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  1. Huh I also have an I buy power.... Nice!
  2. Plus you can be the good guy and NOT sell people's Data ?
  3. After looking at it, it would be cool to have it as a way of making an alternate subscription plan on your site. As far as I know there are certain levels of patron's that can benefit from it. For example: on a forum a user wants to upgrade, they simply become a patron from their user account and reap all the benefits set by the admin. He/she be able to access areas now granted, and all the awards by the Patreon has to offer. Maybe like discounts to the store, more user privileges. Basally just a new way of being a Premium member on ones board.
  4. I wish Patreon was integrate to Invision but I don't think Patreon has an API for their services. Instead if you don't have a business but still want tipped for your work, than that would be extremely handy to have.
  5. So when will us Fan....er I mean Customers get some swag?
  6. Would you guys ever consider making IPS Merch? Mugs, custom keyboards/mouse/mouse pads, T-shirts or hats? I always wondered, I'd totally rock a Mouse Pad perhaps ?
  7. Hi, I sent you a Pm about a few issues with this.
  8. My strategy is usually hiding ads while signed in. Guests can only see the ads, as a benefit of being signed in, no more ads are displayed. Unfortunately there isn't any impressions and clicks from the members themselves. But nothing subscription manager can't do to suffice that. Perhaps when 4.3 comes out I'll utilize the new tools.
  9. Still Innovating Communities for 16 years straight. I have been a customer off and on quite a bit and seen it grow. I think I remember getting IPS License around oh 3.x era, before that I was using phpBB>SMF>MyBB>vB> than finally you guys. xenForo was pretty interesting, just wasn't my taste. You guys are always a step ahead of the game in my honest opinion.
  10. So I downloaded your app, However I am having issues installing it? I just don't understand the directory. I tried to download the readme.txt however I get an error on the marketplace. I'm so confused. and I can't download the readme thing. So any installations tutorials?
    At firstI had issues because of my own lack of understanding. But after some talk with the author he pointed out what was wrong pretty fast. Great theme and awesome direct support. Would recommend to anyone!
  11. Blog posts is the build up. Releasing 4.3 is dropping the bass.
  12. That looks like a mean machine. What's that power range?
  13. This is weird timing, I use Blogs as my home page and was looking for a way to change the layout today and found nothing to no avail, so glad that this is happening actually!
  14. @jcdesign hi, loving the theme, however I am getting issues with the Connect with us area, it appears that whole area is nothing noticeable but when I hover my mouse over it goes to staff directory? I put the links in the correct areas, I know I did, however its nothing showing up.
  15. You want me to change it to that picture? Maybe. I like you but It is pretty redicouls. They look like anti net neutrality people watching too much manipulating Fox News. Thanks but no thanks! I had this avatar for many years while I was bere.
  16. It appears that it has been Voted out now. Neutrality has been pulled. Fortunately there is a Bill that is out there to reverse this and stop the FCC from ever doing this again. I can see your side, it's technical and I see why it would be important. However 3 points that remain. Firstly, why in this day and age has large ISPs such as Comcast, or Time Warner dont have the bandwidth to hold that much traffic. Its almost 2018 and it seems technology for server use is at a still. My local IPS which is govern by my own town use Fiber Optic, which is the next big tech in ISP. Why cant huge companies invest in it and be able to handle it? It's beyond me that they are purposely milking the consumers and don't want change. Secondly, Net Nuetraily going away WILL HARM a lot of people. I've done my research and homework as well. People of lower class, poor or middle class will suffer greatly, and not only that, websites that rely on independence work will even suffer. Imagine one of these IPB forums possibly shutting down because they can't make their Internet bill and their users looses the "all website" package and cannot view your site anymore. The freedom just to pay 1 bill for everything is gone, you have to pay for every little website. If you say it's a utility, I can almost agree with you there. But.... when we pay our electric at least they have the decency to have us pay for just the house live in, and not pay for the street lights on the street we live on. Lastly, the senators that remained silent and FCC basically ignoring the constitutes. In America our Congress is sworn in to office to represent us, the people of the State in which they represent. Most of them, a lot of them were lobbied (bribed) by big ISP to back away for a few measly thousand dollars. What does that say about our government and net neutrality? It's because they sold out their constitutes. Most people do not want this to happen, and a lot of others do not understand it because they are silenced and oppressed by their own reps. Anyway, I don't mean to bash you on this subject, but some of it just doesn't add up on people who are anti net neutrality.
  17. A lot of a good points have been brought up. While I live in a area where my Local internet will continue to follow net Neutraily rules regardless it not being there any longer (thank god!) I still protest against it. I've been pushing really hard, calling and mailing senators. As an update though, we have less than 24 hours until the FCC votes out Net Neutrality. This is definitely going to hurt some. Hopefully things turn out for the best.
  18. I don't have access to the client forum anymore since license expired a long time ago, so I'm not sure if this has been heavily discussed already, and if it hasn't, than this is a huge deal that effects everybody. Now as a independent Webmaster of 15 years community making and managing has been a rather great hobby and favorable thing. I'd love for it to continue and enjoy the aspects of having a website. However, bringing myself back has me scared since Net Neutrality is so close to being gone. With the FCC being so locked in this past few years of rolling back the internet to in favor ISPs it will not only harm my access to the Net, but as a Independent webmaster this will pretty much kill it. The value of websites will have to be extremely valuable for visitors alike to stick around more since they investing more in not just speed, but web packages. Our websites will be apart of one of their packages which is crazy to think about. It's extremely vital to fight for the Net, which again surprised that IPB and it's community hasn't spoke about. This may sound political, and it is a little to be honest, but it's more then just poltical though, it's the future for all of our websites. For those that are not US, it also effects you as well in some cases. I would love to renew and start a planned community, but a little iffy of the future that unfolds before us. Of course, I'm not saying abandon your site and give up hope, that's not what I am saying. You just need to prepare for the worst. If the FCC does cut out Net Neutraily this month, it will be another "work load" for the admins upkeep on their website.
  19. I use cuteFTP, it does a lot of great stuff. It is expensive to buy not going to lie.
  20. Hello everyone, Thank you for the kind replies. I haven't been on much as of late or had any chance to be active due to the change of paste in my work schedule. I got your PM @Tommy Huynh and I apologize that it appeared I ditched that idea. But that isn't the case at all. Also another thing I have to really consider is Net Neutrality going away, so the value of communities might take a strikingly huge hit in the US (where I live.) If it passes it will be even more extremely hard to get anything built from scratch. This Sort of discouragement frightens me as I do love to manage communities and run forums. This fight with Net Neutrality is deffinetly taking its toll. But... That's a whole topic in its own. I'm not sure what to do.
  21. I want to start up creating a new community, however I'm scared of making another failure. My 2 ideas: IPSClub (Just a club for IPS users and admins) Forumware (talk about forum software, review it, analyze, and share your forum to the world etc.)
    Doe's exactly as what I have hoped for. The author is very consistent on updates and keeps everything working in right order.
  22. Just a quick question again, sorry. I'm really loving the theme, its great, my users are really enjoying it. However as from a admin standpoint, how come everytime its updated the footer area, header area, and welcome message is always changed to the default?
  23. Thanks, that did the trick. I've also notice my Gallery is having problems too by the way after I upgraded the theme. Whenever you scroll down it will keep jumping up, and if you hover your mouse over a picture it will blink a lot.
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