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Problem with topic's last comment

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I'm experiencing a very strange problem with a topic. Whenever I click on the last comment icon, I get a blank page.

It only happens for a specific topic, I've not seen this issue anywhere else. I've cleared cache but it's still the same.

If I click on 5, 4, or any number, I will get a blank page. Nothing else.

Could contain: File, Text, Page

It will take me to this URL:  https://academy.set-and-forget.com/forums/topic/519/stockNews/#comments instead of https://academy.set-and-forget.com/topic/519-tesla-inc-tsla/?do=getLastComment

I don't know what the problem is. Could you help?


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First 3 things I would check here are

  • Disable all 3rd party items, including your theme, and then test again
  • Check your htaccess file, and ensure you are using only the default invision set
  • Check your server error logs as you are getting a white page
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