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  1. Hi Joel! Thanks for your reply. Actually this will be a very big project and a more than good budget will be provided so I wouldn't want to put it toghether with third party stuff.
  2. Hi, What would be the best choice to build a huge website upon? Should I use a framework or build a completely custom platform? I'm planning to build a very complex learning management site where main functionalities would be: videos, audios, quizzes, chats, payments, messaging, users can interact with each other. One of the development companies I contacted said they would use WordPress for this, but I'm not so sure it's a good idea. The website will have a large user base (millions) very quickly and I expect it to be very busy. I'm not sure WordPress can handle such a big traffic and user activity. So what kind of technologies or framework would you recommend? Thanks
  3. Hi, Do the converters work with IPB4? I'd like to do a test convert from mybb.
  4. Hi, Thanks. Access is the same as with the previous issue.
  5. I've updated the files but I still get this issue.
  6. Hi, When I activate the latest topic widget I get this error: Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/******/public_html/******/wp-content/plugins/ipsconnect/widgets/topics.php on line 52
  7. That's what I'm doing and still can't log in.
  8. Ok, then how do I configure this plugin to work? The description that comes with it is pretty confusing.
  9. Ok, so this is what I did. Uploaded the plugin to the WP plugin dir and activated it. My wp is in my root and my forum is in a subdirectory /forum/ I obtained the URL and key from Admin CP --> System --> Log In Management (from the green info box) I head over to the WP ipsconnect setting page and fill in the details: Master URL: http://www.mysite.com/forum/interface/ipsconnect/ipsconnect.php Master key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Login type: username Return Url Post-Logout: http://www.mysite.com Hide Admin: selected Swap UCP: selected I do Step 5 and copy the Master XML-RPC API Key to the WP ipsconnect setting page. When obtaining the url and key, do I also have to do this:
  10. Hi, I've installed the plugin and I think I followed the instructions correctly, but now I'm unable to log in to my WP.
  11. guess no. I have a valid license since I renewed it a couple of months ago so I should be able to see the download button.
  12. Yeah, same here :) Nothing happens on hard refresh.
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