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  1. Donations Support

    I brought up something similar before although i don't think it's exactly what you're looking for, but my example was being a 'stretch goal'. To where you reach the main goal and then there's a stretch goal of say $100 more dollars added on.
  2. Feed2DB - Support Topic

    The record image is coming soon. Definitely looking forward to that
  3. Feed2DB - Support Topic

    Will be purchasing later today, and really looking forward to allowing admins to set the record image
  4. A Lot Of Typing

    This. . . I honestly don't go anywhere without having the wrist pad that runs along my keyboard anymore. I have 3 - one I leave at work, one at home and then the other is always in my vehicle. I was having similar pains as you @Midnight Modding as I was typing for 10 hours+ 4 days a week. And then on my computer a lot of the time at home. Once I got the wrist pad, all that pain went away and it was actually even easier to type for me.
  5. Collapse forums list in fluid view

    I'll have to look for the other topic, but it was a similar topic. Mainly asking to just have the top level categories. But it would be nice if there were more customization of how that portion of the sidebar functions
  6. Downloads Commerce Cart and Stats

    Great suggestioin, and would love to see it implemented.
  7. Discord Integration

    While the frustration is definitely warranted, he has said that he's been having some RL stuff that has caused him to not be as active. It's always recommended to check last update of the app as well as the support on the forums before purchase, so I hope you haven't purchased in the past few weeks. None the less I do hope that he comes around to continue developing this app and/or another developer who is active starts creating a new Discord app so that we can have consistent updates and support.
  8. Social promotion needs more explanation

    Agreed We've used hootsuite but do prefer keeping things as simple and having them under one roof if possible based on feedback when we've used hootsuite. More documentation on the Facebook promotion process would also be great to see as it appears that right now it's hit or miss for people in terms of how they complete it and the steps that are taken.
  9. Donations Support

    Does the new version also include and update for the 4.1 version? I know there were 2 different folders and I did upload the 4.1 version and I'm still seeing the old version in the application manager. I'm also having an issue where on the Donate page it's showing a different payment than what was actually taken out of the paypal fees. For example on the home page blocks it shows $9.41 but on the donate page it shows $8.82. What might be causing that? Thanks!
  10. I definitely don't think it's unreasonable to say that there's a sticker shock when coming to IPB from a free forum software or that there's no good free themes out there. And most people have covered the reasons above. If you're looking for a top notch theme designer reach out to @ehren. He provides great work and great support. There's a few others out there as well, but I personally use Ehren for my themes.
  11. The ability to @tag groups

    kRSB created this group mention addon
  12. Discord Integration

    I'm on 7.1, not sure if that'd make the difference. Should have an answer today, so I'll keep you updated.
  13. Discord Integration

    The areas within each individual forum where you can determine the text channel it'll post new topics to was broken and looks like what the screenshot shows. Ahmad is taking a look and thinks it might be PHP 7 causing the problem? So is anyone else running on PHP 7 and having any issues?
  14. Discord Integration

    @Adam Spencer - when he provides some support it's decent support, unfortunately he's not been very active recently to provide support. So it's been tough to troubleshoot unless it's support from folks like Madman. I'm currently in the dark waiting to find out what's going on with my issue. lol
  15. Discord Integration

    The bot doesn't normally show as online within Discord, but there should be sections within each forum in the ACP to allow you change posting settings for Discord.