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  1. Except there isn't. Not on our custom theme, not on the default. Nowhere.
  2. Sure. In categories where Allow Albums, but not Require Albums is set, users can upload to either an Album or not. Images that aren't added to an album display below a listing of all albums in the category. At one point, we has a category with over 400 albums and about ten thousand images outside of albums. Navigation became...awkward. This is a suggestion we made to xenforo as well, but in essence: With multiple categories, one could add a Category field above the Album field in the image above. Basically have a nice tidy form for each image being uploaded which you can select these options in.
  3. Right, so this may be a long topic, and one I harp on from time to time. Now that I have moved a forum away from Invision (and over to XenForo), I'll list some of the reasons of why we made that choice, and what IPS could do better, at least from my user's experience. I'll try to break this into segments so it's not too rambling. 1. Displaying Albums above the regular gallery navigation. Doing so degrades the user experience with the software. Albums should be a way for users to categorize their uploads, but should not detract from navigational experience. Instead of displaying Albums entirely separate from the general view in categories that allow both albums and regular uploads, this should display the image grid, with items from Albums included. The album in which the image appears should be listed in the image details, allowing users to browse that specific album if they wish. In doing this, you clean up the (oft times) confusing layout of categories that allow Albums and separate image uploads. 2. Albums/image categorization in general. A feature of a few gallery sites is to allow an image to be categorized in more than one album. For instance, if I have an image that includes multiple characters (Say, from a game, anime, movie, or other), outside of tags it is hard to have the ability to categorize that image appropriately. Several of our users had requested a way to include an image within multiple albums without having to create duplicate copies. Even if an image could be "imported" to display in another album, this would help. 3. Uploading needs to be simpler. Yes, uploading takes a lot. Select category. Select album, no album, new album (and detail new album), upload, edit each individual file anyways for description and tags. This could potentially be streamlined by: Upload each image. Select Category and Album, No Album, New Album per image. Set details while doing this (description, tags, etc). Additionally, don't allow the uploader to be closed if the user accidentally hits escape or clicks outside of the box (sometimes a warning prompt appears before the box closes, this should be always). I probably have more...but these were the big ones from the users.
  4. Has this been looked at?
  5. Another thing thats often overlooked is the ability to report a member directly. For example, to report a member's About Me area, or a username, etc.
  6. The ignore function is an extremely essential part of running community services such as Invision. However, I feel as if one of the most overlooked features is a fully functional Ignore and/or Block system. While we do have the current iteration of the Ignore function, it is severely lacking in some departments. The image below is (while themed) on a clean install: This install has all of the Invision applications enabled (Forums, Blogs, Pages, Commerce, Downloads, Gallery). The above only references Posts (which many assume, and correctly, this refers to the Forums), Messages, and Mentions. So how can this be improved? There's a number of ways, and a few other items I'd like to add. 1. Add most community applications to the Ignore list. This would mean adding Downloads, Blogs, and Gallery items (very unlikely that the need to Ignore admin generated Commerce content would arise) to this list. If I want to Ignore someone's content, generally I want to ignore all of it, not just some. 2. Extend the functionality of Ignore into a full on Block (perhaps as a user option). Most major community/social media platforms do this. Think Twitter, Facebook, etc., where when you Block a user, they cannot access your content (including your profile) either. 3. Add admin options to force users to ignore each other. Currently this requires logging in as the user and adding to their ignore list. At least make this accessible in the admin panel, and have options to disallow the user(s) to un-ignore/unblock each other. Numbers 2 and 3 here are major reasons why I moved one community off of Invision and onto a competitor and repurposed the license for another project that doesn't need this functionality yet (yet being the key term, of course). The question of "why these changes, specifically" arose in a conversation with my mod team for the community we moved away. Our main answer was: this lowers the amount of moderation work, and allows us to not need to use posting moderation and/or account suspension between users tossing barbs back and forth. We weren't a large community by any means (about 18,000 registered users), but even so these features were so asked for by the moderation team and users that it caused us to shift platforms. Hopefully something will be done with this feature set in the future. Cheers, Alex
  7. Has this been looked into? We're not seeing any grids on the selected forums over on: https://forgeborne.games/forums/ While we do get the forum images displayed, they display full-width rather than in a grid. This can't be working as intended. Edit: just noticed it's applying ipsGris and not ipsForumGrid. Could that be why?
  8. Yeah. Turned out not to matter anyways. Not enough space on the server. Invision's ACP showed 212 GB of space used for gallery...really it's more like 800 GB with the double copies of every item (small and large version plus original). I'm still wondering why the Invision widget showed total of 212 GB of gallery disk space, unless that's just originals? Seems kind of pointless to list just that if in fact the size is much larger.
  9. Conversion to XenForo. Which, unfortunately, requires the files to be localhosted.
  10. The problem is the cron job just isn't fast enough. We're already using CRON to run tasks, which includes the Queue task, which handles the background processes. I'm wondering if there's a way to speed this up without using the web interface's Run Manually.
  11. Is there a way to run the background processes at server level? Run Manually takes too long to start and runs into a php limit. We're moving about 152,000 image files from the s3 back onto the server. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Alex
  12. This should go without saying, but please allow a permission to bypass club rules for mods and/or admins.
  13. He's not on the discord. Not in the server.
  14. Hey @SoftwareFactory! Small issue. We have a member who was somehow signed into the wrong Discord account. Now they have no way to disconnect. And I'm not seeing a Disconnect option for them in the ACP. We did update to the latest version.
  15. With the quantity of images that we are seeing (we are an art site primarily), those types of notifications would likely get lost. Possibly a redirect to the user's "see more activity > gallery" page would be better on this. That way the notification is relevant, and new content would be easier to find.
  16. To whom it may concern, The notifications for Gallery are kind of all over the place. When a user submits an image, and depending on where that image actually is, Notifications can be either confusing, or worse, useless. For instance: "User has submitted new images to an Album" This one's alright. It takes you straight to that album to see the update(s). It won't tell you which ones are new, so you're left to figure that out yourself. "User has submitted new images to a Category" Well screw me then. I get dumped into a category, which displays both Albums and Images. This doesn't help any. At all. I recommend this be changed to take the user being notified to the user who submitted the content's "See All Activity > Gallery" page. Or at least link it directly to the image or images uploaded. Right now this notification is basically useless in its current form. "User has submitted new images to a Club" See #1. It's alright, it takes you to the club's Gallery category where the images were posted. We get complaints on these all the time. Gallery seems like a tacked on feature that hasn't really been idealized, and nor is it in a fantastic spot. There needs to be some work done on this module, which I've expressed before. But if anything absolutely needs a change, this is one of them.
  17. Thanks @TAMAN! Got one more for you though: Reddit embeds show up like this, and it doesn't seem I can get it to change.
  18. Unfortunately doesn't work, as it immediately does this: In the "Blogs" mode rather than "View Latest Entries" mode.
  19. Hiya @Fosters! We got this application, and can see the Report button on user's profiles. However, we aren't actually getting these reports into anywhere, as far as we can tell. Is there an area this should be going to?
  20. As an update - it has one only if you click the X in the upper right. This should be extended to the modal as a whole if it tries to close (ie accidental escape key press).
  21. Users should not be receiving notifications for clubs they are not a part of, regardless of if the club is open or not. This seems like an oversight.
  22. It happens on our beta and live. https://furrylife.online
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