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Problem upgrading and oauth/token/index.php permissions

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I'm trying to upgrade to the latest security version that was released today, but I can't. There was a "common" error that requested me to download the update. I did. I updated the files as I always do, but there is no way to update the site 😞

Not only that, but I just can't cancel the update. The site is displaying the warning message that it's being updated, but I can't cancel it. 

I've downloaded the updated zip file and uploaded it to my FTP. Then I downloaded the whole zip with all the files, but still, the auth/token/index.php is the problem. It has to do with permissions. I've tried to change the permission from my CPANEL to all possible versions 644, 755, etc. And nothing, it won't work.

I don't know what to do next, really 😞

See the error message. There is a problem with permissions. I uploaded the files twice, and they are the latest versions. I changed the permissions, but nothing happened. Which permission should that index.php file have?


  • How do I cancel the update? There is no option anywhere. No upgrade was started, only the files were copied and the update is pending until the permission problem in the attachment is solved.
  • How do I fix this permission problem? I've copied the index file many times and tried all the permissions combinations without success 😞


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Glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue. 

It is worth noting that if you have permissions or owner conflicts, that may cause issues when uploading files via FTP. I.E. if the file was owned by someone other than the FTP user you're using, it may not upload correctly. Always contact your hosting provider if you are unsure about proper permissions or user/group ownership.

Additionally, once you upload the new files to your server for the new version, the only way to "cancel" the upgrade at that point would be to restore the previous versions files and if the upgrade did any progress past what you have in your screenshot, restore your database. This is why we recommend taking a full backup prior to attempting an upgrade.

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