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  1. As the title says, the index.php shows the forum list all intact and amdin pages work just fine. However when I click on a diffferent page, even if its a forum, all the pages show up as Status Code 404 page not found?
  2. Arrowchat looks more platformish already. Not sure how it would integrate well with IPS Systems. I'm in agreement with Zoom being sketchy. Perhaps IPS should have its own Video Chat App.
  3. Regarding 3rd party. As per our privacy policy we declared that we would never sell user information. So we would never allow social media login through the site just because the fact that, Facebook especially, sells user information. Maybe a group would would work but we will have to see. I appreciate the advice, thank you!
  4. Hello everyone, I have been in and out over the past 9 years and IPS has always been a home to me. While I do love the opportunity to create lovely community sites I often fall flat on my ideas. and seem to fail within the first few months. An Idea and vision is only the beginning of any community so I run into the worst situation I struggle most: advertising or marketing. My rule of thumb is I always start really cheap, like a shared host because it's cheap and cost effective and if your project fails than no harm no foal. Although the downside is the regret of renewing your license with IPS and now you have a license that once again collects dust because the community didn't quite get started so you are 130 dollars out of pocket including the small fee of the host/domain you purchased for it. It's like a tick or a small addiction that I must create a community and make it work. I do this every 1-3 three years, I hope I'm not just alone on this boat... So here I am with my fiancée and she also wants to help build this community this time I have a bit of support; family are involved now. We kind of want to start marketing the site, the issue is we want to start out free before we start paying for ad placements in case, again, the site fails. We could use promotion boards but it seems more of a hassle than it appears and of course who actually runs those types of boards that are active? If there is a very active promotion board and helpful peer community that does such a thing I would be very interested into looking into this. I just need the golden goose of promotion power on this. My new community has a roadmap, mission statement, features, business plan, marketing strategy and all the stuff that requires for a successful business. The issue I believe I'm experiencing is the Niche of the site. A look and feel is vital to an identity to a community or any website, but looks don't have to be everything it is the front that catches the eye of the visitor. Luring people to sign up and getting them involved will be the hardest of struggles to take on of all these communities I have ever made. One could say if you are seriously passionate, confident and willing to pour your heart and soul that it will be a success in time. However I am stuck after the community is setup and ready, the first baby steps of getting the word out, that is the problem I struggle most. If anyone has great strategy, I'd be most grateful. Since my family is trying to help they have no idea what SEO and internet branding is but for once I have their interest because the site has to do with employment help and small business startups. Thank you all so much in advance for any advice given.
  5. It's been dealt. Although I still stand by my orignal post. But to have manual approval which could mean they deal with a lot of crappy fraudulent people. Understandably it needs to be looked into, although I feel as though people who are regualar clients have to suffer as well. I may have sounded impatient in my post but when you say 48 hours and in the middle of the week should have been Friday yeah? Anyway I think in my opinion it should be looked into. I just have to remember not to get a new card or bank for when its renewal time. On a positive side I'm really happy to be back in this awesome platform.
  6. Hello, I've been trying really hard to get a hold someone via Ticket system, emailed even, no response. I renewed 72 hours ago but I've been put on hold for Fraudulent Check? Now I know over the 8 years iv'e used this software it took no more then 24 hours to get approved. I moved to the grand Canyon National Park in Arizona so yeah its a different card and its taxed here so maybe that's what's holding you up? or i'm on Federal Land? I currently use xenforo which is a British Company verified me right away? I would prefer IPS because it's a leading software with a better niche but I feel ignored and put aside. Not sure if I have been muted or silently banned. Anyway that's my 2 cents on the renewal process. It needs some updating.
  7. Huh I also have an I buy power.... Nice!
  8. After looking at it, it would be cool to have it as a way of making an alternate subscription plan on your site. As far as I know there are certain levels of patron's that can benefit from it. For example: on a forum a user wants to upgrade, they simply become a patron from their user account and reap all the benefits set by the admin. He/she be able to access areas now granted, and all the awards by the Patreon has to offer. Maybe like discounts to the store, more user privileges. Basally just a new way of being a Premium member on ones board.
  9. I wish Patreon was integrate to Invision but I don't think Patreon has an API for their services. Instead if you don't have a business but still want tipped for your work, than that would be extremely handy to have.
  10. So when will us Fan....er I mean Customers get some swag?
  11. Would you guys ever consider making IPS Merch? Mugs, custom keyboards/mouse/mouse pads, T-shirts or hats? I always wondered, I'd totally rock a Mouse Pad perhaps ?
  12. Hello, I'm having issues moving a topic to another forum. The forums "Accepted Applications/Denied Applications" are marked as Discussions so I know they aren't category, For some reason these particular forums can't be selected and be moved in there as shown in the picture. Any help please? I can select everywhere else including sub forums, just not these for some reason. I tried different themes and default, but nothing. Even messed with the forums permission, still no go.
  13. Hi, I sent you a Pm about a few issues with this.
  14. My strategy is usually hiding ads while signed in. Guests can only see the ads, as a benefit of being signed in, no more ads are displayed. Unfortunately there isn't any impressions and clicks from the members themselves. But nothing subscription manager can't do to suffice that. Perhaps when 4.3 comes out I'll utilize the new tools.
  15. Still Innovating Communities for 16 years straight. I have been a customer off and on quite a bit and seen it grow. I think I remember getting IPS License around oh 3.x era, before that I was using phpBB>SMF>MyBB>vB> than finally you guys. xenForo was pretty interesting, just wasn't my taste. You guys are always a step ahead of the game in my honest opinion.
  16. So I downloaded your app, However I am having issues installing it? I just don't understand the directory. I tried to download the readme.txt however I get an error on the marketplace. I'm so confused. and I can't download the readme thing. So any installations tutorials?
    At firstI had issues because of my own lack of understanding. But after some talk with the author he pointed out what was wrong pretty fast. Great theme and awesome direct support. Would recommend to anyone!
  17. Blog posts is the build up. Releasing 4.3 is dropping the bass.
  18. That looks like a mean machine. What's that power range?
  19. This is weird timing, I use Blogs as my home page and was looking for a way to change the layout today and found nothing to no avail, so glad that this is happening actually!
  20. @jcdesign hi, loving the theme, however I am getting issues with the Connect with us area, it appears that whole area is nothing noticeable but when I hover my mouse over it goes to staff directory? I put the links in the correct areas, I know I did, however its nothing showing up.
  21. Cleared my browser cache and everything. It still didn't clear up. I guess I'll follow up with the theme author. Thank you!
  22. Just curious as to why my New Topic/New Blog post box is so tiny all of a sudden?
  23. Oh Okay I gotcha now. Thank you, you have been a great help. I feel kinda dumb that was in front of me the whole time.
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