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  1. Does this only modify the "home Article" view or does it also apply to the "Categories" within Pages?
  2. Well that bites. I should have really checked if the skin was updated to 4.0 yet since I just updated to 4.0. That is a major bummer.
  3. You can fix this by doing the following: 1 - Upload the image you want to use for Google+ into your 'forums/public/style_images/<name>/images' directory where the other icons are. I've attached an icon which I've named 's_9.png' just to keep the same naming style as the other images. 2 - Go to Admin Control Panel -> Look & Feel -> Manage Template & CSS -> Global Templates -> footer_bar Find: #socials #vimeo{background: url('{style_images_url}/images/s_8.png') no-repeat left top; } Add Below: #socials #google{background: url('{style_images_url}/im
  4. This has been fixed. It was an issue with the Navigation Link URL being incorrect.
  5. I also noticed that the color scheme for "Build a Theme" works in IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Nexus but once you go into pages or something in IP.Content it reverts to the default colors set for the skin. The custom settings don't seem to carry over for some reason.
  6. Ok thank you! Now that I have my blocks figured out. I just need to figure out some minor edits. I've been searching for how I can change my the main slider image size. I wanted to get rid of the padding and border, which I have done, so it can be up against the image border I have created for it. The image though is a certain size and I can't seem to find where to change its width. I checked the various CSS as well as the css in the skin and none of them appear to have the classes to edit that container. Where would I edit that from?
  7. I have tried using the "extra free ip.content blocks"; the article block with images and hover effects, pricing tables, and quote board feed block but I can't save them. I get the following error. IP.Board Message The contents that you submitted would create a parser error when compiled into appropriate PHP code. Please verify any PHP code, template tags and template plugin tags (such as parse blocks) and resubmit your data.
  8. Yeah I was hoping you had a method or submission method to put items into the database without having to give someone access to the ACP to it.
  9. Do you have a frontend that you use to upload/update the review into the database or do you do that all from with admin control panel manually?
  10. The footer part doesn't seem like that I have a set width board for IP.Content Media page. Everywhere else it appears to be working fine though. I tried to find the part of the code so I could actually move to my footer but can't seem to locate it. I can just find the initial part socialURL part.
  11. Getting the hang of the new IP.Content. Now its just matter of figuring out what I want to do with CSS. Unfortunately in a uncreative funk...

  12. Loves the newest version of IP.Content

  13. New blog entry, writing about my sites(s) conversions from Joomla/Wordpress to IP.Content: http://community.invisionpower.com/blog/1588-whispering-shadows/

  14. The Koyotesoft one seems to work fine. Although I am noticing it isn't including the subtitles when it converts from .mkv to .flv. I haven't seen a setting to adjust to include subtitles, there is adjustments I can make to the audio though. I do have Linux (Ubuntu) operating on another system. I have not used mencoder though. Do you know what command I would run to convert it from .mkv to .flv, would like to maintain higher quality and not have it diluted like youtube does. I am using flowPlayer to play my .flv's through IP.Board currently.
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