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  1. Ok we are about to launch today, not sure what you might change. But i'll wait a few days and get back to you, as it does work where i put it. What broke I don't know, but I am afraid you troubleshoot, and something for my launch will break.. Thanks, get back to you soon ~saraJ
  2. No that is where i used to use it.. im trying to add it to my store. That page has it in the edit area, but i dont see it on the sidebar anymore. Thanks ~saraJ
  3. Hi I dragged more than one NB41 ad-widget to my homepage, and now my option to add it on other pages is gone. It used to be at the top left corner.. Please advise, ~saraJ
  4. I currently use SUPERTOPICS, but recently purchased SUPERGRID.. wondering if i update SUPERGRID templates, will my SUPERTOPICS customizations I made erase? Example, the output of images were not displaying, I had to get help from the theme developer to remove that mask. Thanks ~saraJ
  5. I am trying to do something with profiles this website is doing with the system profiles. You helped me find a plugin beofor i didnt know about, wondering if you know about this? I think they are using something called super profiles, can you tell? To see the super profiles go here https://independentgirls.info/inewiojfsfard/ USER: INDIDEMO PASS: INDIDEMO Once you enter if you click create account, those are the features i want to use to set up accounts see? Please advise, thanks ~sarahJ
  6. Ah! ok thanks a lot! I bought your ads plugin, for our site. Thanks for your help! Cheers, ±Jay
  7. So it's not a plugin? I don't understand your response. Thank You.
  8. I bought this plug-in because I saw it in the code of this site's featured topics on their homepage. https://independentgirls.com/inewiojfsfard/ Not the banners at top, the 3 posts under titled "INDI / AGENCY ADS" Thought the app would stream forum posts. Am I missing something. Please advise. Thanks! -Jay
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