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  1. Thank you for making this! Will be purchasing once we complete the upgrade to 4.3.
  2. ADKGamers

    Discord Integration

    What's the error message that you're getting when you visit this topic? Is there anyone else who can't see that topic? And Fosters said to expect something this weekend.
  3. ADKGamers

    Discord Integration

    There's been plenty of people who have contacted him. I'm not sure if you've gone back and read this topic at all, but he's been pretty much MIA for longer than the date I provided previously. The last update for the application was in October of 2017. As mentioned previously it'd be best to follow that topic that I linked if you haven't already and also show your support for a new application there. Unless Ahmad comes out of left field as is consistently active and updating this application for months to come, I think more people would rather pay for a new Discord Application from a reputable developer who is active an updating their applications than use this current plugin.
  4. ADKGamers

    Discord Integration

    At this time, this application will probably not be updated for sometime so you will experience issues on 4.3. Ahmad has not been online since March 24th. Anyone interested in a new Discord Application I would recommend following this topic, especially based on @Fosters most recent reply. ūüôā
  5. ADKGamers

    Inactivity Notice

    As you mentioned there are some marketplace plugins/apps, but think it would be nice for this to be a stock feature.
  6. ADKGamers

    Discord Integration

    Yes, there will probably be a long time to wait for it = / unless someone else takes on development of a Discord Application for IPB. I'd say there's definitely enough of a demand, just need to find someone willing to do it and then have enough of us willing to put some cash forward for the initial development.
  7. ADKGamers

    iOS & Android app IPB

    I would love to be able to get away from Tapatalk to something official, but do believe that Tapatalk is going to be our only option for a while.
  8. I thought I remembered a more recent addition to the Marketplace here but can't seem to find it. There's this though: Which might help for the time being for you.
  9. ADKGamers

    Close / Deactivate Account Automatically

    Would love to have a core deactivation option, I know there's some out there to allow deletion and then the $95 one which does appear to be a good option it's just not something I can shell out at this time. And your other topic Madman still shows internal review and engineering so not sure if that means coming soon or not = X
  10. ADKGamers

    Live Feel For IP.Board

    The forum software, no. As far as that posting feature, it doesn't appear so based on the browsing that I've done on the software site. But they could have tweaked it and/or added another plugin for additional functionality.
  11. ADKGamers

    Live Feel For IP.Board

    I'm not sure if I can link the site here for the forum software that they are using but it's definitely interesting. I think there's some positives from it although I don't know if it's at the 'community' level yet to where you can create an entire website for your community around it without using other software. Interested to see what other folks think about it
  12. ADKGamers

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to that release
  13. haha yes, definitely misunderstanding. I'm all for that suggestion then
  14. If there were 2 options of License Key or Login Credentials, I'd much rather use Login Credentials.
  15. ADKGamers

    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    This isn't actually the plugin causing the issue. There's a patch that you'll need to apply via the "Support" option in your forums, and then "something isn't working". Once you run that it'll give you a notification of the patch. And that leaderboard bug is a part of that patch. Hope this helps!