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  1. The Guy

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    Huh I also have an I buy power.... Nice!
  2. Plus you can be the good guy and NOT sell people's Data ?
  3. The Guy

    5 ways to monetize your community

    After looking at it, it would be cool to have it as a way of making an alternate subscription plan on your site. As far as I know there are certain levels of patron's that can benefit from it. For example: on a forum a user wants to upgrade, they simply become a patron from their user account and reap all the benefits set by the admin. He/she be able to access areas now granted, and all the awards by the Patreon has to offer. Maybe like discounts to the store, more user privileges. Basally just a new way of being a Premium member on ones board.
  4. The Guy

    5 ways to monetize your community

    I wish Patreon was integrate to Invision but I don't think Patreon has an API for their services. Instead if you don't have a business but still want tipped for your work, than that would be extremely handy to have.
  5. My strategy is usually hiding ads while signed in. Guests can only see the ads, as a benefit of being signed in, no more ads are displayed. Unfortunately there isn't any impressions and clicks from the members themselves. But nothing subscription manager can't do to suffice that. Perhaps when 4.3 comes out I'll utilize the new tools.
  6. The Guy

    Happy 16th Birthday To Us!

    Still Innovating Communities for 16 years straight. I have been a customer off and on quite a bit and seen it grow. I think I remember getting IPS License around oh 3.x era, before that I was using phpBB>SMF>MyBB>vB> than finally you guys. xenForo was pretty interesting, just wasn't my taste. You guys are always a step ahead of the game in my honest opinion.
  7. The Guy

    Oblivion dark theme with blue focus

    At firstI had issues because of my own lack of understanding. But after some talk with the author he pointed out what was wrong pretty fast. Great theme and awesome direct support. Would recommend to anyone!
  8. The Guy

    4.3: AdminCP Member Profiles

    Blog posts is the build up. Releasing 4.3 is dropping the bass.
  9. The Guy

    Team Talk: What is your hidden talent?

    That looks like a mean machine. What's that power range?
  10. The Guy

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    This is weird timing, I use Blogs as my home page and was looking for a way to change the layout today and found nothing to no avail, so glad that this is happening actually!
  11. The Guy

    (BIM43) Chatbox

    Doe's exactly as what I have hoped for. The author is very consistent on updates and keeps everything working in right order.
  12. Awesome. Thanks, this will defiantly make things a lot smoother rather than depending on late mail to arrive to users.
  13. And another Monday XD

  14. Its yet another Monday....... Ehhh :(