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  1. I have a feature suggestion. Have a custom profile field set the user's avatar. For a sport related website, for example, the profile field could be asking for the member's favorite team. It then would set the avatar as the team logo. I would settle for the old functionality, and pay for it, that was in previous versions. Also, will the galleries be in this product or a different product?
  2. Hopefully this is ok to post, add this to recentPosts: <div class='ipsSideBlock'> <h3><img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/comment_new.png' alt='' /> {$this->lang->words['recentposts_title']}</h3> <div class='_sbcollapsable'> <foreach loop="posts:$recentPosts as $post"> <div class='ipsBox_container ipsPad'> <a href='{parse url="showtopic={$post['tid']}" base="public" seotitle="{$post['title_seo']}" template="showtopic"}'><b>{$post['title']}</b></a> <a href='{parse url="showtopic={$post['tid']}&amp;view=getlastpost" base="public" template="showtopic" seotitle="{$post['title_seo']}"}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_last_post']}'>{parse replacement="f_lastpost"}</a> <br/> <if test="forum:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_showforum'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['forum']}: <a href='{parse url="showforum={$post['forum_id']}" base="public" seotitle="{$post['forum_name_seo']}" template="showforum"}'>{$post['forum_name']}</a> <br/> </if> <if test="starterInfo:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_start'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['started_by']}: <a href='{parse url="showuser={$post['starter_id']}" base="public" seotitle="{$post['seo_first_name']}" template="showuser"}'>{$post['starter_name']}</a> <span class='date'>({$post['start_date']})</span> <br/> </if> <if test="firstPost:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_post'] == 'F'"> {$post['post']} <br/> </if> <if test="views:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_views'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['views']}: {parse format_number="$post['views']"} {$this->lang->words['replies']}: {parse format_number="$post['posts']"} <br/> </if> <if test="lastPostInfo:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_last'] == 1"> {$this->lang->words['last_reply']}: <a href='{parse url="showuser={$post['last_poster_id']}" base="public" seotitle="{$post['seo_last_name']}" template="showuser"}'>{$post['last_poster_name']}</a> <span class='date'>({$post['last_post']})</span> <br/> </if> <if test="lastPost:|:$this->settings['hsc_rp_post'] == 'L' and $post['post']"> {$post['post']} </if> </div> </foreach> </div> </div> <br />
  3. had a dream BGarcia made me a free skin and design

  4. You need to have an active license. Perhaps it has to do with this: http://forums.invisi...me-to-hack-me/?
  5. Even though this is not my ticket I personally feel that waiting 6 months for a ticket like this to be resolved is absurd. Were you given a ETA?
  6. App or apps is short for applications.
  7. Harsh. I was simply going off of what Brandon said. If that is possible, then I apologize.
  8. Ok. As he said it is not possible at current to have that in more than one language. I'm sure they will have it compatible in a future release. In the mean time I would use the language that the majority of your members speaks.
  9. According to Brandon you can set it to one language. I took a look at your forum and it looks to be in Romanian. Why can you not just edit the titles in Manage Applications?
  10. It doesn't look like there is a IP.Board license with the website hosting. Community hosting packages sure are limited though.. ;)
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