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  1. Yeah. Turned out not to matter anyways. Not enough space on the server. Invision's ACP showed 212 GB of space used for gallery...really it's more like 800 GB with the double copies of every item (small and large version plus original). I'm still wondering why the Invision widget showed total of 212 GB of gallery disk space, unless that's just originals? Seems kind of pointless to list just that if in fact the size is much larger.
  2. Conversion to XenForo. Which, unfortunately, requires the files to be localhosted.
  3. The problem is the cron job just isn't fast enough. We're already using CRON to run tasks, which includes the Queue task, which handles the background processes. I'm wondering if there's a way to speed this up without using the web interface's Run Manually.
  4. Is there a way to run the background processes at server level? Run Manually takes too long to start and runs into a php limit. We're moving about 152,000 image files from the s3 back onto the server. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Alex
  5. This should go without saying, but please allow a permission to bypass club rules for mods and/or admins.
  6. He's not on the discord. Not in the server.
  7. Hey @SoftwareFactory! Small issue. We have a member who was somehow signed into the wrong Discord account. Now they have no way to disconnect. And I'm not seeing a Disconnect option for them in the ACP. We did update to the latest version.
  8. With the quantity of images that we are seeing (we are an art site primarily), those types of notifications would likely get lost. Possibly a redirect to the user's "see more activity > gallery" page would be better on this. That way the notification is relevant, and new content would be easier to find.
  9. To whom it may concern, The notifications for Gallery are kind of all over the place. When a user submits an image, and depending on where that image actually is, Notifications can be either confusing, or worse, useless. For instance: "User has submitted new images to an Album" This one's alright. It takes you straight to that album to see the update(s). It won't tell you which ones are new, so you're left to figure that out yourself. "User has submitted new images to a Category" Well screw me then. I get dumped into a category, which displays both Albums and Images. T
  10. Thanks @TAMAN! Got one more for you though: Reddit embeds show up like this, and it doesn't seem I can get it to change.
  11. Unfortunately doesn't work, as it immediately does this: In the "Blogs" mode rather than "View Latest Entries" mode.
  12. Hiya @Fosters! We got this application, and can see the Report button on user's profiles. However, we aren't actually getting these reports into anywhere, as far as we can tell. Is there an area this should be going to?
  13. As an update - it has one only if you click the X in the upper right. This should be extended to the modal as a whole if it tries to close (ie accidental escape key press).
  14. Users should not be receiving notifications for clubs they are not a part of, regardless of if the club is open or not. This seems like an oversight.
  15. It happens on our beta and live. https://furrylife.online
  16. Thank you! One last question I hope. We've got a 2 column layout on our front page plus a sidebar. On screens approaching the media width to convert to tablet, we're seeing: On our "blogs" entries (We're using the Blogs app for Stories/Literature). Any ideas on what a fix would be? As far as I can tell, it's related to .ipsColumns width:100% property. Removing the property fixes it, but then when on a larger screen or in tablet mode, it doesn't take up the available space.
  17. Hello @TAMAN! Great stuff for 4.5! Got a quick question on the Editor: This is using the "Dark" version of the theme. Is there a way to make the icons more visible against that background?
  18. @TheJackal84 further information on this one. It appears that while permissions do work in the club app and overview page, anything outside of that is both searchable and accessible to users who do not have the appropriate permission to view the club. They are able to also access this content from the search results.
  19. So the activity feed is great, it allows users to select the content they're interested in and scroll through without issue. However, there's still a few suggestions to be made with the feed: The user has no way to interact with content from the feed other than clicking on it or opening it in a new tab. To this end, I would like to see the ability to interact with content directly on the feed page, such as adding reactions, comments, etc. In this manner, activity feeds become a place where a user can browse and interact with the content they're looking for.
  20. Is there a possibility of including the favorite link in non-lightbox for gallery content? We disabled opening lightbox for browsing easier. Would be very helpful to get the Favorite link on the default gallery page.
  21. This 1000x this. And it has to work for All content. Not just forum content.
  22. This is a frustration that has irked us since 4.0. The gallery uploader for images needs to have a confirmation dialogue before it can be closed. Along the lines of 'Are you sure you want to close the uploader? All progress will be lost." It is annoying to accidentally hit escape or click outside of the box and have it close.
  23. Bumping this again, as it does need the attention. Ignore is fine and all when you're just using the Forums application, but it's extremely lackluster when using the full suite of IPS applications.
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