes, if you run multi-character RPGs, this is a must have for character management! Get it, it and the support given is well worth the price.
  2. Good Day! I need some minor widget help... hopefully it's minor. Is there a way to change the widget's background color to match my site's theme? I have tried using Inspect on my browser to locate where/how to make the color change but have had no luck so far. I know how to add custom.css to my theme, just have no idea what to add or if I need to make the change somewhere else. The blue-purple is sort of jarring. Please give me the Village Idiot instructions. I am not very tech savvy on a good day. Thank you and please see screenshot.
    Invision Community v4.4.2 Brilliant Discord Integration is incredible and so is the support. I have it installed on my less active site while I get familiar with it and plan on adding it to my larger site in a couple of weeks. It was slightly more complicated to set up for me (I am not very tech savvy) than the old way-too-expensive one. However, the support was amazing. My questions were answered quickly and clearly. I only have one extremely minor complaint.... I'd prefer that Configuration and Settings in the ACP not be what my ACP defaults to when I log in. I'd rather go to the Dashboard. However, this is not something I am going to worry about overmuch. My site is an online roleplay / writing site. We rely on Brilliant Discord to send posts to our Discord Server to alert us regarding tags for the next writer. This has totally eliminated the need to go to the site several times a day. That's a huge +++ for us. Thank you for a marvelous app!
  3. I saw the new Rich Discord Integration app in the Marketplace today. It looks interesting, but still does not provide the integrations my sites are looking for (actual feeding post links to Discord). I hope you continue development on the features for the Discord Login Handler! Thank you and blessed be.
  4. So excited for the other features I can't stand myself. I do have a question though... Will they be two separate applications or are you just adding features to the Login Handler? Thanks again for all of your hard work.
    We clamored and it was done! Thank you @Fosters for creating this application. Like @Josiah Wallingford said, I cannot wait for the extra features. I run a small storytelling style roleplaying game and we were very dependent on getting the post feeds from our site to our Discord. It allowed our members to know when they needed to read an installment to the plot or add their own updates to it. It meant they did not have to remember to check the site constantly. The login handler adds another element of ease of use for my community. The response time for getting this done and the support following its release has been nothing short of amazing. Kudos for an awesome app and for listening to what users needed for their sites! PS: I am probably the lowest tech person trying to create awesome IPS sites. Thanks also to @Josiah Wallingford for his instruction video. Pictures are really worth a thousand words when they come with a concise, easy-to-understand tutorial.
  5. @Josiah Wallingford Brilliant and THANK YOU! I had zero clue of where to go next regarding the callback URL. I can finish it all out now. The visual instructions helped so much.
  6. *Begs for help! ;) I've installed the app, created the new method, added the Client ID and secret (i.e. set up my app on Discord) - that's as far as I've gotten. I've been reading all of the information here and must confess, I am lost. Can anyone help - give me step-by-step instructions or direct me to documentation that does (something that is more non-tech friendly)? Once I get through it once. I'll be good to go. I apologize for the problems! Thank you all so much! I cannot wait to get the app operational.
  7. Ahhh! So there's still hope for little old me! Thank you for the clarification. It's very much appreciated. Now - for a Noob question: Should I go ahead and add it when it becomes available? Will the additional features be an upgrade or a separate application / plugin?
  8. Yes, I have tried repeatedly! I honestly think I have something setup wrong, but I cannot find it or the issue. I followed the directions in the documentation and I've run the support tool on the site in case it was a caching issue. I will set up the admin account for you. The details will be sent shortly.
  9. Now, I'm lost! ;) Not hard to do with me. Does this mean it won't be available? We really miss having the messages pop into our Discord Channels when there were new posts. I read back through posts here... Am sad - if the app won't be available - but I'll live. I still like the other products I've purchased.
  10. Many thanks! And thank you for the plugin! We are using it alot!
  11. Yes, that is correct. Added them to Allowed Prefixes, saved, and they went poof! Computers hate me.
  12. Good Day, I installed this plugin today and we're loving having the topic description! I was wondering if it is possible to change the field's title? If so, where and how would I do that? I am very low-tech, only marginally computer and code savvy so give me the Village Idiot version of the steps and instructions. I would like to change the field title from Description to Characters. Thank you for the plugin and for your help, ~ Stormwolfe Screenshot
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