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  1. Does anybody know of a LIVE VIDEO/CAM/CHAT app, widget, etc.. that can be used on the IPS system? I asked years ago, but wondering what is available tech wise as of today. Thanks for any info. ±saraJ.
  2. thanks!, question when you BAN, a users IP.. then delete the account. does the system save the IP ban? even if the account is deleted?
  3. ok posting this question under this thread, as is in the same regard. how do i block a user from joining from a paticular IP? thanks!
  4. i see the warning settings, but does not have suspend options - I am looking at my spamming preset. doesn't look like the screenshot you posted above. thanks.
  5. thanks. where do i access that screen? thanks.
  6. Ya trying different things. Don't want to ban them. Made a group with no site access, but says banned. Access to board, ok i will see how that looks. Thought there might be something more direct per 1 user - like under account actions.
  7. I don't have any ban options on that member? We i set up a test account, to see what happens on their side. But don't see any ban options. Thanks
  8. Is there a way to lock out a member? Leave their account open. But disable it or something so they can not access it? Thanks, ~saraJ
  9. I have some sticky members, that will not delete in the ACP. I know it says takes time in batches. But this has nothing to do with that. I have users I tried to delete over a month ago. They are still there. Please advise, ~saraJ
  10. Are there any suggestions for live chat support apps/widgets in the Marketplace? Something that is like livechat or tawk.to, where there is a chatbox support window in the corner of the site. Thanks! ~saraJ
  11. I have a very frustrating issue, that I need some guidance on. Our site, has very indepth options using the profile app. There are 13 profile groups, with each having a number of field options under them. Sometimes I sign on in the morning, and fields of 1 group have moved to another. I have to manually drag them back in place every time this happens. I am not working on this area, or making changes there at all, all the organization is done. Yesterday I got a PM from a member saying their phone number and other info is not in the right place. I went into the Profile editor, and moved things back to the group they belonged. I woke up this morning and one of the fields was still in the wrong group. I checked my changes after moving things as were supposed to be, that was not how I left it. I think it has to do with the drag and drop function. The MAIN MENU is also drag and drop. There, I have seen settings corrupted to the point I had to wait for higher level tech to intervene, 2 times. In those situations, things moved where they were not supposed to be, and and in that case I could not edit them. That is not the point of this post, but it is a similar bug that was never fully explained, just fixed. So I am asking if anybody has a idea what is going on here with my profile group fields, and what can I do to prevent this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ~saraJ Examples of some of my Groups/Fields. In the recent problem, the fields from Contact Information, jumped to the last group in the list, about 8 groups down.
  12. Is there a way to turn off emojis all togeter, or maybe a plugin that blocks them for user groups? Thanks ~saraJ
  13. No we have always had signatures turned off, never planned on using them, so would not create a custom field name as such. Ok thanks for you response. Will continue to look into this.
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