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  1. ACP > Members > Staff Directory You already have choices of 3 layouts. You can also Create More Layouts.
  2. One thing that I want to make sure you are fully aware of is that when you buy a license, there are many components tied to an active license: access to company forums, access to the Marketplace, access to the software. If you are unable or unwilling to keep up with a paid renewal every 6 months, you might be better off with another solution.
  3. The engagement and feedback in the Feedback forum has been much better recently. I also want to affirm that telling clients "no updates at this time" is useful and welcome. While we may die a little inside when we don't hear our ideas get picked up, it gives clarity to users.
  4. You're asking about Gallery and not general attachments, correct? Go to ACP > Community > Gallery. The only admin settings are for image dimensions.
  5. There are probably a hundred and one good ideas you can implement before having to resort to inactive members, which personally seems to be a punitive measure (and a hot mess of permissions later on!) 1. Make sure you clearly define your value proposition in your registration block. 2. Try out bulk mailers. Write well crafted, thoughtful newsletters to send out via bulk mail. Rinse and repeat. 3. In regards to social media, go and join every social media group or site that deals with your topic. If you can't join 'em, then beat 'em at their own game. 4. Really think through your new member journey. Start a new account and join your own website with a fresh set of eyes, and see how you can improve that experience. 5. Go into your Google Analytics and evaluate which pages have the lowest drop off. Add blocks or feeds on those pages that can entice members to explore elsewhere in the site. 6. Figure out how you can become (if not already) the definitive resource on rosacrean. This will give you a steady stream of new visitors. Deploy Pages and build the world's largest directory on rosacean medical providers, or terminology, or whatever. 7. Start launching new topics, interviews, case studies, etc. Ask emotive questions. Ask open ended questions. Ask relevant but off topic and fun questions. Etc. Etc. The journey to member engagement can be accomplished in so many ways. Also, if your revenue is dependent upon affiliate links, you should re-evaluate your revenue strategy. Are there links you can add in a sidebar block on every page? Are there affiliate links you can add to the bottom of the page? Are there custom banners and ads you can design to add into the ad slots or into your newsletters? Communities need to be fighting to succeed. Good luck.
  6. Are you asking ... 1. Cancel their account registration? 2. Cancel their paid subscription where they pay money? If #1, you need a third party tool like Account Deletion by @Makoto or the user contacts the admin, and you manually delete. If #2, yes users can cancel their paid subscriptions from their Purchases.
  7. Some thoughts: 1. IPS does offer indirectly offer this data in the ACP > Statistics. I think all communities should be internally measuring the conversion of all visitors : registered members : active members on a monthly basis. 2. I'm not sure how this statistic is important on the front end to anyone. I can see it being useful to admins to manage the effectiveness of their community strategy, but as a user, I'm not sure how useful it is to know that 90 other members visited at some point in the past month. It is, however, useful to know the number of online users and who they are, in case my friends are online for immediate chat. 3. Creating groups for inactive members: In theory, I think its okay. In practice, it turns out to be a mess of permissions and I'm not sure what real value it provides. Why are you spending your time penalizing members who haven't visited? It would be a better and more effective use of your community management to encourage them to re-visit in the first place. If you can define real value and purpose behind inactive members, then go for it. But to be blunt, I don't think you should confound "available in vbulletin" with "good community strategy."
  8. This is a great blog post. I do think clients should think strategically about what role they'd like have in their community, how it's perceived by the community, and how that role can evolve (or not evolve!) over time. I like the point about Titles and language choices. How you couch your titles, ranks, and phrases - calling visitors as "friends" or yourself as "Community Leader," for example - can make a difference in how those users perceive their relationship to the rest of the community.
  9. That's neat. I actually think enterprise organizations and the Marketplace developer community would really appreciate this tool.
  10. If you are self-hosted, IPS does allow a second non-public version of the self-hosted suite using the -TESTINSTALL license.
  11. The good devs are busy. The bad devs are busy too. You can reach out to developers like @HeadStand @DawPi @Marcher Technologies @CodingJungle who take on private clients. If you're an enterprise client, you can ask IPS for private referrals to help initiate the introductions. You may want to check with @CodingJungle on modifying his Keyword Tooltips. When you hover over certain text, you can have a popup hovercard
  12. Some questions: Will community owners be able to select the default push notification for new members, similar to default notifications? When users login and are prompted to accept notifications, I'd like to recommend that IPS adds a 'recommended' tag to the default selection. This will give communities the greatest chance of engagement (or no engagement, whatever floats your boat).
  13. Yes that should be doable. Just wanted to clarify that you wouldn't be able to stream through IPS itself, of course
  14. I think it would be extremely interesting if you followed up with the community in six months or one year with an analysis of your 26 emojis. Were they all used equally and actively? Or were only a handful of emojis used? My gut tells me that once you exceed 6 reactions, the marginal benefit of each additional reaction doesn't do a whole lot.
  15. This allows users to share videos, hosted on other sites. There is no direct hosting of videos. At the end of the day, until IPS builds in video functionality (and doubtful it'll include live video streaming), your client is going to have to use another service and then embed that service onto your community.
  16. So, just to make sure I understand what you understand, you think a user who sees Page 1 and Page 115 doesn't intrinsically understand there will be a Page 2, Page 3, and Page 4 in between them? More importantly, how does adding a Page 2, Page 3, and Page 4 help a user understand the magnitude of a long topic that is 115 pages versus 15 pages versus literally any page length of 5 or more? In any case, other thoughts: 1. Everyone is a critic of the default theme. 2. The default theme is grossly inefficient in certain areas. On desktop, nobody cares. On mobile, we have to care. 3. I think the better question to be asking is: based on heat analysis map or navigation pathways, do users actually click on Pages 2, 3, and 4 in a 115 page topic? My gut instinct says no. I think the smartest approach would be to intelligently tie those pagination numbers to topic pages that are especially important, as per the Topic Summary. 4. There's this whole area of research and investigation that should be done on ultra long topics. How do we get users to be able to efficiently absorb the entirety of the topic? How do we create intelligent splits and divergences within the topic?
  17. 1. Webp is not a niche image format anymore. Full stop. While I could understand that argument in 2015, webp is now almost universally supported by all browsers: https://caniuse.com/?search=webp 2. The grand irony - or perverse absurdity - is that my own website delivers images as webp via my Cloudflare. I literally have users who have downloaded my site's images, but can't upload them back to my site! That comes across as distinctly discrepant.
  18. Just buy Radical tags. I'm almost certain IPS privately comissioned the app because they know the functionality is needed, but it's been a third party function forever.
  19. To me, the problem is not in delivering webp images. It's in posting webp images. My users re-post webp images from around the web. It works when they post to Facebook, to twitter, to tumblr, to their blog, but then it doesn't work when they post to my site.
  20. Feedback aka Feature Suggestions needs to be improved. As the definitive location for your clients to post any and all feedback for consideration by the company, it is by far the most important forum for our collective futures. You literally tell retail clients to post their suggestions in Feedback, but because it's so unorganized and so unmanaged, your own company follow-through on client feedback is embarrassingly non-existent over the years. Feedback is a combination of site feedback, company feedback, feedback on seven apps, the admin control panel, clubs, community enhancements and integration, product guidance because people don't know where to post, and the personal planning of kmk on using community software in literally every way except as a community. Feedback needs to be broken-out per app, to be actively collated and tallied and merged, and non-feedback needs to be moved out. There is zero incentive for clients to search for past feedback when everything is jumbled together, zero guidance on how clients can bump or lend weight to a prior suggestion, and finally zero transparency to your client base on how our aggregate suggestions are flowing through the suggestion pipeline. Probably because it's a hot mess. If you had simply tasked Jordan to organize this section with clearly defined workflows, I would have applauded. Something like: Prequalify all posts in Feedback: Ask for poster to provide minimum specifications as defined by the company. Until those are submitted by the poster, the suggestion shouldn't be accepted. One of community management's best practices is realizing that great suggestions aren't written by the poster, they're elicited by the asker. If bug, give poster instructions for sending in a support ticket. Close and mark as resolved. If non-feedback, give poster instructions on proper navigation of site for reference. Move as needed. If feedback that meets minimum specs, then move, organize, and merge as needed. For site feedback: If valid, escalate to site management team. Follow-up and mark as resolved when done. If not valid, follow-up and mark with a thanks but no thanks. For company feedback: If positive, ask for permission and promote on social media. Follow-up and mark as resolved when done. If negative, escalate to company management as needed.
  21. If IPS is serious about gamification, here are some foundational points: Entire suite -- Not just forums. Not just apps. But the entirety and power of the full Invision suite: uploading a cover photo, filling out a profile custom field, writing a status update, making a blog post, RSVPing to a calendar event, getting a post marked as best answer, creating an album, renewing a subscription for the sixth time, winning second in the leaderboard, getting an item promoted. Weighted -- Writing an in-depth long-form blog is very different from uploading one image, but IPS weighs them the same as one content item. They shouldn't count the same. Customizable -- I would like a gamification system to be customizable to exclude / include nodes, categories, and apps. How I reward my users is very different than how you run your community or how Invision runs its community. How we offer member journeys will be as diverse as our communities. Clubs -- I would like a gamification system to include clubs. Not nearly at the same amount of customization, but each club deserves its own basic set. Meaningful -- The rewards should be: Immediate, Recognize the relative difficulty of the accomplishment, and Provide the steps needed to get to the next reward. Typical reward: "Congrats, you won a badge for making X posts." Better reward: "Congrats, you won a badge for making X posts, an accomplishment that puts you into the top 10% of users. Your next badge is at Y posts." Attention Grabbing -- If a tree falls in a forest and no notification is sent out, does anybody care? Gamification needs to have movement, to have excitement, to be dynamic, and offer a call to action. What I'd like for gamification to address: Profile onboarding - I've logged in to the accounts of multiple users over the years, and every single one has totally ignored the Profile Completion. I would love to actually see usage statistics on larger sites, but at least on my site, most users don't care about Profile Completion. I'd rather deprecate Profile Completion in favor of Gamification. New user activation - There needs to be multiple calls to action within the first X minutes, where X is the site's average session duration. I've seen first-hand how if I can talk live to a user when he first joins, his posting skyrockets at least over that session. There needs to be activity, excitement, and movement within that first session duration. Member pathways - Users find fulfillment in many ways in our communities. We need to empower them to both progress along certain member pathways while encouraging them to also explore other pathways.
  22. You can already show club forums in forums: Go to ACP > Community > Clubs > Settings. The company always drips out their new features in the company blog: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/ They historically do not do a good job of notifying or tracking updates in the forums.
  23. Try one of these plugins from Marketplace: https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=whatsapp&quick=1&type=downloads_file
  24. IPS has created multiple features that duplicated existing features in the Marketplace. I've lost count how many third-party mods they've cannibalized: letter avatars, clubs, reactions, membergroup colors, etc. Their latest feature of Anonymous Accounts existed in the Marketplace for many years, so this reasoning is totally irrelevant.
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