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  1. As Rhett said, since you've posted this topic there's been two new generations of processors. This whole "wouldn't have been very smart to build with the last generation only about 5 weeks from a new cpu release" thing is the exact reason why you're still here over 1 year later talking about the same thing and questioning what you want to use. I believe I mentioned a while ago, you can continue to make or find excuses for why not to do something rather than just doing it. So do you want to wait for Ryzen 9000x series or do you want to have a new computer completed within the next few
  2. @Joel R has a good response in the other topic about this sort of thing.
  3. Thank you for the update @Ahmad E. - Life does get tough sometimes and hope it's been nothing too crazy for you. I think a lot of people would have been more understanding with just a little more communication and a little less sugar coating like you did here. None the less, I'm looking forward to seeing what the update brings ?
  4. Welcome to the internet where you can look up anything to make it fit your agenda. I'm not saying there's never "issues" for AMD, but any product you buy there's always the chance that there's issues. Honestly it seems like you made up your mind because you never even bothered asking me what I'm running with my AMD rig even after I told you I have a Ryzen rig and am not having any issues, so with that being said I'm done here. Best of luck with your purchase!
  5. No, in reality you're just looking for the stories of people who have problems with AMD because you want to make yourself think that Intel is the only choice out there and that you should go with that. I've used AMD since I started PC gaming which was over 10 years ago (don't want to age myself much more than that. . haha), and never had issues. I also recently upgraded my outdated rig to a Ryzen build and have had no issues doing anything on that rig either. Stop overthinking this whole process, it's really not as bad as you're making it right now.
  6. Typically it's not the amount of RAM that you have rather the clock speed of the RAM that ends up being the issue. So more often than not It's just a matter of the clock speed that the chip and/or mobo can handle. So are you sure G.Skill says you need a new Mobo to use 32 gigs of RAM and not the use the full clock speed of the RAM that you purchased?
  7. Yeah it looks like it's just a cert expiration that slipped through expiration checks and hasn't been renewed/rekeyed yet. I don't think it'll have any effect for upgrading, think it just happened to be a coincidence for you and when that cert expired.
  8. Thank you for making this! Will be purchasing once we complete the upgrade to 4.3.
  9. What's the error message that you're getting when you visit this topic? Is there anyone else who can't see that topic? And Fosters said to expect something this weekend.
  10. There's been plenty of people who have contacted him. I'm not sure if you've gone back and read this topic at all, but he's been pretty much MIA for longer than the date I provided previously. The last update for the application was in October of 2017. As mentioned previously it'd be best to follow that topic that I linked if you haven't already and also show your support for a new application there. Unless Ahmad comes out of left field as is consistently active and updating this application for months to come, I think more people would rather pay for a new Discord Application from a r
  11. At this time, this application will probably not be updated for sometime so you will experience issues on 4.3. Ahmad has not been online since March 24th. Anyone interested in a new Discord Application I would recommend following this topic, especially based on @Fosters most recent reply. ?
  12. As you mentioned there are some marketplace plugins/apps, but think it would be nice for this to be a stock feature.
  13. Yes, there will probably be a long time to wait for it = / unless someone else takes on development of a Discord Application for IPB. I'd say there's definitely enough of a demand, just need to find someone willing to do it and then have enough of us willing to put some cash forward for the initial development.
  14. I would love to be able to get away from Tapatalk to something official, but do believe that Tapatalk is going to be our only option for a while.
  15. I thought I remembered a more recent addition to the Marketplace here but can't seem to find it. There's this though: Which might help for the time being for you.
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