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  1. Most all spammers first post includes a link. Anyway we can add that to the list to mark for approval?
    Excellent functionality and just what I was looking for! Extremely fast developer response if issues are sought out. If I had one gripe it would be that there are no instructions for adding an SVG logo for the technically inclined. Again, not really a negative, just an observation. 5 Stars!
  2. Is there any way to prevent this app from affecting other themes? When I enable this it shows up on all themes, not just the light and dark I specify for the actual switch.
  3. Thanks for developing this! It works quite well. Is there anyway we can maybe dial back the shadow when in dark mode? And what about having the ability to add the link to switch to the top of the mobile view instead of having to access the hamburger menu?
  4. Agreed on all counts. We have 30,000 images and this is a must have for us.
  5. Thank you!! Can I offer a suggestion too? How about the option to use two different logos? One for the day setting and another for the night? I ask because not all logos look good with both settings.
  6. I've purchased your theme, which is pretty awesome. The only issue I seem to be having is when the dark theme is selected, it changes back to light after two page views. Any ideas on why this is happening? I do use cloudflare but having rocketloading set to off.
  7. Anyone have a link of a forum using this theme aside from the provided demo link? I don't feel that one is a good representation of what the this theme would look like for most users. Thanks!!
  8. Is there any way you can leave the theme selector in the footer available? Or the option to hide it or not? I'd rather have both options.
  9. You could upload the full default theme which would give you access to your ACP again. Then you could alter the custom theme as needed and then set the custom as the default.
    Excellent Mod! I too have been waiting for something like this. I've installed it and it has been working fine, with one issue. Every time I switch to a different page, it seems to initially, for a split second switch to the light theme before the dark takes over. Do you think this could be a caching issue or something else? Edit: It is only an issue on desktop with both Chrome and Edge, works fine on mobile Safari and Chrome.
  10. This really needs to be addressed. Especially moving back to the original group once the subscription is finished.
  11. I am unable to get this mod to work properly. I have several different member groups and enabling this mod, even without checking any of the groups makes the link option disappear. The only way to make the link option to reappear is to select the allow any links option, which defeats the purpose of having the mod.
  12. I'm having the same issue. The only solution I've found is to only allow access to the gallery to Admin users until the gallery is fully updated.
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