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Highlight Topics With Replies From Groups

Wouldn't it be great to know if a staff member had replied to a topic before you clicked to open it?

When you're scanning a list of topics, knowing which have had a reply by a member of the community team can help decide which to read. Currently, you need to open the topic and scan the posts to see if there's a reply from the team.

Happily, in our next release, we've made it clear which have had a reply by a member of a specific group.

You can specify which groups to show as having replied via the Groups form in the Admin CP.


The per-group setting in the Admin CP

You can select to detect the group based on the member's primary group, secondary group or both.

When viewing a list of topics, you will see a badge showing that a member of that group has replied.


This simple feature will make it easier to highlight when important replies have been made to topics, which is a great addition for forums using the new 'solved' feature.

Let me know below if you'll use this new feature and what you'd like to see in the future.



Recommended Comments

Good idea! 🙂

In my case, I would use it but only for chosen forums [not globally].
For forums like news, feedback, contacting the mods I find it useful. But for Chit-Chat-like forum it would be unnecessary. Thanksfully we can set in CSS where to display the badge and where to hide it. 🙂

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  • Management
10 hours ago, Joel R said:

1. I agree with @Abies to make this board-specific.  

2. Will you turn this on in your own community? Asking for a friend.  And every IPS client who has ever posted in the feedback forum.  

3. Parity of apps - will we see this badge on other apps? 

1) Good feedback.

2) Probably, yeah.

3) It's core functionality; right now it works with Forums and Pages.

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